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About CD Baby & CD Baby Licensing 

CD Baby is one of the largest distributors of independent music on the planet, home to 1 million artists and over 11 million tracks that are made available to 100+ digital services and platforms around the globe. Artists on the platform are empowered to monetize their rights while maintaining control of their own careers.

CD Baby artists and songwriters can opt-in for CD Baby to be a non-exclusive licensor of their songs via CD Baby Licensing. CD Baby Licensing gives music users the ability to license millions of songs opted-in to the CD Baby Licensing/Sync program.

CD Baby Licensing has the largest catalog of commercially released independent one-stop music pre-cleared for both sound recording and publishing rights. These pre-cleared rights let licensees have any genre of music at their fingertips without the need to contact anyone else for clearance or rates. The CD Baby Licensing catalog - which is all Shazam-able - can be filtered and curated by the location of release, by 800 sub-Genres, and numerous other methods.

For information about licensing music on a per-song or a broader, blanket licensing basis, please contact SyncPlacements@cdbaby.com.

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