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Al Garcia "Labyrinth"
  • Performed By: Al Garcia
  • Album: All Things Must Converge
  • Album UPC: 884501478878
  • Album ID: algarcia3
  • Label: Wandlar Productions
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00018079
  • CD Baby Track ID: 8164084
  • ISRC: uscgh1133946
  • Released: 02/25/11

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21st Century Progressive Classical Jazz-Rock Fusion from a Master Multi-Instrumentalist


"If you are at all interested in the music of Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Jeff Berlin, Return to Forever, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, you owe it to yourself to check out All Things Must Converge. Al Garcia is a musician of many talents, and they are fully on display here for all jazz-fusion fans to enjoy."

- SeaOfTranquility.org (Pete Pardo)

"Alfred's unique composing style incorporates classical elements with fusion chops, the end result sounding like a cross between Beethoven and Allan Holdsworth's I.O.U. His bass playing should appeal to fans of Jeff Berlin ... his guitar style might attract fans of Holdsworth."

- Guitar Player Magazine

Take a trip without leaving your room. Al Garcia’s third release, “All Things Must Converge”, continues the voyage begun on his first two highly acclaimed CDs “Alternate Realities” and “Make It So.” On this trip you will hear searing guitar solos, scorching bass work, lush synthesizer sounds, and driving drumming featured in songs with haunting melodies and classically influenced arrangements. Al’s influences are extremely wide ranging and include Allan Holdsworth, Bach, John McLaughlin, Charlie Parker, Brand-X, Beethoven, Jeff Berlin, Cream, John Coltrane, Bill Bruford, Eric Johnson, Yes, Debussy, Cuban music, and Black Sabbath.

“It is the kind of music that will take you away on its storied journey.”
- ContemporaryJazz.com

Reviews from “Make It So” and “Alternate Realities”:

"Imagine a musician with equal facility on bass AND guitar. He plays guitar like Allan Holdsworth and plays bass like Jeff Berlin. Is he human? Is he from this planet?"

- Prog4you.com (Jeffrey Ryan Smoots)

"...this is a great record, featuring beautiful guitar tones and often-breathtaking playing from beginning to end."

- Guitar Player Magazine (Barry Cleveland )

"What great music! I love your tone and touch and the ideas are wonderful --
beautiful, creative stuff -- and on both guitar and bass! Wow!"

- Michael Manring (Bassist Extraordinaire)

"A brilliant composer and guitar player, Al Garcia released what we can call an excelent example of jazz rock oriented fusion although the material on the CD goes beyond narrow classifications. Unexpected and stimulating, the music on "Alternate Realities" is a journey through the universe of jazz rock and progressive fusion blended by a master musician. From monumental compositions, lighting guitar solos, latin percussion interventions to sophisticated ethereal textures, this album has everything to delight fusion fans. "

- JazzWorldQuest.com

"Once in a long while something will cross our desks here that really captures the imagination as to what could be thought of as the perfect balance of a 'bass album' and a 'songwriter's album'. Al Garcia strikes pretty close to that ideal with his newest release, entitled Make it So. Now, this guy has got to be one of the best-kept secrets in the bass world. Killer chops and with a flawless sense of understatement ... it is a simple fact that his album Make it So is, due to its many strengths, one of the best CD's we have yet encountered in this magazine's life to date. Highly recommended! "

- Bass Inside Magazine ( Warren Murchie)

"Impeccable bass, soaring guitar, lush synth tones, ethnic percussion, and tasty drumming can all be found on Al Garcia's solo release Make It So. Al Garcia is a master bassist, and this is the best CD I have heard in quite a while... Ladies and Gentlemen, I am stunned. I cannot say enough good things about this CD. Buy it. Now!"

- Bassically.net (Scott Hubbell)

"...the music provides a depth of complexity that reaches far beyond most fusion that is being heaped out these days. At the point of this review, my feelings are that Al Garcia needs to be heard by the fusion circles that are existing today, this cd rates as some of the most well arranged instrumental music I have had the pleasure of musing over in recent years, and as for his playing? It's rare when I cannot tell a multi-tasking artist's first instrument, and in Al's case, it's really blurry to me whether he prefers the bass over the guitar, not that it matters, as his mastery of each is ever present through each song here, he displays not only true artistic expression on each instrument, but also quite a diverse arsenal of genre's are exhibited as well."

-Proggnosis Web Site (MJ Brady)

"...I can tell you that Al Garcia is going to be a household name within the fusion genre. He is one of the more proficient multi-instrumentalists I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. ...Al Garcia’s guitar playing is very much on par with Allan Holdsworth and his bass playing could be compared to any one of the greats past and present. ...I would recommend that all fusion fans get Alternate Realities today. "

-Prognaut.com (Ron Fuchs)
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