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  • Performed By: 2 humans & the cosmos
  • Album: Alien love song
  • Album UPC: 634479259784
  • Album ID: 2humanscosmos
  • Label: lucalyptus music
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00079302
  • CD Baby Track ID: 1625905
  • ISRC: uscgh0661472
  • Released: 01/01/05

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This is a musical journey through electronica and acoustics, the movements of the cello embrance the sounds of the machine. These 2 Humans are experienced artists they play with: Smashing pumpkins, the Doors, Al Comet (the Young Gods), etc..


Is a performance assembling a cello and a laptop.
Classical music and melodic harmonies of the cords meet the electronic beat and sound.
This a journey through an imaginary imagery. You was there but you can't remember, What happened ? Just sit back and relax, this music will make you travel without moving or if you are moving when listening you will be teleported.

The duo, Michael Kott (Cellegie.com) and Luca (lucalyptus.com) explores the fields of harmonies, as well as sonic, profound and cool landscapes, formerly strange somehow speedy with alien discussions.

The album was recorded in November 2003 in Switzerland. The material was remixed in Milan in 2004, mixed at the Rising Sun Studio in Bruxelles with Marc Lacroix (Lucy Lee records) and Thomas Stiehler in Berlin made the mastering in May 2005.

"2 Humans & The Cosmos have a promising future ahead. My work passes as fast as it’s never done, my train ride home while listening was a dreamy ride that felt like a nearly instant teleportation, and listening at home allowed my stress to be relieved. Yes, this album is brilliant." Stephan K., Electronic music world

The band performs since 2003 in major clubs in New Mexico, Philadelphia and Switzerland.
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