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AEOLIAH "Angels of the Presence"
Angels of the Presence
  • Performed By: AEOLIAH
  • Album: REALMS OF GRACE: Music For Healthy Living
  • Album UPC: 689973627522
  • Album ID: aeoliah25
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00054455
  • CD Baby Track ID: 952453
  • ISRC: ushm80531292
  • Released: 01/01/05

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MUSIC FOR HEALTHY LIVING: GREAT STRESS-BUSTER: : Peaceful Serene Music for Inner Attunement, Healing Work, Meditation and Relaxation


"Needless to say "Realms of Grace" has been very much needed as of late. I find myself craving to go to that quiet place and let it nurture me. Your music has given me wings, and a greater spiritual understanding of love. An elevated level of spirituality that always brings tears of joy and peace. It always connects me directly into a higher level of understanding and a true passion for living."
Doris Walker, Wholistic Health Practioner

"I put on my headphones, sat quietly, and just allowed myself to be in the moment with Realms of Grace. Your music is absolutely beautiful...God's presence can be heard, experienced, and seen in everything you do! How blessed the world is to share in you and your magnificent gifts of healing."
Marcia Chapin, Reiki Master, Hospice Therpist,

After such an overwhelming positive response to the original Angel Love, I decided to grace and complete this musical trilogy with a recording that celebrated the original tradition and spirit of the very first production which inspired so many people around the world.
As I was composing this new music, I was very happy to rediscover my celestial musical roots again, but this time from a completely new level of integrated wholeness and refinement. My goal was to create a piece of celestial music that would bring us back to our own inner silence and inner peace.
The music seems to lift or arise out of the stillness and silence as a seamless garment of light is interwoven and sustained with gentle sonic tones and overtones that weave in and out of silence.
What is this Silence? It is my palette, my blank canvas, my inspiration that allows me to bring forth the healing sounds of the angelic realm. This is what allows me to listen, to hear, to receive, and to create a sonic tapestry from that open, receptive space of surrendered silence. This is what allows you to create a sacred space for your own personal healing experience. It creates the space for your own sacred inner attunement without distraction without filling up the space with just pretty random sounds.
These ambient soothing tones help bring us back to center, to the stillness within each one of us, to the stillness where the mind gradually becomes a calm lake and the restless movement of thoughts and emotions subside as they recede back into the silence.
As the music unfolds, we also become progressively more open and receptive to higher, more refined vibrations that lift us from our mundane thoughts and habits into a higher ground.
This healing sound experience is further sustained and enhanced by sonic ambient harmonics that emanate from and return gracefully to the stillness helping to create and sustain a sacred space of serenity and inner peace for your own personal environment, meditation, somatic therapy, and attunement.
As you hear this recording, become aware of your own breath as a pure rhythm of pulsating light energy and as you breathe in the light and healing sounds of this light music, you will experience a new alignment of your own energy as it becomes rebalanced and all stress melts away into the ocean of silence again.

I highly recommend this music to enhance your meditations, to help you focus and release blocked mental and emotional patterns, and for a variety of somatic therapies such as massage, yoga, Reiki, polarity, etc.
For optimal results, play softly between 13-15 Decibels (Db)

Musical Selections:
1. Angels of the Presence 30:29
2. Angels of Victory 30: 25

Engineered & co-produced by: John Shipley
Executive producer: Aeoliah
All music composed, arranged, performed & mixed by ?Aeoliah 2005 Music For Healthy Living?
Cover Art: Miguel Fonseca
Recorded at: Chintamani Golden Light Studios, Orveas Bay, BC Canada

REALMS OF GRACE: Morning Meditation
In the Silence of the Dawn you hear the first whispering of Life stirring
Within your heartbeat
Tread gently earth traveler as not to stir the luminous silence
That is surrounding you in hues and tones of soft golden rose Light
As your day begins, give thanks and rejoice in the Beauty
Of the Life within you
Sit in the silence and contemplate the stillness of the vast universe
Unfolding within you.
For a long moment, let go of all mundane thoughts and concerns for the future
And Sit fully in the Present
In the Here and Now.
Release and empty yourself of all desires, hopes, will, and thoughts.
Sit in full acceptance of this very moment
And make Peace with yourself.
Observe your thoughts like passing clouds,
As they dissolve into the
Nothingness from which they came.
When your mind becomes a clear, calm lake
And you enter the Inner Sanctum of Your Soul,
Allow yourself to Feel the Love of
The Sacred Fire
As Your Inner Light begins to grow and Expand
Slowly watch it Illuminate
Your Day,
Guiding you gently
Into the Infinite Realms of Grace.

? Aeoliah 2005
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