Rhythm, South Dakota

A Thousand Times Yes

Rhythm, South Dakota
Performed By A Thousand Times Yes
Album UPC 634479126123
CD Baby Track ID 656864
Label Isoxys Records
Released 2003-01-01
BPM 126
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ISRC ushm20348582
Year 2003
Spotify Plays 10
Writer A Thousand Times Yes
Pub Co A Thousand Times Yes
Composer A Thousand Times Yes
Clearance Sync & All Media Uses
Rights Controlled Master and Publishing Grant
Rights One-Stop: Master + 100% Pub Grant
Original/Cover/Public Domain original
Country United States - Michigan


Two part harmonies ride above 60's pop styled campfire songs.


Originating from the small town of Rhythm, South Dakota, but now residing in the Southeastern corner of the Land of Mitten. A Thousand Times Yes the band formed two years ago, but the history of A Thousand Times Yes dates back to the year 1933. It was in that year that the long-forgotten folk singer, Casper Von Hoffman composed his epic ballad entitled "A Thousand Times Yes." This was also the year in which his life was cut tragically short when a dagger plunged deep into his heart while trying to break up a fistfight in the town of Rhythm.

Von Hoffman's song, "A Thousand Times Yes" was widely rumored to have supernatural healing powers to all who heard it. It stirred as much controversy as it did praise for his combination of his merging of the Sioux and American cultures in his music. His music was the product of being brought up on a Sioux reservation, Von Hoffman was half Sioux on his mother's side and his father was a German explorer who had immigrated to the Great Plains at the turn of the century. Casper's descendents were scarce and were the only ones known to still hold recordings of his music. No one knew where to find one of these recordings, but they knew that they were out still out there under the dirt.

In the summer of the year 2000, a struggling cowboy poet named Lull Tucker traveled to the town of Rhythm in search of these fabled recordings and to hopefully be enlightened by their tune and fabled healing power. Lull was a childhood runaway at the age of 9, he was kidnapped by a gang of Gypsy bandits and was their prisoner until he escaped one year later, and was eventually found starving in Sonoran desert by Franciscan monks. He was raised in their monastery until his teens when he decided to seek fame and influence as a poet.

Lull found Casper Von Hoffman's tombstone in Rhythm and not much else in this long-forgotten town. He did not find the enlightenment he seeked. Sullen and spent, Lull stood on the brink of suicide having no luck in fulfilling any of his dreams that he had envisioned. It was then that he was approached by a dark figure, a very 'well-dressed culprit' of sorts. The Well-Dressed Culprit offered Lull complete wish fulfillment if he offered his soul to him. Lull almost did if not for the appearance of the ghost of the dead folk singer-Casper Von Hoffman. Lull was astounded to the sight and dropped to his knees as Casper struck a chord on his guitar and began playing "A Thousand Times Yes." The Well-Dressed Culprit fled in fear of the song's power. Lull was now so exulted that he grabbed some old coffee cans and started pounding along to the rhythm. His quest for rhythm had ended in Rhythm.

The two began traveling across the Once Proud Landscape. It was parched and dry. The nights were cold and glowed from the technology humming underneath them and in the faces in the mountains. They were searching for cities and others to hear their song, but they found themselves lost in the midst of a land that was now almost all desert. Everything looked the same on the Once Proud Landscape.

They came upon an enormous canyon that spanned hundreds of miles. They sang out the chorus into the canyon, "A Thousand Times Yes!" An echo came back to them, "Yes, Yes! A Thousand Times Yes!" It was a voice that was both innocent and terrifying. There was a rumble. Thunder rolled under this voice. They turned around behind them to look atop the canyon and they saw that this was no echo, but a girl.

She glowed so brightly as she levitated towards them that they had to cover their eyes to see her. She greeted them cheerfully and much to their amazement, she sang the words to the rest of the song. The ghost and the poet were both in awe of this being that went only by 'Sparx.' They would soon learn that Sparx was many things-a sorceress, a psychic, and a warrior, but most of all she was a living symbol of human perfection. She also had much to tell them of the future, for that is where came from. Most of her plans were kept secret, but she did show them one important thing-she had the original recordings of Casper Von Hoffman. This meant only one thing, that she was the last known descendent of Casper. She had obtained the recordings from the family that Lull had runaway from so many years ago. They were in the safe at the abandoned mansion of Sparx's great-great-great grandparents, who also happened to be Lull's parents.

The three of them, now known to be a family, floated on the low-end wave that Sparx created with her bass guitar. She led them towards the Land Of Mitten where their journey would truly begin. Once they arrived to the Land Of Mitten (once known as Michigan) they saw crowds of people in the distance with their arms stretched out to the sun. Casper and Lull were happy to finally see people, but Sparx knew what they truly were. As they approached the crowd of people they noticed something horrible! They weren't people at all! They were giant cacti! They saw footprints in the sand around them as if people had come out of these cacti. Sparx informed them that these were "Cactus Children" that has left these prints and that they did indeed grow out of the cactus. Cactus Children were the last of a kind. They were to be the last final chance for human perfection to be obtained. They needed to be found and saved from the forces at work that were already mangling the Earth. The Well-Dressed Culprit was just the beginning. There were other more dangerous villains amidst urging the remainder of humanity to say 'no' to life. These three adventurers traveled on in song singing "Yes, Yes, A Thousand Times Yes!"

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