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United States - NY - Long Island

This Island Earth "All For Love"
All For Love
  • Performed By: This Island Earth
  • Album: Welcome to the Merry-Go-Round
  • Album UPC: 018785000924
  • Album ID: thisislandearth
  • Label: Neuro-Feed Records
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00014418
  • CD Baby Track ID: 233292
  • ISRC: usx9p0904191
  • Released: 09/07/10

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Modern Pop-Rock with a knack for audacity.


Pete Angel - Drums, Percussion
Peter McCulloch - Lead Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dean Pascarella - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Chapman Stick, Backing Vocals
Chip Sciacca - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Patrick Sciacca - Rhythm Guitar

"This is one Merry-Go-Round you'll want to keep spinning" - Kevin Amorim/New York Newsday

Once upon a time, the three principal songwriters of This Island Earth set off on separate journeys in search of inspiration and enlightenment to contribute to their forthcoming recording. Without compass in hand, they all returned relatively unscathed and with a great epiphany: Each had shared very similar experiences and viewpoints despite their vastly different lifestyles and personalities.

"We had reached a musical serendipity - that moment in a band's career when everything's naturally gelling and you're subconsciously attuned to each another's emotions and idiosyncrasies," asserts singer/songwriter/bassist Peter McCulloch. A "concept" was developing with a uniform message, often encompassing a wide range of unconventional themes, where heroes are dismissed in favor of a simpler existence, pleasure gardens bear forbidden fruit, and life is a dance on a high wire. The result is a product of a wiser, worldlier band reflecting on their natural (yet often painful) progression towards maturity. It was only fitting that the album be entitled, Welcome to the Merry-Go-Round, conjuring up the carousel's child-like imagery as a metaphor for life's continuing cycle of triumphs and failures. To quote from the title song, "Welcome to the Merry-Go-Round. Welcome to the Garden of Eden. Brush aside your troubles and fears. Once you have arrived you are leaving."

For the recording of Merry-Go-Round, the band enlisted the talents of platinum pop producer, Armand John Petri, whose credits have included the Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, and Sixpence None the Richer. The first song on the CD, "All for Love," initially appeared in demo form on CMJ's Certain Damage Music Sampler Vol. 109, and that got the ball rolling. "'All for Love' caught my ear immediately. It was incredible!" says Mr. Petri. "Most of the material on their tape sounded quite mature, and they had a knack for hooks. You must believe in an artist or a band from the heart, and I certainly believe in This Island Earth." (Mar. 2000, Vol. 4, Inside Connection).

Indeed, Armand's pop sensibilities were a perfect match for the band, contributing to their most consistent, focused release to date. The band recorded in Long Island at Sabella Sound Studios in Long Island and mixed at Tarbox in Buffalo.

The growth of This Island Earth, both musically and professionally, has been a logical escalation. Formed from the ashes of former cover bands and mullet-headed metal outfits, the group joined forces through a well placed ad in the Village Voice, taking their moniker from a popular sci-fi 50's film of the same name. The band's eponymous debut was released on their own Neuro-Feed Records label and was sold and distributed primarily through consignment and live performances. Although it was only promoted to 12 east coast regions, the CD managed to gain 15 Top 40 college radio positions on over 180 stations, selling out it's initial pressing. Their follow up EP release, Home Sweet Home, brought even further attention to the band, once again selling out its first pressing. The CD achieved over 50 Top 40 chart positions on over 350 stations nationwide and yielded a Top 20 ADD spot in its first week of release. The single, "Edge of Tomorrow," appeared on CMJ Certain Damage Sampler Vol. 103, as well as in the independent film, Putnam, and also made many Top 10 radio lists for Top Songs of the Year 2000 (WCWP, WUSB). The band has also received extensive press coverage in Newsday, Billboard, and The Voice, and has opened for veteran acts 10,000 Maniacs and The English Beat.

Not to be compromised by the music industry's conventional tendencies, This Island Earth founded a production company called, Pop Conspiracy Productions (PCP), with a few other like-minded Long Island bands with the intent of taking personal control over their careers. In one short year, the bands have seen significant increases in sales, fan bases, and positive press reviews. This encouraging response has compelled PCP and Neuro-Feed Records to join forces to market and distribute future PCP releases, as well as releases from other rising Long Island artists.

The industry has begun to tap into Long Island's hotbed of original talent, and with the recent successes of Nine Days and Wheatus, This Island Earth has been cited as a significant promising band helping to pave the way for the next musical explosion. (09/03/00 New York Times).
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