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4 Dead Trees "Do You Wanna Go for a Ride"
Do You Wanna Go for a Ride
  • Performed By: 4 Dead Trees
  • Album: Do You Wanna Go for a Ride
  • Album UPC: 888174218878
  • Album ID: 4deadtrees
  • Label: 4 Dead Trees
  • CD Baby Account: CDB04072121
  • CD Baby Track ID: 12382456
  • ISRC: ushm81358364
  • Released: 08/27/13
  • Key: G
  • Mode: Major

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If Jimmy Buffett joined a hairband you get the acoustic rock blend of what you are about to here.


The "4 Dead Trees" are an accoustic rock band that really know how to have fun. Members include Jerry Newell, Billy Baker, Kenny Drury, and Tim Pitcher. We always get the question: Why are the trees dead? Well, one day about ten years ago Jerry was hanging out on Panama City beach duscussing some possible names. He wanted an all accoustic project consisting of three guitars and a conga. The reasoning went like this: all of the instruments are made out of wood from trees that are now dead. The goal is to continue to make music through these dead trees. Thus, the 4 Dead Trees.

The band has seen many different members through out the years and has called New York, Florida, and North Carolina its home. But When Jerry returned to Batavia, NY he hooked up with these three long time friends and the project finally began to gell. There are nearly 50 songs under the 4 Dead Tree name, but this CD captures the essence of these current members.

"Do Wanna Go For A Ride" consists of songs that attempt to reveal the rockin good times this group has. You won't find a love song and you won't find a sad song about some broken heart. Do you have, or have ever had, a girlfriend or wife who always seemd to be wound tight? Well, the first track, "Take Your Time" addresses such a women.

"Do You Wanna Go For A ride" track is simply about keeping the good times rolling. "Summer Baby" is about that fling we've all had at least once in our lives. "Corona Commercial" was a song Jerry wrote while watching TV and liking the Corona commercials we all see on TV. "Chillin Like Bobby D" is just funny... cool but funny. "Here's to the Women", in my opinion, is finally a song that speaks the truth. "I Wonder" is pretty much how I feel after a long weekend of gigs.

Check it out! It promises to grow on you.
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