• Writer Aaron Michael Chidester
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Aaron Michael Chidester


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Aaron Chidester "Ticking Clock Blues"
Ticking Clock Blues
  • Performed By: Aaron Chidester
  • Album: Ticking Clock - EP
  • Album UPC: 889211803941
  • Album ID: aaronchidester
  • Label: Aaron Chidester
  • CD Baby Account: CDB04995418
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0001816450
  • ISRC: usdy41595208
  • Released: 08/21/15

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In a way, these songs are the truest things Aaron Chidester has ever said. And he said them with blues, jazz, folk, and good, ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll.


While this is Aaron Chidester's first release, it forms a collection of some of the truest things he's ever said. And he said these things with blues, jazz, folk, and good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll. While he didn't set out to mix genres, Aaron found himself fleshing out these bare bones tracks much more fully in the studio, drawing from all his influences to do so. Here, these songs came into their own, much like their songwriter. The opening track "Jesus Was Tempted By the Devil" is a Biblical story about just that. It stands as a sort of modern day folk tale about Someone who is much stronger than He is often believed to be. "Truth" is a musical rambling of thoughts that begin with the fear of risk and end with the comforting knowledge that the worse things are, the better the release from them. "The Edge of My Plan" doesn't preach. It confesses. Aaron outlines his desperation to be able to act on his deepest desires. "The Monkey On My Back and Me" does it's worst to communicate feelings of loneliness, isolation, pain, and loss. It's a pure, painful, minor-key blues that leaves you lost in your own heart. "Ticking Clock Blues" is a delicious blues-rock jam that sinks deeply into your brain and suggests the idea that maybe, just maybe, your repeating thoughts aren't the only ones at fault for keeping you awake at night. And finally, "A Baptism of Tears" is an a cappella nugget. A gift intended for those who stick it out to the end of the EP.
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