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1upyo "Duke Moonwalker"
Duke Moonwalker
  • Performed By: 1upyo
  • Album: The Moment Is Now
  • Album UPC: 887516260889
  • Album ID: 1upyo
  • Label: 1upyo
  • CD Baby Account: CDB03878551
  • CD Baby Track ID: 10396006
  • ISRC: uscgh1387083
  • Released: 02/12/13

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A band of time travelers release music from the future. This music has the ability to open a portal to the upper dimensions and at the proper volume it cascades all life with cosmic, universal, healing energy. Seize the moment yo!!!


1UPYO was born when three individuals from three separate dimensions united after an experiment in Doc’s lab opened a wormhole linking the three. Before that point in time the three were fighting for the freedom of the universe in their respective dimensions.

Tripp was defying the Corporatocracy which was responsible for brainwashing the public and implanting an obsession with conspicuous consumption into their minds. Until combining forces with 1UPYO he struggled with this uphill battle against the overwhelming number of corporate dronies and phonies.

Doc was the leader of an anarchist movement which aimed to destroy the Illuminati New World Order and their machine minions. The Illuminati were the capitalist class responsible for the inescapable economic and social disparity of the future.

The Messenger am9l is a multidimensional traveler from the Pleiades star system. He has access to the past, present and the future simultaneously. A being of love, he can be channeled by humans that are spiritually awake. When channeled he heals with love and warns of possible timelines.

When a rare quantum anomaly united them they recognized that some force beyond their comprehension was at work. Soon the group discovered that their collective frequencies created positive shifts in consciousness to lifeforms within their vicinity. The Messenger later identified these inter-dimensional frequencies as those used to activate the star seeds and initiate ascension into higher realms.

Doc, Tripp, and am9l realized that with collective focus they have the ability to open a portal to the upper dimensions. When this focused frequency is amplified with musical instruments it cascades all life with cosmic, universal, healing energy. They decided that their purpose is to use this ability to positively influence this present and to increase the probability of the universe’s most desirable timeline.
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