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2loose "No Man's Land - Apocalypse Radio Edit"
No Man's Land - Apocalypse Radio Edit
  • Performed By: 2loose
  • Album: Up Against The Wall - grungelectric punk
  • Album UPC: 634479104817
  • Album ID: 2loose
  • Label: 2loose Productions
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00058228
  • CD Baby Track ID: 1114280
  • ISRC: ushm20584556
  • Released: 01/01/05

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Grungelectric punk and foot stompin' synth rock- for vocals, think Nine Inch Nails with laryngitis, overdrive punk-abilly grind-fuzz, doomwave with a sci-fi giggle.


She didn't get lucky at the singles bars, she didn't get lucky at work, she got no satisfaction at home alone, but when she died, the undertaker sighed, she finally got lucky at the funeral home - (House Calls)

It came from outer space, to claim the human race, who needs a change of pace, this is how it all began, it slipped inside of time, as dry as berry wine, to eat this child of mine, that little green man made me mad - (We Were First)

2loose is a clash of glam rock and foot stompin' grunge. There is no guitar metal or industrial gig chomping out beats that even remotely sound like this brand of "grungelectric punk." If you love Hedwig and The Angry Inch but think they could use more electro-grunge, you'll flip your wig over 2loose. If Nine Inch Nails makes your blood boil in a good way, then get your rockin' groove on with 2loose. His vocals have come from the same dark hole as Iggy Pop, Nine Inch Nails, Leonard Cohen (yikes-is he still around?) as well as the industrial/goth stuff of Ministry and Marilyn Manson (only not as ugly). Even Rob Zombie comes to mind with his horror humor. If you like your music smooth and subtle, then stop reading. If you think music, like fashion, should be tasteful and decent, get out now while you can. 2loose is huge; 2loose is grungy and electric wiggle-waggle. Story songs with sound effects and plot-twists. Wailing wah-wah guitars and screaming synths. We're talking sci-fi, apocalypse, and cadavers with grins from ear-hole to ear-hole. But you'll smile too more than you'll shiver. There is a giggle under these pounding beats. He's 2loose and this is all him. So crank up the volume and get "Up Against the Wall - grungelectric punk." You'll never look back.
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