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2L8 "Healing Song"
Healing Song
  • Performed By: 2L8
  • Album: New Battles, without honor and humanity
  • Album UPC: 885767305410
  • Album ID: 2l81
  • Label: No More Happy Music Productions
  • CD Baby Account: CDB03185327
  • CD Baby Track ID: 9151771
  • ISRC: usx9p1170652
  • Released: 10/15/11

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'New Battles without honor and humanity' is an avant-garde masterpiece of startling beauty that truly haunts the mind'


'New Battles' is an epic album, "album" as in the truest sense of the word and which you can also perceive to be a handheld theatre play. Like rhetoric goth perhaps, the lyrics, however, read like pamphlets. The wording is straight and simple in its striving for a better world. - Pennyblackmusic (UK)

In my opinion, 2L8 with "New Battles without Honor and Humanity" will produce a small cult of fans among the avant-garde, neo-classical, folk and especially indie rock music. I admit it, I am a little surprised that this band is still not known everywhere - Machinist (Belarus)

2L8 are indescribable. They manage to convey the sound of today. Epic music filled with torrents of guitar treble, strings and voices worthy of the best opera house. Pure music, with an expressive rawness complexity, earning in value with each repetition. 2L8 are the culmination of contemporary musical expression, a sound document that we must listen "to understand how music evolves" - Alter Ars (Spain)

Led by K the Clown, the ever-fluctuating group 2L8 has been together for only four years, producing two albums of heady avant garde explorations, pop, rock, and glorious dissonance. Listen to the epic, irresistible, oddball violin and poetry-dominated music that they make. - MTV iggy (Global)

For some reasons the sound of 2L8 bring the likes of Liars to mind, except that they rock a bi-zillion bigger and louder. That doesn’t goes to say I don’t like Liars though. I guess its the slight punk(ish) edge. Obviously this goes as an EPIC noise updated that truly rock the hell out of guitars and distortions. Simply hit play on Let it go track and you’ll know what I mean. INSTANT BRAIN DAMAGE. - Sirensound (UK)

The main tracks are inspired by a kind of free-style rock music, which is sometimes moving on the edge of punk-rock and wave-rock. 2L8 uses different influences, but in the end it always appears to be rock-minded. I didn’t exactly expect acoustic instruments like cello, piano, violin, saxophone, viola ao to achieve a rock-minded work. 2L8 sounds quite particular, having created a proper genre with rock music as their main guiding line. Side-Line (Belgium)

"A collective led by K the Clown and comprised of greek talented musicians, 2L8 is a bold and electrifying project that has come to be categorized by their radical stylistic shifts between albums, while retaining a consistent interest in rhythm and distinct sonic accents and textures. Their music is rewarding, thoughtful and challenging and lurches deftly between emotional intimacy, ambition and uncompromising experimentation. Their two well-received previous releases, 'Armed angels, frustrated youth, the art of self deceit and music industry' & 'He & She, angry enough to keep loving in the Dark Ages' proved they are one of the most creative and compelling acts in the musical underground. Their new, funded through a PledgeMusic campaign, double album, 'New Battles without honor and humanity' is an avant-garde masterpiece of startling beauty that truly haunts the mind. It's exhilarating and rare to hear such feverous instrumental intensity and florid arrangements based on bursting guitars, pounding drums, subtle and luminous climaxes, dramatic strings and brass, hypnotically simple melodies, inner monologues and trembling, frantically passionate vocals, desperate and bleak lyrics about resistance, equity, freedom, love and equality coupled with a sense of hope. Each song sounds like a distinct ray of light and although it's packed into something both surprisingly subversive and cohesive, it's the strength of each of them that makes the whole album stand out. A ravishing experience, a brave delight that unfurls more of its charms with every listen. It comes in a special edition with astonishing packaging and artwork."
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