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2 Hour Souls "Triple Play"
Triple Play
  • Performed By: 2 Hour Souls
  • Album: Ride Through Haleakala
  • Album UPC: 888174915944
  • Album ID: 2hoursouls
  • Label: Trap Room Records
  • CD Baby Account: CDB03178364
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0000641083
  • ISRC: ushm81437998
  • Released: 07/12/14

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A fun and unusual mix of genre styles with song subjects ranging from silly to ominous. Funky Pirates, a yellow condo, Bullfight! Revenge! Diving into molten lava! Zombies! The end of the World! …oh, and maybe a menage a trois?


2 Hour Souls is an eclectic mix of songs created with humor, innuendo, and a no-rules mentality by one Hour Soul, Mark Astrella, and the other Hour Soul, Jason Carbajal. Together, they decided to spend 2 hours every Tuesday night after their routine day jobs at a concert venue to create their own music -a necessary endeavor to maintain their sanity.
In the dank, concrete bunker beneath the theater stage, these 2 Hour Souls set up a makeshift recording studio and began to tinker.

Three years later they had created a CD with song subjects ranging from the silly to the ominous.
The Funky Pirate - a funny funk song about Pirates trying to “get some Booty” and pooping on the poop deck.
Yellow Condo - a Jamaican street song that’s about, well… a yellow condo
I’ll Even the Score - getting revenge, by way of a classic blues riff which then morphs into a swing jazz vibe.
El Toro Del Diablo - a Spanish rumba that takes you into the bullring with the Devil Bull and the matador leaves horizontally.
Ride Through Haleakala - begins with a swirling chant of the ancient volcano’s name leading into a galloping romp where this young chiefess sacrifices herself to the god of the volcano, Pele.
Feeling like a Zombie - how we all feel after another day at the office.
We Don’t Get Along - the unhappy couple decides to fess up.
Triple Play - three is not a crowd according to this sweet 60’s pop song …with flowers in your hair and love is everywhere.
Payment is Due - where there's a will there's a way ...and where there's a bill there's a pay!
The End is Near - an epic, orchestrated finale to the album to make you ponder your existence. Unfortunately, everyone dies in the end. Oh well …What more can one expect from 2 Hour Souls?
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