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  • Writer Shaun Gregory Boyd
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Brandon Lewis Boyd, John David Webster, Matt Curtis Mellinger, Ryan Elliott Boyd, Shaun Gregory Boyd


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United States - Indiana

3union "More Than Ever"
More Than Ever
  • Performed By: 3union
  • Album: Say It Now
  • Album UPC: 888174511221
  • Album ID: 3union4
  • Label: 3union
  • CD Baby Account: CDB03355314
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0000166271
  • ISRC: uscgh1444243
  • Released: 07/30/09

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If you took Relient K and put them in a blender with Treaty of Paris, Yellowcard, and New Found Glory you might come close to the insane talent packed into the Boyd brother’s band, 3Union... - music reviewer, Ricky Lee Potts


"Say It Now" ALBUM REVIEW: RIcky Lee Potts

"If you took Relient K and put them in a blender with Treaty of Paris, Yellowcard, and New Found Glory you might come close to the insane talent packed into the Boyd brother’s band 3Union. Warped Tour is where you would expect to find a group like this and it has even been a jumping off point for thousands of bands in it’s years of touring. Still, I am not sure talent of this magnitude needs a jumping off point with lyrics and vocals like this.

I have not heard this album in over a week and I am still singing the lyrics from track one to ten. Their debut album, “Say It Now,” grabs a hold of you, pulls you tight, and won’t let go. You will hit repeat time and time again and wonder why you have not heard of these guys before now. They sing songs that appear to come from experience and tragedy, but when you realize how young they are you might change your mind. The fact that they can come up with lyrics packed with heartbreak and heartache at this stage in their careers opens a lot of doors to their futures.

When first thinking about boy bands, or even family bands for that matter, your mind tends to go straight to the likes of N’Sync and The Jonas Brothers. Don’t get me wrong; I am a huge fan of songs like “Bye Bye Bye” and “Burning Up,” but when listening to 3Union you do not think about sitting around the dinner table and having story time, you think of jumping up and down screaming for one more song with your closest friends. These lyrics develop an emotion that can reach an epic level in three minutes. Their sound fits a mold that has been built by hundreds of bands in the past. That is not what makes this album and these boys scream out for MTV. Their ability to take a sound that has already made a name for itself in this competitive market and make it their own, to bring their own interpretation on this genre, and to make you demand for more once the album is over, is what will take these boys as far as they want to go.

This is the band’s debut album, and the only thing that keeps this album out of the perfect category is the number of songs. There are only ten tracks and if I have ever said that an album leaves me wanting more it is this one. Working with John David Webster, a genius in his own right, they have managed to put together a Best Buy sound with a Warped Tour mentality. I dare you to listen to this album and not tap your foot and wave your arms in the air. When it’s over try and not hit repeat. This album is not only packed with incredible music but is also an addiction that I can’t seem to quit." -September 2009


3UNION is a pop/rock band of brothers who love performing and playing their music for any audience. They are passionate about influencing their generation, and challenging them to make a difference. Their first CD, “Say It Now,” was produced by John David Webster and released in July of 2009. As the band’s style developed, they started work in 2011 on a 5 song EP, co-produced by Michael Linney (who has worked with artists such as Jason Derulo and Toby Mac), and multi-platinum producer ill factor (who has worked with artists including Justin Timberlake, Ricky Martin, and Natasha Bedinfield). Titled, "Our Mom Thinks We're Good," the new EP released in December of 2011.

Highlights have included appearances at summer festivals sharing the stage with Group One Crew, Manafest, Hawk Nelson and Tenth Avenue North; opening for Jeremy Camp; and appearing on the 2011 "eXtreme Tour" as well as the Van's Warped Tour where they were winners for the Ernie Ball Stage "Battle of the Bands." They played on the 2012 "Camplified" tour sponsored by Cartoon Network; opened for Keith Urban and ‘American Idol’ champ–Kris Allen; and performed an exclusive side-stage appearance for the Jonas Brothers during their 2013 tour appearance on Long Island. The band has done several international tours including dates in Germany, Turkey, and Lebanon, and playing a 2-week tour in Australia in September of 2013.
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