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Adria Ramos "I Would"
I Would
  • Performed By: Adria Ramos
  • Album: Mercury
  • Album UPC: 888174878560
  • Album ID: adriaramos
  • Label: Adria Ramos
  • CD Baby Account: CDB04447121
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0000601662
  • ISRC: ushm21483634
  • Released: 06/25/14

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Honest acoustic. Beautiful but raw lyrics float over textured layers of guitar, violin, organ, and percussion to paint a picture of love, confession, and honesty.


Music is me; inside-out. A way to show my emotions and to admit my fears and to share my joys. Things I sometimes feel uncomfortable with in “real-life”. It’s the Gemini in me rearing its head. Just like life, music is never black and white. It’s all these beautiful shades of gray. Shades without names. But shades that you know. When you hear them.

I’ve always been drawn to words, to lyrics. Ani Difranco, Paul Simon, Indigo Girls…..my favorite artists always had powerful lyrics. That spoke right to me. I seemed to know exactly what each song meant. Or at least what it meant to me. Words tell a story all on their own. But, when sung, they paint a picture and conjure up an emotion that you could never explain with words alone. If a picture says 1,000 words, then a song “feels” 1,000 words. And 1,000 shades of gray.

I began singing and playing violin in grade school. Making music was always one of the things in my life that felt important, felt good, felt special. But, around the age of 20, I just stopped. “Life” seemed to keep me too busy: I got married, finished school, moved, had babies, started a business, laughed, cried, wondered, loved. Along the way, I kept gathering music to me: collecting favorite songs and favorite artists and favorite lyrics. My life was still full of music, but it had the bittersweet feeling of a “borrowed” soundtrack.

After 12 years of quiet, I picked up a guitar and started telling my own story. I’m back together with my violin and I've found a new love in my guitar. They keep me pretty busy most days. I make music, raise my sons, love my friends and family, run my business, and think too much. That’s all part of my story. I’m very very grateful to have music to help me tell that story.

Thank you for listening.
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