Performed By AL MOODY
Album UPC 783707386201
CD Baby Track ID 2146015
Label Aeolian Music Works
Released 2006-01-01
BPM 92
Rated 0
ISRC ushm90621318
Year 2006
Spotify Plays 21
Writer Al Moody.
Pub Co Al Moody / Al Moody Music (ASCAP).
Composer Al Moody.
Clearance Sync & All Media Uses
Rights Controlled Master
Rights Easy Clear: Master
Original/Cover/Public Domain original
Country United States - Massachusetts


A compilation album of independent artists performing ambient-tribal, blues, folk, jazz-rock, space-rock, and spoken-word music.


Aeolian Music Works


"ALPHA waves induce creation ... far beyond OMEGA." - George Koumantzelis

01. BAREFOOT NUNUS - Lost On Trapelo Road (Lithamic Celestial Illusions) - 14:11 - ADD ... Classic, Homeric, Heptamic, Epic Poetry.
02. THE BASEMENT BEATS - To The Left (#2) - 04:30 AAD ... Poetic Folk-Blues.
03. THE WOODSHED GRUNTS - The Second Bardo - 20:49 - DAD ... Space-Rock Fusion.
04. ABSTRACT ORANGUTANS - The Traveling Pelican Suite - 22:45 - AAD ... Acoustic, Psychedelic, Tribal, World-Beat / Electric, Kinetic, Experimental, Ambient-Space Instrumentals.
05. LANDING IN LIBRA - Johnny's Epiphany - 07:16 - DDD ... Metanoic, Mexican-Mariachi-like, Improvizational, Free-Form, Jazz-Rock Fusion.
06. AL MOODY - Truganini - 03:58 - DDD ... Folk / Roots-Rock.


Compilation Catalog Album One of 6 original songs from the deep inner vaults of Aeolia Recording Studio.

3 Acoustic / 3 Electric... 3 Long Songs / 3 Short Songs... 3 with Lyrics / 3 Instrumentals.

Official Release Date: August 29, 2006

AEOLIAN MUSIC WORKS – “COSMIC PODUNK” – (AMW-CAT-001) - Released On: 08/29/2006 – Bar Code Number: 783707386201 – U.S. Copyright Office Registration Number: SR 391-664 – Registration Date: 08/25/2006

You've never heard ANYTHING like this before!

A sampler compilation album of 6 songs from: BAREFOOT NUNUS, THE BASEMENT BEATS, THE WOODSHED GRUNTS, ABSTRACT ORANGUTANS, LANDING IN LIBRA, and AL MOODY, with musical selections that range from Classic Homeric Heptamic Epic Poetry, Poetic Folk-Blues, and Folk / Roots-Rock to Jazz-Rock Fusion, Space-Rock Fusion, and Acoustic Psychedelic Tribal World-Beat / Electric Kinetic Experimental Ambient-Space Instrumentals.

01. BAREFOOT NUNUS - Lost On Trapelo Road (Lithamic Celestial Illusions) - 14:11 - ADD. ... Music written by Greg Franceschi. Words and Vocal Melody written by George Koumantzelis. All original music and arrangements © 1989 Greg Franceschi / Barefoot Nunus Music (ASCAP), and © 1974, © 1989 George Koumantzelis / Aeolian Lyrical Music (ASCAP). ... Performed by BAREFOOT NUNUS: Greg Franceschi -Acoustic Guitar; and George Koumantzelis - Vocal. ... Analog 2-track ¼ inch magnetic cassette tape recording at 1 & 7/ 8 ips with Dolby C noise reduction recorded live with no overdubs in Northampton, MA "in Svetlana's Kitchen" on April 21, 1989. Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by George Koumantzelis. ... Taken from the album by BAREFOOT NUNUS called: The Caretakers: Clearing In The Woods (BNM-CAR-001). Used by Permission. Courtesy of Barefoot Nunus Music. (P) 2001 & © 2001 Barefoot Nunus Music under exclusive license to Aeolian Music Works. All Rights Reserved. ... Greg Franceschi can be reached here: ... George Koumantzelis can be reached here: .

02. THE BASEMENT BEATS - To The Left (#2) - 04:30 - AAD. ... All words and music written by Leo Tanguay. All original music and arrangements © 1977, © 1990 Leo Tanguay / Leo Tanguay Music (ASCAP). ... Performed by THE BASEMENT BEATS: Michael Ginieres - Acoustic Guitar (on the right); Al Moody - Electric-Acoustic Guitar (on the left); and Leo Tanguay - Harmonica, Maracas, Tambourine, and Vocal. ... Analog 4-track ¼ inch magnetic cassette tape recording at 1 & 7/ 8 ips with DBX-II noise reduction recorded in Wamesit at Aeolia Recording Studio in the early winter of 1990. Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by George Koumantzelis. ... Taken from the album by THE BASEMENT BEATS called: The Wamesit Jams (#1) (AMW-TBB-001). (P) 2001 & © 2001 Aeolian Music Works. All Rights Reserved. ... Leo Tanguay cannot be reached. ... George Koumantzelis can be reached here: ... and here: .

03. THE WOODSHED GRUNTS - The Second Bardo - 20:49 - DAD. ... All music written by Gregg Daigle, Dave Huckins, and George Koumantzelis. All original music and arrangements © 1994 Gregg Daigle / Gregg Daigle Music (BMI), © 1994 Dave Huckins / Grunt Space Music (ASCAP), and © 1994 George Koumantzelis / Aeolian Lyrical Music (ASCAP). ... Performed by THE WOODSHED GRUNTS: Gregg Daigle - Electric Guitar (on the left); Dave Huckins - Electric Bass (on the right); and George Koumantzelis - Acoustic Ludwig Drums and Acoustic Zildjian Cymbals, Electronic Percussion, and Electronic Synthesizer. ... Live in-studio recording with minimal overdubs. Digital 8-track VHS tape recording at 48 kHz / 16-bit recorded in Wamesit at Aeolia Recording Studio on April 12, 1994. Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by George Koumantzelis. ... Taken from the album by THE WOODSHED GRUNTS called: The Three Bardos (AMW-TWG-009). (P) 2001 & © 2001 Aeolian Music Works. All Rights Reserved. ... Gregg Daigle (formerly of The Healers and Grass Soup) appears courtesy of Raising Cane and Cane Family Records. Gregg Daigle can be reached here: ... Dave Huckins, the renowned poster artist, can be reached here: ... George Koumantzelis can be reached here: .

04. ABSTRACT ORANGUTANS - The Traveling Pelican Suite - 22:45 - AAD. ... All music written by George Koumantzelis, Scott Richards, Joe Tremblay, and Andrew Szava-Kovats. All original music and arrangements © 1991 George Koumantzelis / Aeolian Lyrical Music (ASCAP), © 1991 Scott Richards / Scott Richards Music (ASCAP), © 1991 Joe Tremblay / Joe Tremblay Music (ASCAP), and © 1991 Andrew Szava-Kovats / Mechanical Music (BMI). ... Performed by ABSTRACT ORANGUTANS: George Koumantzelis - Acoustic Ludwig Drums and Acoustic Zildjian Cymbals, Acoustic Conga Drums, Acoustic Log Drums, Acoustic Percussion, Electronic Percussion, Electronic Synthesizer, and Sound Effects; Scott Richards - Electronic Drums, Electronic Percussion, Electronic Synthesizer, and Sound Effects; Joe Tremblay - Electric "ZOOM" Guitar; and Andrew Szava-Kovats - Electronic Percussion, Electronic Synthesizer, and Sound Effects. ... Analog 4-track ¼ inch magnetic cassette tape recording at 1 & 7/ 8 ips with DBX-II noise reduction recorded in Wamesit at Aeolia Recording Studio on October 6 and 23, and November 2, 1991, with overdubs recorded at K.O. City Studio (now True Age Records Recording Studio) in Lowell, MA on October 26, 1991. Recorded and Engineered by George Koumantzelis and Andrew Szava-Kovats. Mixed in Wamesit at Aeolia Recording Studio on January 1, 1992 by George Koumantzelis and Andrew Szava-Kovats. Mastered and Produced by George Koumantzelis. ... Taken from the album by ABSTRACT ORANGUTANS called: Abstract Orangutans (AMW-TAO-001). (P) 2001 & © 2001 Aeolian Music Works. All Rights Reserved. ... George Koumantzelis can be reached here: ... Scott Richards can be reached here: ... Joe Tremblay cannot be reached. ... Andrew Szava-Kovats can be reached here: .

05. LANDING IN LIBRA - Johnny's Epiphany - 07:16 - DDD. ... All music written by Dave Ambrose, John W. Butler, and George Koumantzelis. All original music and arrangements © 2000 Dave Ambrose / Howlin' Dave Music (ASCAP), © 2000 John W. Butler / Wakan Tanka Music (ASCAP), and © 2000 George Koumantzelis / Aeolian Lyrical Music (ASCAP). ... Performed by LANDING IN LIBRA: Dave Ambrose - Electric Rhythm Guitar (on the right); Johnny "Johnny B" Butler - Electric Lead Guitar (on the left); and George Koumantzelis - Acoustic Ludwig Drums and Acoustic Zildjian Cymbals. ... Live in-studio recording with no overdubs. Digital 2-track DAT tape recording at 48 kHz / 16-bit recorded in Wamesit at Aeolia Recording Studio on August 27, 2000. Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by George Koumantzelis. ... Taken from the album by LANDING IN LIBRA called: Hugging The Inside Curve (AMW-LIL-007). (P) 2001 & © 2001 Aeolian Music Works. All Rights Reserved. ... Dave Ambrose cannot be reached. ... George Koumantzelis can be reached here: ... Johnny Butler cannot be reached.

06. AL MOODY - Truganini - 03:58 - DDD. ... All words and music written by Al Moody. All original music and arrangements © 1993 Al Moody / Al Moody Music (ASCAP). ... Performed by AL MOODY & FRIENDS: Michael Casserly - Electric Bass; Mickey Green - Electric Lead Guitar (on the left); George Koumantzelis - Acoustic Ludwig Drums and Acoustic Zildjian Cymbals; and Al Moody - Electric-Acoustic Rhythm Guitar (on the right) and Vocal. ... Live in-studio recording with no overdubs. Digital 2-track DAT tape recording at 48 kHz / 16-bit recorded in Wamesit at Aeolia Recording Studio on November 21, 1993. Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by George Koumantzelis. ... Taken from the album by AL MOODY called: Al Moody & Friends: A Wamesit Sunday Jam (AMW-AMF-001). Used by Permission. Courtesy of Lucy and Melissa Moody, and the Estate of Al Moody. (P) 2006 & © 2006 Al Moody Music under exclusive license to Aeolian Music Works. All Rights Reserved. ... Al Moody cannot be reached. ... "In Search Of The Eternal Buzz." ... DEDICATION: This album is dedicated to the living memory of our now departed, beloved brother in music, Al Moody, who - like Jack Kerouac, a fellow Pisces soul - was also "born in Lowell" with the rest of us. ... The Muse knows who loves her. ... God bless!

No computers at all were used in the recording, mixing, or mastering of this music.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Amer Baloch, Pip Biancamano, Al Boisvert, Gil Campbell, DR. Levon Chorbajian, Ph.D., Domenic Ciccone, Eddie Ciletti, John Collinge, Robert Eldridge, Richard Elen, Greg Franceschi, Mark Giavis, John Guregian, Dave Huckins, Dave Iverson, Brad Johnson, Alex Khenkin, Pammy Korahakis (My first guitar teacher, who sold me her Capital, monophonic, US pressings of all the early Beatle albums.), Ted Leonsis, Professor George Luter, Ph.D., DR. Al Maalouf, DC, CCSP, Donald MacGillivray, Eve Anna Manley, Edward McCreanor, Jim McIsaac, Dennis McNally, DR. William Moylan, Ph.D, Jim Nakos, Ph.D., Dave Perry, Andres Restrepo, Bill Roberge, Dave Roberts, Tom Sampson, DR. John Shirley, Ph.D., Peter Simopoulos, Svetlana Speyer, George Stamas, Owsley "BEAR" Stanley, Bruce Sullivan, Don Sullivan, Jack Sullivan, John Tamanakis, Uncle John Tatsios, Drew Townson, John Trupp, Dusty Wakeman, Bill Walker, Delvin Wolf, Bill Wood, DR. Andrew Zale, DDS, and the idyllic cypress trees in the sacred, shady grove across from the strawberry fields on the old National Geographic grounds near beautiful Lake Nirvana.

This Anthology of Music is Dedicated to Al Moody.

This is the first album in a series of musical anthologies to be presented by Aeolian Music Works. Look for forthcoming albums to be called: FROM QUARK TO QUASAR, ALL IS ONE, ISKOLOONIZINERNLY YOURS IN NERHITROGOOL, NAGARJUNA'S NOETIC NOD, GURDJIEFF'S GROUNDHOG GROOVE, MICROCOSM REFLECTS MACROCOSM, and more.

Front Cover Photograph - © 2006 George Koumantzelis / Aeolian Photographic Works.

Back Cover Photograph - © 2006 George Koumantzelis / Aeolian Photographic Works.

Aeolian Music Works Logo - © 2006 George Koumantzelis / Aeolian Photographic Works.

Aeolian Music Works Logo, Art Direction, and CD Designed by George Koumantzelis.

Aeolian Music Works Logo Computer Graphics by John Trupp at Metro Graphics:

PRODUCED BY: George Nicholas Koumantzelis.

To order copies of this or any other anthology album on the Aeolian Music Works record label, please send a check or money order for $12.00 made out to George Koumantzelis, and mail it to this address:

Aeolian Music Works
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Lowell, MA 01853

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This Compilation ©2006 & (P)2006 Aeolian Music Works. All Rights Reserved. All rights of the Ppoducer and owner of the recorded work reserved. Unauthorized copying (in any form), digital duplication, public performance, broadcasting, podcasting, webcasting, hiring, or rental of this recording is strictly prohibited and a violation of applicable, enforceable, federal laws. All illegal downloading and file sharing is a crime against the artists.

Aeolian Music Works

Catalog Album One

Made in America


BARCODE: 783707386201


. . . . . . . . . . AEOLIAN ERGONAUTICS

. . . . . The Art Of Sailing Through One’s Work

AEOLIAN MUSIC WORKS – “COSMIC PODUNK” – (AMW-CAT-001) - Released On: 08/29/2006 – Bar Code Number: 783707386201 – U.S. Copyright Office Registration Number: SR 391-664 – Registration Date: 08/25/2006

December 01, 2006

Hi, fellas! It was a tough call: deciding who to include on the Cosmic Podunk CD site ( ) in the "TRY THIS" section of the page that links one to the albums of other artists. One can only pick SIX albums / artists to make links to! CD has to do the linking for you. You can't do it yourself. (Thanks, Alex!) Here is who I picked, and why:

01. DATA-BANK-A ... Andy Szava-Kovats is one my oldest and closest friends, and we have been musical collaborators together on numerous projects over the years, including: DATA-BANK-A, SEEDS OF SOUND, TRUE AGE, and LANDING IN LIBRA. For him not to be put first would be a disrespectful insult to both his friendship and his talent. He's been at this since 1983. That's Andy on synth on The Traveling Pelican Suite.

02. RAISING CANE ... I have been good friends with Gregg Daigle from The Healers days, when he used to come into AEOLIA and shop. Gregg worked at Rounder Records (He loved Bluegrass back then!) and was a music major at U-MASS, Lowell (I attended his graduation recital performance with Scott Bears - another musical collaborator with Gregg in AEOLIAN KID, as well as with Andy in ABSTRACT ORANGUTANS.) as well as a mountain climbing buddy. That's Gregg on guitar on The Second Bardo.

03. eddy dyer ... God bless eddy dyer! ... This kid ROCKS! ... eddy attended almost every AEOLIA meditation meeting, and I think he was booked to play an evening set at SEEDS OF SOUND (Lowell Ecology Benefit Concert / ROCK MOUNT TRASHMORE! - which Dave Huckins, Andy, myself, and a bunch of other people helped put on). eddy can play a rockin' rhythm guitar like nobody's business! eddy's been rocking this world hard since before the days of The Reagan Babies, and his politics are right-on! One of the few people to play live on the air on my COSMIC PODUNK college radio program at U-MASS, Lowell, eddy has been a true friend over all these years.

04. ICHABOD ... Dave Iverson has been a good friend since the Nirvana days of the nineties when he used to work at Newbury Comics and played in the great band, WORLDSEED. I loved that band. He's friends with Andy Kaknes - from SYZYGY (who, regretably, had to be left out of this selection!) - and he is the one who inspired the release of this compilation CD many moons ago when he walked into AEOLIA, heard our music, and said: "George, you should release a whole album of this kind of stuff." I never forgot that. Thanks, Dave! Dave's new band, ICHABOD, is very cool.

05. ROBERT ELDRIDGE ... Robert is a true gentleman and an amazingly talented guitarist and composer. We met over the internet when we both had our music posted at before it went belly-up. I played his early DAM CD on COSMIC PODUNK, and he never forgot to thank me in the credits to his first CD released here on CD Robert lives in Colorado, and his music reflects the wide open spaces of the mountains and The West. This man is going places!

06. JOHN TRUPP ... My newest friend, John Trupp, is a real road warrior from the heady days of New Potato Caboose. He now plays in the great band, RADIO MOSAIC. I've seen them a few times, and they remind me of the good times we all used to have listening to THE HEALERS. Real good, high energy, jam-band music! John also is a very talented singer and songwriter and a solo artist on his own, as well as being the drummer and recording engineer / producer in RADIO MOSAIC. He did the Aeolian Music Works logo for us, as he is also a computer wiz who has is own business doing graphic design for people. ... Great work, man!

Living in service to The Muse is not always the easiest path to tread. In fact, it can be downright demanding at times. Giving birth is always painful, but well worth it. The Muse knows who loves her. ... I wish you all the best of luck with your current musical projects, and remember to always be true to The Muse. YOWZA! - George Koumantzelis, Producer


01. 09-02-2006 - Andrew Szava-Kovats - via Postcard:
"Good Job! So, what happens to the 20 min. version? Let me know when the CD comes out... Hope all is well. Cheers, Andy"
02. 10-02-2006 - Greg Franceschi - via Phone Call: "George ... What CD are you talking about? ... NO! I never got any CD called COSMIC PODUNK. ... I'm sorry. Maybe it got put in the pile of mail Lisa left in the bathroom last month. I'm sorry, George. I'll look for it. It's probably around here somewhere in some envelope, unless it got put out in the trash when we cleaned out the bathroom. ... Can you send me another one? ... It's great to hear from you! We should plan a visit to come see you. ... Maybe we could meet in Amish country somewhere in Pennsylvania and learn how they really do it. I really think they have the answer. ... I love you, man!... Bye, George."
03. 10-03-2006 - Dave Perry of The Lowell Sun - via Letter:
"... Received the Aeolian CD yesterday, and plan to listen tonight and pass along the other copies this week. ... Keep on plugging down there. Best, Dave Perry, The Sun."
04. 10-04-2006 - Dave Huckins - via Email:
"ha ha! yeah, that's so cool! imagine the 14th dalai lama diggin' the podunk! d"
05. 10-06-2006 - Andrew Szava-Kovats - via Email: "Hi, George: I've received the CD. You did a great job with the packaging. Is that an "environmentally friendly" format? Mastering is clean and dynamic. cheers, ask"
07. 10-06-2006 - John Guregian of "Blues Deluxe" on WUML 91.5 FM U-Mass, Lowell - via Postcard: "Hey George, Shinorghagalem! Thanks for sending the great new CD's from the Aeolian Music Label, home of George K. The CD is great as usual. I will make sure that WUML gets the opened one. Thanks for sending me my own copy. You rock! John."
08. 10-10-2006 - Dave Iverson - via Email: "George, no I haven't received any CD's yet... how long ago did you send it out? Dave"
09. 10-10-2006 - John Trupp - via Email: "Hey George, Just wanted to say thanks for the cd. Looking good! Have a great day! - J"
10. 10-11/12-2006 - Dave Iverson - via Email: "Ironically, I received the CD yesterday, just after I sent you that email ... I'll listen to it asap and get back to you with a review. ... George, I'll send a more detailed review, but so far, I find the CD very relaxing and meditative. I love some of the poetry therein...did you write the words? Very impressive, heavy stuff. ... Good luck, hope to stay in touch brother! Dave"
11. 10-12-2006 - Keith Blanchet - via Email: "Hey George! I received the Cosmic Podunk CD and I've had a chance to listen to it. First off, great work man - I know how hard you've been working to put all of this together. Your sincerity really shines through - keep chargin'! Some musical highlights for me: Nice drumming at the beginning of The Travelling Pelican Suite, it really shines through. Johnny's guitar sound is really good on Johnny's Epiphany, nice recording job I must say. I really dig the Intro to Truganini. Also I enjoyed the Castaneda reference on Lost on Trapelo Road, I myself have been a huge student of Castaneda's work - as you probably could have guessed. Thank you for sending me a copy. I also got the Alacrity album reviews. Thank you very much for your kind words. ... You can call me anytime (as Blondie once said - Ha Ha!) Talk soon - Keith"
12. 10-12-2006 - George Stamas - via Email: "Hello George. Good hearing from you and thanks for the kind words on our friendship. I feel the same. ... Thanks for the CD. I put it in front of my computer screen and will listen / review it as soon as i can. Can't say that will be right away, but I'll do the best I can. ... Peace, George"
13. 10-13-2006 - Andres Restrepo - via Email: "Hey George! Sorry I haven't been able to write to you recently - I've been real busy too. I DID get the CD - the packaging looks AWESOME, bro! I'm really impressed with the work you've done. The disc is great. Brad is really impressed with it, too. Are the other discs ("From Quark to Quasar", etc.) gonna be released in this format? Anyway, I hope to see you soon - stop by if you get a chance! I'll have more comments for you soon, re: your disc... Andres"
14. 10-13-2006 - Bradford Johnson - via Email: "Thanks much George! I really appreciate the CD (and the credits on the CD!) and I've been meaning to get back to you. Great music too. I'll buy a copy. Best of luck with the CD. It's very nice looking, too. Hope to see you around soon. Brad"
15. 10-16-2006 - Eddie Ciletti of Tangible Technology - via Email: "George I got your CD, thanks, but I did not understand what you wrote. eddie PS: I just got back from out of town and haven't listened yet."
16. 10-17-20-06 - Richard Ellen of - via Email: "Hi! I got it, haven't had the chance to listen yet though.... News at 11... --Richard E BTW, you know Paul Lehrman, don't you?"
17. 10-17-2006 - Matt Donahue - via Email: "Hey A Kid, Any chance of you coming up here to promote your CD and participating in a Songwriters Jam / Workshop over Thanksgiving weekend??? Please advise, I’m heading to RRR to pick one up... Matt"
18. 10-18-2006 - Ted Leonsis - via Letter: "George. Come to the game - come say hi to me in the owner's box, suite 103. If you can't come, give the tickets to some friends."
19. 10-19-2006 - Harry Garabedian - via Postcard: "The second cut was the only one worth listening to. The rest of them were not as good."
20. 10-20-2006 - Paul Marion - via Email: "George - Is this music by Lowell musicians? Where are you? Hope you are well. Paul"
21. - 10-21-2006 - DJ Frederick of "Improve Your Attention Span" at WSCS 90.9 FM in New London, NH - via Email:
"Greetings folks from Aeolian Music Works... While browsing for new music on the internet, I discovered COSMIC PODUNK, some tracks from which would be musically perfect for my broadcasts. ... Wishing you much creative energy! - DJ Frederick"
22. 10-22-2006 - Pip Biancamano - via Email: "Hi George: I have only listened once so far. I have very limited time these days. But so far my first impressions are of the quality of the recording not the content. It all sounds good; it is especially interesting how good the cassette 4 track stuff came out. The mixing, editing and mastering sound great. The packaging is really well done and the liner notes are impeccable. When I get a little more time I will try to give you a track by track analysis. Congrats on the fruition of what I know was a really tough undertaking. Pip P.S. Are you going to Matts this Thanks Giving?"
23. 10-23-2006 - John Tamanakis - via Email:
"Congratulation on the album George. Send the following to as many as possible. Love John T. From The Land of Slaves to the Land of Freedom. The Day’s of The Jackal is here. For they were waiting in lines with shoes in their hands to pass by the interrogator to search their personal carrion's, in case that they might have materials to make a bomb on the airplane. Like lambs lined up for slaughter, in the line of the S, they waited for over an hour to have their personal property looked at in the guise of safety. The Olympic flight was about to leave from JFK to Athens Greece, and if I had known what humiliation I was about to go through I would have not entered the S line, or better described as the SS line. They took my aftershave lotion, my liquid eyeglass cleaner, face creams that I had for gifts, liquid homeopathic medicines. They went through my toiletry case as if it had diamonds in it. Loosing a few hundred dollars of personal belongings, they confiscate bout a third of what was in the case. I had learned that the checked in baggage would be bombarded by strong “á” particles so I carried the homeopathic medicine with me, but the interrogator prevailed. The interrogator was a heartless automaton. I asked for his name and he looked at me in silence with a cold stare. Evidently, I must be a criminal I thought. For the life of me I had no idea that I was that! How did this beautiful magnificent country called America become so heartlessly fearful? Most will yell at me and say, “Don’t you remember 9/11”? Yes I remember 9/11, and old enough to remember Pearl Harbor also. And history tells us that the American people were hoodwinked into attacking Japan. America entered WWII were many thousands of Americans died for the freedoms of America and the world! What are the souls of those dead soldiers feeling now about the freedom of America, when they see their American brother and sisters lined up and treated as if they might be living in Nazi Germany? Where has all the freedom gone, and why? Gone, because some Muslim does not like America, why? Muslims, and Christians and Jews have lived side by side for generations, who decided to change this? The third law of physics states, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." We are all governed by this physics on this magnificent planet. What has American policy done to create such hatred? Why then was 9/11 allowed to take place? Why was it created in the first place? Who stands to gain by it? And why have the American people, and maybe the hole world, lost their freedoms? Why has the metamorphosis of American policy, which stood for freedom and human decency, now be to create enemies? Who stands to gain from this? Definitely, not the freedoms of the world. Does any one really believe that being interrogated by a sadistic government authority, for whatever the reason might be is a free society? The ancient Greeks did not think that. With respect to Humanity and in love with Freedom. Respectfully, Dr. J.T. Akis"
24. 10-23-2006 - Scott Richards - via Email: "I got your CD in the mail and I thought it was really good. The Traveling Pelican Suite would make a good movie soundtrack. Scott"
25. 10-24-2006 - Peter Stillwaggon - via Email: "Hi George, Thank you again for working on the Lowell music project - I look forward to hearing it! Cheers, Pete Stillwaggon"
26. 10-25-2006 - Greg Franceschi - via Letter: "Hey man - "Dreams and Nightmares" would be a good name for a CD, no? "Naaaah..." Thanks for the mailing. I definitely want some of that 'cosmic podunk' to give my friends and family. Conceptually - I think you're onto something, which I'm sure you know on some level, which is that, like Ed Targoski's "Polka Time" - "where the past is always on rewind and powered by the polka" which is one of the best known and loved Public Access 'series' programs with over 400 shows in 10 + years, in which Ed simply sets up his tripod and camcorder at one end of the polka dance floor in 4 or 5 venues in western MA where polka music is still celebrated in a big way - and he lets it roll - then he goes into his homemade video studio (a sheet and plant in his basement) to tape his intros & dedications for each song, which he then mixes up one to 10 or so with other dances he's taped over the past decade so the net result is some kind of living and some dead - but everybody dancing THE POLKA !!! in every episode - so people in the entire region are in every show and a lot of people they know - living & dead - which has him # 1 a huge audience & # 2 a very devoted audience, especially among the elders who without fail call within a minute if the 1 pm show is late. No other show has had even remotely the same impact. Nothing - nowhere near - though Amy Goodman is next - SO - what I'm drawn to about cosmic podunk, along with the very beautiful photograph of your drums & that funky guitar is the compilation concept, because I get a glimpse of all this stuff you guys have been doing, (presumeably some of the best), and I'm part of it, so - it's the perfect gift -a celebration of all of our music, the start of another compilation and humble. Can't wait to hear it! ... COSMIC PODUNK ! So, please send me 5 copies and I'll get them to at least 5 people in need of a little of that good old "cosmic podunk" - Love you, bro! ... P.S. Have you ever thought of becoming a wind and / or solar builder? I'm looking into the hot water option and reading about it. Maybre that'll be where we end up working together? .. PEACE ... The enclosed request for Podunks was in response to the concept, (this envelope was sealed a month or so ago), not the missing CD. LOVE IS THE ANSWER ... Thanks for the Yoko button! "imagine peace" - Right ON! It's the not as obvious as it should be first step, isn't it. If we're so numb and scared we can't even imagine PEACE or is it jaded? We sure never get there. God bless you, George - and my love to and your family!"
27. 10-26-2006 - Owsley "BEAR" Stanley - via Email: "Thanks, but I really don't have time to listen to all the CDs people want to send me. Why do you want to send me stuff anyway? I don't know you from Adam. -- Cheers. Bear"
28. 10-26-2006 - Kurt Cannon - via Email: "P.S. I have not had a chance to listen to your music but I will later."
29. 10-26-2006 - Yaser Abril - In Person: "George, I like your CD. Thank you for giving me a copy. The music is beautiful. In fact, I would like to volunteer my professional services to you free of charge to create your own unique web site for you. I believe this music deserves its own look to reflect the uniqueness of the music."
30. 10-26-2006 - Domenic Ciccone of "Martinis With Mancini" on WUML 91.5 FM U-Mass, Lowell - via Email: "George! Thank you for sending me the new CD...and putting me on the “thank you” list of the CD. Sounds like a little bit of Kerouac word jazz and some nice long tracks to zone out with while working on the computer at work! So what are you doing these day down in MD? Domenic"
31. 10-26-2006 - Robert Eldridge - via Postcard: "1. Barefoot Nunus - very "Jim Morrisonish" in a higher intellectual realm - (poignant prose) 2. The Basement Beats - a throwback to the sixty mantra and rhetoric 3. The Woodshed Grunts - reminds me of the old "space jam" of mid 80's Dead or "Mickey Hartish" with some Bauhaus 4. Abstract Orangutans - Wow! Should be theme for all. 5. Landing In Libra - A Spanish conqueror's trip. Cool! 6. Al Moody - Heavy, with a lesson. Cool! ... Total thumbs up. 5 stars, bro. I dig!"
32. 10-27-2006 - Tom Sampson - via Postcard: "Dear George -YAWZA !!! This CD is certainly a labor of love. - Graphics are superb! - Layout design, very professional! - Music, lyrics, narratives - archetypal, eclectic with perfect segues! (Great title) - Particularly fond of "Abstract Orangutans." - The CD would make a perfect Christmas gift. You make me proud to be a Greek! - Yiassou, Tom"
33. 10-27-2006 - Irene Dzioba - via Letter: "Dear George, Please find enclosed check for $30.00 for two copies of your new release CD. Congratulations! Sincerely, Irene Dzioba"
34. 10-31-2006 - Kurt Cannon - via Email: "Yes I did. Thanks. And thanks for following up about the VA. - Kurt"
35. 11-03-2006 - George Zitis - via Email: "Georgo, Beautiful work. I loved the music. I can't wait to order your CD. I will do it this weekend. Bravo, and please keep me on your e-mailing list. Georgos from Florida"
36. 11-04-2006 - Fred Evicci - via Email: "Hey George, congrat's on the new CD man!!! Are you still a whole foods seller? You were way ahead of the curve years ago in Lowell. Now everyone is into whole-organic foods and more educated about that kind of thing. Fred"
37. 11-07-2006 - Svetlana Speyer - via Card: "Dear George, First and foremost, wishing you all that you wish for yourself! Have a joyous, lighthearted, funfilled special day. I will send you the postcard separately. Your creativity is an inspiration! We do miss you very much, but Greg says you are happier than ever. ... Svetlana."
38. 11-08-06 - Kurt Cannon - via Email: "Glad you liked the CD. Like yourself, I like some of every kind of music. I listened to some of your music and enjoyed it. ... Kurt"
39. 11-08-06 - George Zitis - via Email: "Life is very hard and changes. I remember the days when we were having fun. No worries, just "Pexnithia." Life becomes very routine, so we have to search deep and keep the fire going. If you ever come down to Florida to visit, I would love you to meet my kids and wife and have some krasi and mesethakia and jam. I got my bongos this summer from Sam Ash. Yiasou baby!"
40. 11-08-2006 - Missy Callaghan, Advertising Manager of The Town Courier - via Email: "Thanks George! I'm sure all of us here at the Courier will enjoy it!!! I'll keep an eye out for it. Missy"
41. 11-09-2006 - Jason Daniels of L.T.C. (Lowell Telecommunications Corporation cable TV station) - via Postcard: ... CARD LEFT BLANK !
42. 11-10-2006 - Bill Pearmain - via Card: "Dear George! Thanks so much for all you've done, and for waiting. It all looks good - the music... So, how are you? Are you playing any music? We are, about once a month. I bought a used electric guitar (Mexican Telecaster), but I'm really just learning how it works! My computer is not perfect yet, so please wait for now. I am wondering what is the info - how to see and to hear the "albums" you made for us. I want to check it out on line. ... So, happy Fall and PEACE at all the holidays, too. Your card is excellent! Keep in touch. Bill ... My sister's book is called "Doorways to the Soul" - 52 wisdom tales from around the world - Elisa Davy Pearmain, Pilgrim Press 1998"
43. 11-13-2006 - Ted Leonsis - via Email: "Hi, cousin George! ... Thanks for the CD. I got it. ...I am praying for your dad. Ted"
44. 11-15-2006 - Rinchen Dhondrub of "Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama" - via Email: "Dear George, I want to acknowledge receipt of your music CDs that you have offered to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It is a very thoughtful gesture. His Holiness the Dalai Lama does not listen to music or sports, however he feels that music is a good way to communicate positive ideas between individuals. All the best, Rinchen Dhondrub"
45 - 11-15-2006 - Peter Stillwaggon - via Email: "Hi George, Just listened to your CD - reminds me of the stream of consciousness recordings of days gone by. Nicely mixed also. Especially enjoyed the fourth cut. Cheers, Pete"
46. 11-15-2006 - Dr, Al Maalouf - via Postcard: "Hope you are doing great. I got Lost on Trapelo Road. I LOVED this CD. It's great. I'll write you soon."
47. 11-18-2006 - Steve Lambroukos - via Letter: "Happy Holidays, Please send 6 copies of COSMIC PODUNK to me. (I bought one copy from RRRecords on Central St.) Thanks. Let me know when your next one comes out. Thanks again, Steve L."
48. 11-20-2006 - Dennis McNally - via Postcard: "Finally home and able to hear it. Much heart. Keep invoking the Muse... Best, Dennis"
49. 11-21-2006 - Amer Baloch - via Email: "Hey george! ... How are you bro? Is work going OK? ...I'm looking forward to having the next 5 days off - just hanging around the pad and giving your CD a critical listening with the stereo on 11... I'm wishing you and yours a relaxing joyous thanksgiving. Peas..."
50. 11-28-2006 - Kurt Cannon - via Email: "I finally got a chance to e-mail you about your CD. What an amalgam of music. I particularly liked the one with the Latin flavor. Another reminded me of music I listened to when on LSD in the 60's. Very ethereal. Do you do the vocals? What instruments do you play on the CD? ... I assume everyone in your group lives in this area. Do you guys practice often? I would like to attend a session if possible and for grins, possibly join in on the keyboard. ... I thought that might be the case; that your friends live in Mass. I would be up for getting together. I know other musicians we could recruit here... I have a 2 car garage where the drums could be set up, but could not be stored here. The technical memo is very funny and clever. ... Interesting site. Thanks. Kurt"
51. 11-29-2006 - Andi Rosati, Director of The Gaithersburg Arts Barn - via Emai: "Dear George, Thank you for your interest in selling your CD in our Museum Shop. The title is very intriguing! Unfortunately, due to the small size of the shop, we have to limit the items sold to fine arts and crafts. We hope in the furture to expand our space, at which point we could consider selling local CD's. Congratulations on your new release. Take care, Andi"
52. 11-30-2006 - Michael Philips, Manager of the Rockville Guitar Center Drum Department - via PHONE CALL & Postcard:
"George, thanks for the CD, man. I thought it was really cool. The sound of the drums on the recording came out fantastic! It's really interesting stuff. Very different. ... Your business is appreciated. Thanks for making me part of your musical aspirations. Feel free to give me a call if you need anything else or just to tell me how things are going! THANK YOU, Michael Phillips"
53. 12-01-2006 - Tony Noviello - via Letter: "George, don't have a machine to listen to "COSMIC PODUNK" but am forwarding $15.00 and hope to listen to it in Boston. Give my regards to family. Thanks for beautiful words. Love always, Cousin Tony."
54. 12-01-2006 - Delvin Wolf of Sweetwater - via Phone Call: "Thanks for the CD you sent me, George. I did get it here at Sweetwater. No problem. They will always get it to me. ... Yeah, I liked it. The recording sounds good. Thanks for thinking of me."
55. 12-02-2006 - Andrew Szava-Kovats - via Email: "Hi, George: Thanks for the link from CD Baby! Happy
Holidays! - cheers, ask"
56. 12-05-2006 - John Trupp - via Email: "Wow! Thanks a lot George. Much Appreciated. :-) "
57. 12-05-2006 - Eddie Dyer - via Email: "THANK YOU GEORGE! ... 'Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embeddeed in the human spirit.' - Abbie Hoffman"
58. 12-11-2006 - The Town Courier of The Kentlands in Gaithersburg, MD, Volume 4, No 15, December 11, 2006, Page 13 - via Published Advertisement: "On Sale Now! COSMIC PODUNK ... Musician, Recording Engineer, Music Producer, and Kentlands resident, George Koumantzelis, has released his latest CD of independent artist original music: COSMIC PUDUNK. 3 Acoustic / 3 Electric ... 3 Long Songs / 3 Short Songs ... 3 with Lyrics / 3 Instrumentals. A compilation album of independent artists performing ambient-tribal, blues, folk, jazz-rock, space-rock, and spoken-word music.
Buy your copy today by sending a check or money order for $15.00 made out to George Koumantzelis to: Aeolian Music Works - P.O. BOX 83684 - Gaithersburg, MD - 20883-3684
E-mail: Also available on-line by credit card at:
And available at Image Ace, 241 Kentlands Blvd, to the left of Giant in the Kentlands Square plaza. You've never heard ANYTHING like this before!"
59. 12-12-2006 - Marie Slaughter of SPS Office - via Note:
"George, Thanks for sharing the AD. Best to you for the holidays. - Marie"
60. 12-18-2006 - Dr. William Moylan, Ph.D. of College of Music in Durgin Hall at U-Mass, Lowell - via Postcard:
"Hello George: Congrats on this release and thanks for the "Special Thanks!" I'm happy to see you are still making meaningful and beautiful music and recordings! Be well - W. Moylan"
61. 12-20-2006 - Peter Simopoulos - via Email: "CLASSIC - FIVE STARS - A MUST HAVE ... Hey George, I really enjoy listening to COSMIC PODUNK. I like the way the tracks were arraged: the spoken word on track one, LOST ON TRAPELO ROAD (LITHAMIC CELESTIAL ILLUSIONS), sets you up for the trip. Track two, TO THE LEFT, is just good solid political folk blues but written with just enough twist to keep you on your toes. Lately I've really been enjoying track three, THE SECOND BARDO. It sounds like it came from some lost tape from the Fillmore. Track four, THE TRAVELING PELICAN SUITE, is like traveling in outerspace (a la seventies), and before you know it, track five hits you and you find yourself in the wild wild west with JOHNNY'S EPIPHANY, feeling like your on some Southwest adventure. Track six, TRUGANINI, is a haunting lament, just a very well crafted song that will survive the test of time like a traditional folk song. It's great hearing these tunes coming out of your vault. It's a long time coming but it's worth the wait. I'm spreading the word. I'll talk to you later, Peter."
62. 12-21-2006 - Charlie Brady - via Letter: "Dear George, ...I really enjoyed the album, George. I'm going to write an online review soon. I just wanted to let you know. It's great headphones music. I spent some time walking around the city listening to the songs. It's music you can really get lost in. I find I'm very partial to melodic hooks, which is probably why "To The Left #2" has become a favorite of mine, as well as Al Moody's "Truganini" which was quite moving. So, thank you immensely! ... Happy Christmas! - Charlie"
63. - 12-21-2006 - "The HIT List" from BUZZWORTHY, Page 2 of The Lowell Sun - via Letter: "HEAR: A blast from the past. COSMIC PODUNK by former Lowell business owner George Koumantzelis, is the CD for the music connoisseur on your list who has heard it all. Guitar player Johnny Butler, who works in the Lowell Post Office, is on track 5. Says George: "I'd rather play with him than Eric Clapton." Buy this slice of local history at"
64. 12-21-2006 - Pip Biancamano - via Email: "Really good time had by all. Really sorry you could not be there. We helped Matt's sister flesh out a new song. It was fun. I miss Lowell in a way. It is a really nice town with a good heart. Have a Merry Happy. Pip"
65. 12-26-2006 - Joe Tremblay - via Letter: "Hello George, When I received the CD, and accompanying material, I was asking myself why you wanted to continue to promote this older non-professional (jams) works. Where is your new stuff? Something you actually spend time and thought working on and crafting and perfecting in your studio. Not that your words aren't thoughtful, but the music is just jams. I am a melody person myself and don't always pay attention to the words anyways. I am thankful for the times and the collaborations we did. Of course, I do like "The Traveling Pelican" the best, and yes as someone said it does remind you of a movie / TV soundtrack. ... Hey, if this is what you ultimately want to do with this music then more power to YA! Just remember it is next to impossible to make any money in what you are doing and you will spend far more money than you receive, but I guess it could be remotely possible. I myself am still noodling around with the guitar and my vocals and have been away from band (G.B. type) situations for a few years now. Yes, I gave Michael his copy. He had no comment. Good Luck, Joseph Tremblay"
66. 12-28-2006 - Greg Franceschi - via Phone Call: "George... I finally got your latest package with all the copies of the CD's that I ordered. So, finally - after all that time of looking for the first lost package you sent back in October - I got to hear the album. George, it's really good. It's so nice to hear all this stuff that we recorded together way back when finally come out on CD. It sounds great. Thank you for doing all this work. I know that everyone out here is looking forward to hearing it, and I'm sure they're going to like it. I think it's great that you're doing all this work to save and present all of our efforts to the world. Thank you, George. I can't wait to hear the upcoming ones with all of us on it together. It's a real kick to hear all this stuff, man. ... Take care! Stay in touch!"
67. 12-28-2006 - Jane & Patrick Litwin Taylor - via Phone Call: "Thank you, George! Greg gave us a copy of Cosmic Podunk. We're here visiting him on his birthday. Patrick says hello! ... Yeah, we both love it. It's really great. Very interesting music, and of course, Greg's guitar is awesome. Man, we can both tell you worked hard on this. Can't wait to hear more of what you're coming out with. I know that Bill can't wait, too. He says hello. ... George, it's been great talking with you. Bye from all of us!"
68. 12-29-2006 - Jim Nakos - via Phone Call: "Hey, George! ... Yeah, I got the new one. I gave it to my son, Tim, to listen to. He's playing the drums now. Can you believe it? ... We're getting old, man. ... You know, I think I actually like the LAST one that you sent better than this new one. I like the songs on the one you came out with a long time ago. They seem more cohesive and structured than this. Just my personal preference. It really LOOKS cool, though. You did a good job on that, man. Very professional. ... Hey, thanks again for thinking of us. Keep in touch, buddy!"
69. 01-01-2007 - Lee Widener of "Never Ending Wonder Radio" Internet Radio Station / - via Email: "Dear Abstract Orangutans, My name is Lee Widener... I recently added your song "The Traveling Pelican Suite (time edit)" which was included in the Oasis Ambient Sampler Vol. 6 No. 1, to my permanent library. Your song really stood out from the others and if you would be interested in sending me a promo copy of your CD, I would be pleased to feature it on NeverEndingWonder Radio. Also, if you wish, you can make a station ID for us that will get placed in our rotating library of station ID's. Both the extra copy and station ID are entirely optional, and have no bearing on how much airplay you get on the station. Anyway, keep up the great work, and I look forward to hearing from you. Lee Widener"
70. 01-01-2007 - "CLASS NOTES" from U-MASS, Lowell Magazine, Winter 2007, Pages 43 & 44 - via Package: "1999 -George Koumantzelis reports that the music CD "Cosmic Podunk" has been released and is for sale. Koumantzelis, founder of Aeolian Ergonautics of Gaithersburg, MD, says, "You've never heard anything like this before." The six-song CD sampler includes musical selections ranging from classic Homeric heptamic poetry to acoustic psychedelic tribal world-beat. He says most of the musicians on the CD are UML alumni. The album is available at, and Koumantzelis's e-mail address is"
71. 01-02-2007 - Ed McCreanor - via Postcard: "Jan 2 - Happy New Year, George!! I REALLY like the CD. Svetlana and I started to listen to it in Noho when I was there last week. She liked it, too. I'm listening to the whole thing now, and liking the fact that this is your creativity I'm enjoying. Ed"
72. 01-04-2007 - Dave Ambrose - via Phone Call: "George, yeah, thanks! I got the CD. It's okay. I'm really not into long pieces with a lot of words and lyrics. Some of it's pretty cool. What I'd really like to do is record somemore songs with you again. Call me anytime, man! Thanks again."
73. 01-05-2007 - David Chirlin - via Letter: "George - Sorry to have taken so long - send me one CD already!!! Hope all is well with you. Please say hello and happy new yaear ... Best always, David"
74. 01-08-2007 - Yukon Bob Howard - via In Person: "GEORGE! ... Man, that CD is really DIFFERENT. ... Yeah, man - I listened to the whole thing out in the van while driving around. I have to tell ya, it took a while for me to get used to all the northern accents of y'all. You can really tell by the talking that it was recorded by a bunch of northerners like you! ... It's cool, though. I like the guitars a lot. I think the fifth song is great, the one with the Mexican sound. I liked that. ... Not a bad CD, man. You guys sound pretty cool - and DEFINITELY NOT like anything I have ever heard before, that's for SURE!"
75. 01-09-2007 - Steve Koukias - via Phone Call: "Hey, George! I got the CD. Thanks. It's pretty cool. I'm really not into that kind of music, but it sounds like it was recorded well. There's some good guitar work on there. I gave it to a buddy of mine up here to listen to who is more into that kind of far-out, spacey stuff. I'm more of a blues guy, myself. But, it's cool. Thanks again."
76. 01-17-2007 - Marc Giavis - Via Postcard: "Koumy, What the hell is a Podunk?! Hey, I sent a X-mas card to your old address (hopefully you got it). I found this card when I was cleaning up the house. Sorry it's late. I did like your CD. Thanks for thinking of me. Sincerely, Marc Giavis"
77. 01-19-2007 - Leo Tanguay - via Phone Call: "Georgie... I love the CD you sent of all of the music. It's amazing how good all that stuff we recorded on cassettes sounds on the CD. THANK YOU for doing all this, and for remembering me. ... I live on Nantucket now. It's too bad you're down there, or we could get together and do more work together. ... Thanks again for all the letters and music over the years, man, and keep it going! You take care, brother!"
78. 01-19-2007 - Scott Bears - via Phone Call: "Hey, George. ... Thanks for the CD, man. That's cool. ... I like it. I'd love to hear more. ... See ya later."
79. 01-21-2007 - Al Boisvert - via Phone Call: "EH! ... Fuckin-A! ... So, when did you do this? ... I like it. Very cool. ... You know that our buddy, Doug Butler, died -right? One can only hope he's booting-up this time. ... So, hey - tell me when you're coming up and I'll come pick you up. Okay? I'll listen to it again and tell you which ones I like the best. ... Over and Out!"
80. 01-26-2007 - David Chirlin - via Package: "January 26, 2007 ... Dear George: Before I get to the heart of this letter, let me explain the enclosures: 1. The envelope: I appreciate that you included a 'sasa' with the CD, but since I decided to send a package, I figured you might be able to use the envelope again...if you are like me and hate to waste postage. 2. ... 3. The check - Yes! I want another copy of your CD, please. 4. The mailer and the DVD - you can send the CD in the mailer; ... And now, the letter: I love the CD! It might surprise you to learn that I really, really am enjoying the instrumental tracks 3, 4 and 5 the best. However, it's all terrific and it's great to hear your voice once more! The engineering is exactly what I'd expect from you, and the layout of the jacket is great. I'm having trouble reading the blue script, but I'm an old-timer (gonna be 63 in a couple of weeks!!!) and my eyes aren't what they used to be. Reading your note that came with the package brought me back to the two of us behind the counter in the Music Cave. I remember vividly reading the notes you'd leave me the night before to fill me in on who did what and what got stolen (arhggg!!). ... I have no input as to Jack Sullivan ... I was at the store recently and your friend from Lowell, Paul, waited on me. He's a head cashier now and I told him about your CD. He said he hadn't heard from you, so you might want to send him an e-mail. I'm glad to support your "quest to present this music to the world" and I hope you'll let me know if there's any way I can help you with future projects. Maybe one of my poems set to one of your instrumental accompaniments would be fun. I don't know: you're the expert there. Oh, by the way, I did use headphones to listen to the instrumentals, but is it okay that I substituted Zinfandel for Shiraz? Ha, ha, it was great anyhow! ... Well, gotta go now. It's below freezing, but I want to feed the birds before I mail this package to you. All my best to you, David"
81. 01-30-2007 - Cynthia Simone - via Email: "Holy brain fart George, I love it. Details, about "record" collecting. See you have been busy. Besides planning wedding to my Sicilian Sag Rich, Im working for Nashoba Regional (past 5 years). Started program for children with autism (prek-4th grade). ... Im a hiking addict...hiked all of southern presidentials last summer (including mt. Wash.) and will be doing northern this summer. I broke my ankle bad a few years ago mt biking...have a plate and screws, but still trekking. 2 days after reuniting with Rich, I spent a week in Tenn. ... stayed in Nashville to check out bluegrass scene (Ole grand ole opry, etc), went to Memphis, Stax, Sun Studios, Beale St, went to Mississippi via Natchez trail, and went out to the smokey mountains. Very cool trip! I loved memphis!"
82. 02-06-2007 - George Stamas - via Email: "Hello George, Tonight, I popped in the Euripides Rising CD to test out my new (old) computer speakers. I hope you don't get offended, but I found this Euripides Rising to be 100x better than the Cosmic Podunk CD you sent me a few months back. I actually enjoy listening to it. I listened to half of Cosmic Podunk. Couldn't bring myself to listen to the rest of it. The lyrics and music were too extreme, repetitious and annoying for me to relate to. Again, I don't mean to offend you. It just doesn't compare to Euripides Rising. Hope all is well with you ... Peace, George"
83. 02-11-2007 - George Stamas - via Email: "Hello George, A number of months ago I wrote this review of the first 3 tracks of the last CD you sent me. They are basically mental notes of what I felt at the time. I didn't want to send it to you as I thought it was a bit harsh. However, from your last email you seemed open to what others thought. So, I thought I would pass it along. You also mentioned that you would be home this Saturday. How long are you staying? I have the following week off from school. So, we can get together any time except Sunday morning. Hope all is well! George ... Guitar too loud in comparison to voice for the first few minutes.Thankfully, it’s toned down after white. Tone it down. Thoughts too disjointed... Pretty nice affect. A bit disconcerting... Dali Lama, Koala Bear... What is the context of your message. Marcaroni, Macaroni Avioli White worm, celebral cotcx, Macaroni, Sometimes words nons One has to think too hard to understand what message you are trying to convey. Maybe there are too many of them? Sounds like a cross between Boby Dylan and a Church hymn for a brief minute. White worm, White worm, Aveoli, Unpleasant feeling litening. Song tries to hard, words too complex what are all these images in reference too. White worm, white worm… non-sense song... Some nice dramatics in your voice throughout the last 5 minutes to the song. Just can’t appreciate the message. The repetition verse gets irritating especially since you can’t figure out what the voice means. Song should be much shorter. After first song. Briefly Speaking without music sounds too much like you are making this in your living room. This is good for a documentary not a CD. Second song starts off okay.. Strong Guitar with harmonica. Had to turn down volume. There is something pleasant about what you are trying to say. Again, too much repitition. It’s difficult to relate to the old days to the new? Who are you singing this song too? Long gap after song ends. 3rd song... Instrumental Taking time to get started.. sounds like you are just tuning instruments... not performing. It’s irritating. Interesting riffs. Just not taking off. It’s like mumbling with guitars. Sounds like one guitarist is playing jazz while another is playing rock. Interesting effect. I’m starting to like it. Again, too much repitition... waiting for something else to happen. As tbe song continues it starts grating on ones ear. The drumming is okay. Song needs to go somewhere. You can tell you are trying to make something happen. Adding a vocal sound, which sounds like ‘hey’ gives song a spark. Wish something else could have been added instead of more repetition. Nice special after affects coming off well from synthesizer. I’m getting irritated. Want the song to end… Way too long. Starting to sound better, but I’m still waiting for it to end to move on to something else entirely. Some real good guitar riffs. Only problem this song sound like it been on for 15 minutes. I want it to end. Actually sounding pretty cool now as the song is ending. Great stuff... only problem should have broken up the track. These last few minutes are the best on the CD so far. Everyone working together. Song is going somewhere. Still needs another element. But, not bad. Last 5 minutes are pleasing to listen to."
84. 02-23-2007 - Jim McIsaac - via Postcard: "Awesome! Freaking Awesome! - Jim"
85. 03-09-2007 - Dr. Andrew P. Zale, D.MD - via Postcard:
"George, Happy New Year. Sorry for the delay. Podunk was different. Enjoyed best your free verse poem "song." PEACE, Dr. Zale & Nancy"
86. 03-21-2007 - John Collinge of Progression Magazine - via Email:"Hi George, How are you doing? Please accept my apology for not getting back to you much, much earlier. I've been facing some challenges of late... I'm sure you can understand. Yes, I am still doing the magazine and would absolutely love to have you advertise. Below are discount rates for independent artists. Could you please do me a favor and send another copy of your latest album? I would apprciate that, as I sent the original to a reviewer and he vanished. I will do the review myself this time. Let me know what you might wish to do. You can call me anytime at the toll-free number below, or write me at this address. Thanks for thinking of me and Progression, George. I hope you are well down there in Maryland. Kind regards, John Collinge"
87. 06-10-2007 - Tony Noviello - via Letter: "Dear George, Have a Sunny Week! Hope all is well with you and family. ... I was able to listen to your music finally. It was terrific. You guys did a super professional job. ... Thought you'd get a kick out of pix in the Waldo Independent. Regards to all. Best Wishes. Love & Peace. Cousin Tony"
88. 06-11-2007 - Kelly Day of The Studio - via Email: "success!!! was able to deliver your package to ram dass at dinner last night. it made it! happy that i can help. so much aloha, kelly"
89. 06-16-2007 - Michael Casserly - via Phone Call: "GEORGE !!! ... Wow, it's really you - the Aeolian Kid. Man, how did you find me? ... Hey, that is amazing - because I'm listening to the CD right now. Wow! What do they call that? (SYNCHRONICITY) ... George, I really want to thank you for putting this all together and thinking of me. It's really cool. Thanks for calling, buddy. Stay in touch."
90. 07-11-2007 - "BODHI B" (Andrew ?) - via Phone Call: "George... What a long ordeal, brother! ... Be at peace, and know that I put the CD right in Ram Dass's hand! I work with the man every day, here on the island. He is doing much better now. Thank you for thinking of us. I'm sure he will listen to it."
91. 07-21-2007 - Bill Wood - In Person: "George, what - have you been drinking beer lately? You've gained weight!... Yeah, I got the CD. It looks real nice. I listened to it. Sure. It's not MY kind of music, but it sounds okay. Thanks. ... Good to see ya!"
92. 08-07-2007 - David Lamkins - via Email: "I got your CD yesterday. I think I'll have time to listen tonight. Looking forward to it! :) "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci"
93. 08-31-2007 - Assad Philip Rayes of Image Ace Photography Shop in The Kentlands - In Person: "You know, George, I can tell good music production when I hear it. I play bass, and when I still lived in Lebanon, I toured with a band. We even opened up for The Rolling Stones once. ... Yes, I listened to the CD. It is very different. I like it. I like the first one, with the guitar and the poetry. Very good. ... I am happy to sell them for you in my store. ... Good luck, my friend!"
94. 09-20-2007 - David Lamkins - via Email: "Hi, George.
I'm sorry I haven't written sooner. Yes, I listened to the compilation a couple times. My comments: I really like Lost on Trapello Road, much to my surprise. I'm not big on either poetry or spoken-word, but this really kept my attention - both the words and the music. I like the recording, too. Nice sense of ambience. To The Left: I didn't really care for this. I found the echo distracting, and wished that there was either a bit less of the music or some variation other than the harmonic break. Square-beat three-chord riffs never really did it for me... FWIW, I never appreciated the Rolling Stones much, either. The Second Bardo: Yeah! This got my attention right from the intro. You know how I love that spacey stuff. Kinda wish the guitarist and bassist were both a bit more adventurous, but there were some nice moments in there. Traveling Pelican Suite: This is by far my favorite track of the compilation. I was shocked when I read that this was recorded on a 4-track cassette! Amazing. Did you do the overdubs in a larger studio. Great playing. Nice arrangement. Loved this one! Johnny's Epiphany has some good stuff in it, but it's a bit rough overall. As with To The Left, I'd really like to have heard some thematic development. Truganini has a great intro, a nice bounce to the music and an interesting storyline. It's not the kind of track I'd go back to over and over, but it's one of the stronger tracks on the compilation. Nice way to close out the CD... Aside from work, things are pretty good here. ... I'm in the midst of selling of a bunch of music gear that's been gathering dust (because I have other gear that I use all the time). One of the things to go is the studio I put together in 2000 and 2001. I've already replaced that with a TASCAM 2488mkII; now I wish I had done this sooner. ...Yes, I'd like to hear Keith's CD if I hope everything's going well with you. Dave"
95. 09-26-2007 - Constantine Papoutsis - via Phone Call: "Hello, George! ... It's Constantine, here - from the land of the great white north! It's been a long time since we spoke. Good to hear from you! My wife gave me the CD you sent in the mail. Thank you. I got it. Very nice! It reminds me of a musical project some of my high school students did here in Ontario. Very interesting music. ... Keep up the good work, George. Thanks again!"
96. 03-11-2008 - Paul Koumantzelis - via Email: "Hey George! I got your CD! Thanks! You didn’t have to send me one, but I apprec

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