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Achim G "Heaven Sent"
Heaven Sent
  • Performed By: Achim G
  • Album: Heaven Sent
  • Album UPC: 889211490769
  • Album ID: achimg5
  • Label: Achim G
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00070301
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0001418541
  • ISRC: QMAAK1566174
  • Released: 05/20/15

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„Heaven Sent“ is a soulful groovy R&B song by Achim G, featuring David T. Walker on guitar and Ernie Hammes on trumpet.


Achim G - modernity meet classic

The song „Heaven Sent“ is the new single released by Achim G.

With his song "Heaven Sent", Achim G has revealed a solid set of R&B roots to match his longtime willingness to experiment with sensuous Motown-inspired sounds and styles.

On his own bat, the artist carefully laid out orchestration with tasteful arranged strings, hot brass arrangements, merciless groovy drumbeats accompanied by modern crispy-saturated drum-loops that drive "Heaven Sent" along the road to the future Heavy-Space-Soul paradise.

From a deep but yet powerful Barry White influenced vocal approach, via rejuvenated soft and sweet whispered Michael Jackson inveigled tones, cheered up to high screaming Prince kindled falsetto, gorgeously invigorated and embedded within rock-solid multi-layer backing vocals carpets, honoring artists like Queen and Bee Gees, "Heaven Sent" is intimate presented with painfully soulful Marvin Gaye impacted attitude by Achim G.

The european performer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Achim G musically collaborates with legendary Motown jazz funk soul guitarists "David T. Walker" and "Wah Wah Watson" (Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, The Temptations, The Jackson 5, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock), with the Luxembourger trumpet virtuoso and big band director "Ernie Hammes" (Maynard Ferguson, Paul Anka, Youssou n’dour, Chaka Kahn, Dizzy Gillespie All Stars, The Duke Ellington Orchestra), and with well experienced Luxembourg’s bass player icon and studio-musician-legionnaire "Rom Heck" (Challengers, Ünlü, lecturer at Conservatory of the city of Luxembourg for jazz bass and jazz ensemble).

CD production credits
Artist: Achim G
Song title: Heaven Sent
Length: 05:11

Achim G: vocals, backing vocals, drums, percussion, drum machine, piano, strings, horns, moog bass, keyboards
David T. Walker: guitar
Ernie Hammes: trumpet
Rom Heck: fretless bass

Produced by Achim G
Engineered by Achim G
Recorded at Sorbiers Studios, Soleuvre, Luxembourg, Europe
Mastering by Dana J. White at Specialized Mastering, Portland / Boston, USA
Photography by Raoul Somers

Performing Rights ASCAP Work ID 887983885 Heaven Sent
Composer/Author ASCAP 461938433 GSCHWEND, ACHIM
Original Publisher ASCAP 474139347 SELF MANAGED ARTIST
© Achim G copyright Date: October 1, 2013 MyWerx WerxProof Services Work ID: 11416

Genre: R&B / Soul / Rock

Sounds Like: Marvin Gaye / David Bowie / Prince / Paul Young / Phil Collins

Song Lyrics

(Achim G)

Would you stay with me just for a little while?
Yes I would!
Would you rescue me, if I'd fall down deep from high above the sun?

If silence gives consent, words appear absent,
nothing is required to say when you look at me

I want you'd take me by the hand
Don't you know that Love is Heaven Sent

Would you share with me one moment of your life?
Yes I would!
Would you guide me through narcotic milky ways, until I fly away?

You've thrown me completely with all that you've given
and nothing was taken away by fear and by pain
It feels fresh like in rain

I want you'd hold me like a friend
You may learn that Love is Heaven Sent

You know that Love is Heaven Sent
You know that Love is Heaven Sent
You know ...

My soul leaves my body, peaceful and softly,
nothing is left for the day, 'til I pass away
Can you hear them praying?

Follow my footprints in the sand
We both will find the promised land
I feel for you until the end
I believe that Love is Heaven Sent
Yes, I believe that Love is Heaven Sent

Would you stay with me until the end of time?
Wish I could!

Contact: Achim G - Management, +352-691-425-346, booking@achimg.com

There is also a music-video DVD of the song „Heaven Sent“ available.
The „Heaven Sent“ music video is the first of a series of six music video single releases, directed by „Chip Miller“, produced by „Travis Miller" of Desert CAM Studios/Winmill Films LLC (The Commodores, Linkin Park, The Black Crowes, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Danzig, Trini Lopez, Brian Wilson, Youth Edition), to internationally promote the upcoming album releases and forthcoming concert-tours of Achim G.

Video production locations included shooting near the border of Mexico, Mecca, the Salton Sea, Joshua Tree, the Merv Griffin Estate, the Palm Springs Windmill farm, Venice Beach, the Griffith Park Observatory in Hollywood and the Desert C.A.M. Studios/Winmill Films Studios production offices in La Quinta, CA, USA.

DVD production credits
Production/Post-Production Credits:
Music & Words - Achim G
Artist/Video Performer - Achim G
Director/Producer - Chip Miller
Line Producer/Post-Production Supervisor- Travis Miller
Executive Producers - Hagai Amir & Donald Pinckston
Script/Concept - Chip Miller
Editors - Janaki Jennings, Travis Miller & Chip Miller
DP/Cinematographer/Camera Operator - Cameron Cannon
Production Coordinator/2nd Camera Operator - Janaki Jennings
Production Assistant/3rd Camera Operator - Thomas Haskell
Color Correction/Photo Shop - Janaki Jennings
Production Assistant/Production Photographer - Stephanie Farwell
Production Assistant/Still Photographer - Kazuko Sheridan
Location Photographer/Video - Donald Pinckston
Production Intern - Cassandra Ellis
Location Advance Photographer – Alex Burdon
Musical Instruments/Props – Jay Darr, Terry Henderson & Edward Ehrich
Video Drum Kit – Jay Darr
Merv Griffin Estate & Grounds Owner – Clayton Baldwin

Talent Credits:
Tigerman/Dancer - Mark A. Ciarlante
Guru/Video Singer - Jay Darr
Dreadlocks/Video Singer - Madison Ebersole
Achim G Video Band – The Gees

Production Company Credits:
Cameras/Production equipment/Lights/Grip - Winmill Films, La Quinta CA
Green Screen/Stage – Desert C.A.M. Studios, La Quinta & Burbank, CA
Post-Production/Editing/Color Correction/SFX – D.C.A.M. Post Services, La Quinta, CA
Additional Stage Lighting – Cameron Cannon
Taped at Desert C.A.M. Studios

Filmed in CA throughout the Coachella Valley:
- The Merv Griffin Estate
- Joshua Tree National Monument
- Salton Sea State Recreation Park
- Palm Springs Windmill Farm
- Mexican Border near Mecca

Filmed in Los Angeles:
- Griffith Park National Observatory
- Venice Beach

Special Thanks to:
Clayton Baldwin, Terry Henderson, Inland Valley Film Commissioner Sheri Davis, Dan Taylor City of La Quinta, Mayor Linda Evans, Councilman Robert Radi, Alvin Taylor, James Dean, Merv Griffin & the late Frankie Randall
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