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United States - Mass. - Boston

Adam Zampino "Ascending"
  • Performed By: Adam Zampino
  • Album: Meandering - Soothing Soundscapes :: music for relaxation, sleep, meditation, massage, reiki, polarity, yoga
  • Album UPC: 783707384207
  • Album ID: zampino2
  • Label: StoneSound
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00066589
  • CD Baby Track ID: 2028321
  • ISRC: ushm80633136
  • Released: 01/01/06

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Instrumental music that soothes the soul. Best enjoyed with eyes closed. Meditate. Relax.


If you are looking to sleep better, relax, or just to clear your thoughts, then this is a great place to start. The colors, soundscapes, and hypnotic progressions of this series of instrumental recordings melts away stress while soothing your mind and body. Rejuvenating, inspiring, and full of catchy musical phrases. Suited perfectly for massage sessions, holistic healing, reduction of stress, relaxation and sleeping, and deep meditations. Meandering brings the listener on a musical journey, painting vividly colored imagery while revitalizing the soul.

Song descriptions:

1) Rolling Hills - Passing casually by rolling hills, topped with gently blown sweet grasses. (11:16)

2) Autumn Stream - Flowing gently through the falling leaves, the autumn stream brings with it a mild chill through the quiet forest. (8:55)

3) Ascending - Leisurely rising up to catch the view from atop, leading to the mystical vista. (11:11)

4) Mystical Vista - Following the path in the forest takes you up, high into the stony mountains. Looking down, you see the valley and sea below. (12:06)

5) Descending - Slowly moving on, coasting like a feather with the gentle breeze to the sea. (7:11)

6) At The Sea - Watching the small waves roll past your feet, warm water surrounds you as you take in the sun. (9:07)

Front cover shows the Grand Canyon and lunar eclipse. Back cover shows Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona (from the side).

For best results, adjust the volume level appropriately, dim the lights, push play, and kick back. Close your eyes and let the audio conjure up images that take you far away.

Thank you for your interest in my music. It is your inspiration that keeps me producing more.
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