My Jewels


My Jewels
Performed By Acousticnerve
Album UPC 703132282329
CD Baby Track ID 9841463
Label Peniel Music
Released 2008-08-10
BPM 102
Rated 0
ISRC ushm81259064
Year 2008
Spotify Plays 9
Writer John Byron Shank
Songwriter ID 1236196
Pub Co Peniel Music & Publishing
Composer John Byron Shank
ClearanceFacebook Sync License,Traditional Sync,YouTube Sync ServiceOne Stop
Publisher Admin CD Baby Publishing
Rights Controlled Master and Publishing
Rights One-Stop: Master + 100% Publishing
Original/Cover/Public Domain original
Country United States - Minnesota
Lyrics Language English


Scipture based original music with acoustic guitar, harp, violin, mandolin and vocals


AcousticNerve Song Meanings

01 Fix Tie & Bind (from Dt11:18-25)
This song is about laying the foundation of my identity in Christ by immersing in the Word. I make it mine in the desire of my heart and the understanding of my mind. I let the Word govern the grasp of my hands and the desire of my eyes. The verses also exhort me to pass these vital truths on to our children creating a culture of faith for them, as well as motivating those of us who are parents, to be an example of integrity.

The obedience of faith transforms what I believe in my head, into something solid in my life. When I choose to follow God by obeying Him, I produce godliness in myself. If I choose to disobey, sin consequences result. Love is a choice, not an emotion. Holding fast to God makes my enemies flee because the One with me is so much stronger than all my enemies put together. We can overcome Satan, and even plunder his possessions and territory. Satan cannot prevail against me when we ride on God's shoulders.

02 Watch Your Step (from Ecclesiastes)
The opposite of bold faith is the conceit of presumption. I must not forget that God is Holy. He hears my prayers but needs no advise. He does not need to be persuaded to do what is good, because He is motivated by nothing else but His Goodness.

Nothing keeps a male form becoming a man like promiscuity. If he thinks he can have what only a husband can rightfully have, he has no incentive to grow up and be responsible. Women without virtue who give themselves to men without honor, they kill their own children or bring them up without fathers.

This life is precious but our days are numbered. Before we know it, they are gone. We will then be answerable for the life the Father of Spirits has given us. Our choices will either bless or condemn us.

03 Fallow Ground (from Hos10:11,12)
We all love to gather good things for ourselves. We love to thresh, separate the best from the worthless, and keep what is valuable. But there's no harvest without plowing and planting. Fallow ground is land that has not been broken up by the plow, so new seed can grow in it. Jesus comes out of Judah and His plow and His words convict us of sin. The plow destroys the unquestioned rationalizations that still hold sin inside out hearts.

Sowing righteousness in the place Jesus has plowed and broken up, will cause me to reap the love of God and His favor. When I repent, God showers me with the ability to be righteous, the treasure of holiness He has for me. He gladly teaches us to walk with Him, graciously leading us by the hand. He lovingly surrounds me with kindness and loving protection. New shoots will and roots will go in the places in my heart that once was hard and barren. A wonderful new harvest is mine, and His!

04 My Shepherd (from Ps23)
The pastoral metaphor is familiar. In some ways it describes what awaits in heaven, but also describes protection, security and peace in this life as well. The Lord leads me to righteousness for His Name' sake, not just for my own good, but because I represent Him. He pursues me to help me to be a good ambassador of Christ and He disciplines me with His rod and protects me with His staff. If I cooperate with the Spirit, I will not discredit Him with my weakness or hypocrisy.

05 Lord Of Love (from 1Cor13)
When my love for myself and my earthly needs came first, temptation was my guide. Me and mine was more important than God or you. Justifying my selfishness, I couldn't admit I was wrong, or acknowledge the harm I did to others I said I loved.

But these verses reveal God's definition of love. God is a self for others, Satan is a self for himself. God abounds in generosity and concern for the well being of others. He wants to express His love for others through me by giving me His new Nature, in Christ. Even when Satan gives me what I desire in the flesh, his agenda is selfish and his selfish nature controls me and exploits others. May I never be like that again!

06 Better
I was stuck at the bottom of my wickedness. The Lord had mercy and came down to bring me out of my pit. I repented and He saved me. So I encourage others to do the same. Some do and some do not. Those who do not, think they know better. They say I was weak anyway and needed a crutch. I'll fall on my face again, just wait. They use my past against me to justify themselves. They ignore the warnings of Christ. They think they don't need Him, they think they know better.

07 The Call (from Acts22:14-16)
In Acts 22:14-16 Paul recalls his command conversion by the Lord. He was chosen to know God's will and to see and hear Jesus. Then he was commanded to become His witness, to rise up and follow Him, with the baptism of repentance, and to bring salvation to all men.

What happened to Paul is similar to God sending His Son to earth, to do His Father's will, hear and speak what His Father commands and doing what His Father says to do. This was to bring salvation to all of us.

So now, what are we waiting for? If Jesus didn’t need to be baptized but submitted to the Father to fulfill all things, what’s stopping us? We need to be baptized into the forgiveness of sin, to receive forgiveness in Jesus' Name!

08 Come Away With Me (Song of Solomon2:11-14)
When the Bridegroom calls His Bride, it will be to the Marriage supper of the Lamb, of Christ and His Church. The long winter of the fallen world will be passed and the rains of warning, trials and judgment will be over. The earth will bloom again like Eden.

The Dove is the voice of the Bride, the Holy Spirit in us. The broken rock is Christ, in whom we hide and abide. His holiness makes us beautiful and our voice is sweet as our love cries out to Him.

09 By The Fire (fromPs68:13-18)
In the war between good and evil, we're called to do our part. Even when we tire and must rest, He does not. Even while we sleep, His glory and His host goes forth to free the captives for eternity. We not only live by faith in the Son, but the faith of the Son, as well. (Gal2:20 RSV)

10 My Jewels (from Mal3:6-18)
The Lord is no fool. He hears what we say about Him. What the wicked say is heard but what the righteous say is written in His scroll of remembrance. He will reward each by what they say. Those who are really His are known by Him. He also knows those who are not. He will show who is right and who is wrong, and who has really served Him and who has not. Those who are truly His and fear His Name will be treasured forever, redeemed and healed. Those who resist Him in wickedness will be set ablaze, branch and root.

11 I Proclaim (from Is61:1-3)
This Messianic prophecy speaks of what Jesus has already done and what He will do when He returns, before either of these events happened! To the poor in spirit comes spiritual treasure. To hearts are broken by the Fall comes healing To those enslaved by sin comes liberty. To those in the darkness of deception comes the light of Truth.

Those who mourn for their sin will be given a crown. Those who despair of themselves will be given joy. Weak sinners will be transformed into oaks of righteousness, the spender of God! Jesus read these words in the synagogue at the beginning of His ministry and said the first part of these words was fulfilled in their hearing.

12 The Blessed (Mt5:3-12)
The prophet's reward is given to those who suffer in Jesus Name. Those who see their own weakness, grieve over sin in themselves and others, who do not force their will on others and those who long for righteousness in the world, will also be rewarded. Those whose hearts are tender with mercy because they need it themselves, will receive it. To the pure God will show Himself pure. Those who embrace reconciliation with others will be reconciled to God. If we will share in His glory, we must also share in His suffering. For the joy that is set before us, let us press on!

13 The Door
Once I was praying in an old apartment in Amsterdam. I noticed the door had been improvised to fit a wider frame by attaching planks on the top, bottom and sides of what must have once been the door to a chicken-coupe, or a small cupboard. As I pondered the modified door, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about my own life and what He was going to do to help me become stronger in my ability to resist temptation, and also what my responsibility is. He said, “Behold I have lengthened and broadened your door…”

14 Benediction (Num6:24-26)
This ancient blessing came to Moses from the Lord Himself. The priests, who were to intercede for the sins of the people, were to say these words back to the prople when their sacrifices and offerings were accepted. The tabernacle sacrifices pointed to the redemption the Lamb of God would pay in full, on the cross. God knew Israel sinned. He knows we sin. But the Blood of His Son is so powerful, it overwhelms the condemnation we deserve, with the shining grace of the Face of God. Just as the Lord was pleased to be tabernacled in the midst of Israel in Moses' day, so in our day, He is pleased to be tabernacled in our hearts by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. We are the temple of God. More than that, the Greek says we are the naos of God. This does not mean we are gods. It means that God has come to dwell in us by the Spirit. Our human spirit has received the Holy Spirit, making us the Bride of the Son of God. We lie if we say God has deserted us, if we are born again by His Spirit.

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