A Clip of the Real(Short Intermission)

Actt-Badd 'b

A Clip of the Real(Short Intermission)
Performed By Actt-Badd 'b
Album UPC 885767386686
CD Baby Track ID 9286271
Label Actt-Badd ENT.
Released 2012-03-17
BPM 100
Rated 0
ISRC uscgj1219009
Year 2012
Spotify Plays 0
Writer Cavin L. Yarbrough
Pub Co Bryant O'NEAL Russell
Composer Cavin L. Yarbrough
Clearance Sync & All Media Uses
Rights Controlled Master
Rights Easy Clear: Master
Original/Cover/Public Domain original
Country United States - Texas


This album is hard hitting truth,exposure of the fake and haters and is patriotic. To make this four L.P. release more intriguing the artist is spiritual and very gangster and delivers great music that all ages can listen to and enjoy,A SMASH HIT!


This four L.P. release bares what rap music needs:Truth,Honor,Respect,Valor,Integrity,Loyalty and Love. An introduction of the ARTIST ACTT-BADD'BRYANT.
He is a God fearing man,very patriotic,straight up Actt-Badd loves his country. Actt-Badd brings many angles and un-cut corners to the rap world. i say and i
tell you if you want it real and jamming/banging it's here with Actt-Badd. Actt-Badd purpose and cause is huge impossible to tell you in a briefing such as this
but i will do my best. Actt-Badd's has a purpose as I was saying and one of his sole puposes is to expose all snitches(These dirty mutha!@#$%* gave hustlers
from all genres up to law enforcement,Actt-badd gives those who he knows to the streets)craving to dis mantle haters filled with envy,corrupt law-enforce-
ment,hood back stabbers,all FAKE gang bangers no matter who they are how many albums they have sold or fake prison stints that were made up for public
love but not to a real gangster. He is here to remove the vale over the eyes of the music world,caught up on sex(A.I.D.S. is REAL) and to do anything for the money
selling of there souls,never with Actt-badd real is what you get. He stands on Money back guarentee with all his music a message in every song and a banger.
Actt-Badd preaches man-hood,respect,loyalty,truth,correction,valor,integrity,Godism(Christ-like),and love/giving. Actt-Badd let's it be known what goes for you goes for him. Actt-Badd also strives to be the best man he can be and informing the Black Man on who He really and trully is. This Four L.P. album is 100% real
non fabricated,you can check his back ground. Actt-bbadd's music is for the young and the old,those who left rap because it became so weak,he is here and
promises to bring them back.HE DARES ANYONE TO LISTEN AND SAY'S IT FROM THE HEART IT DOES'NT JAM,HE VOWS TO PAY OF A WAGER IF THAT EVER HAPPENS. Those who claim they don't listen to rap,if they hear a glimpse they will listen and become listeners. I swear this is a banger leaving you wanting
to hear more of Actt-Badd.Now before i leave u i bless you with a few bars from a few songs Actt-Badd has on the album Preamble of a Late Bloomer.
Song;Fuck All Y'all: Hope you hear my anger/pray u feel my pain/wish my words hit you chest and rip u out the frame/emmbedded in this game ah rariety i
change/im built to be the boss/i constant pay the cost/recover wht i lost/while i hold the helm together/steady preachin to my family man we gotta stay together...I'm American: I'm American I love this country/bloodshed we built from/still can't take nuthin' from her/she's ah bad girl/i mean ah superfly chick/break u down/build u up/knock u off/make u rich/gotta love this livin' in this super power/every hour i expire i devour for the dollar/that's just the way it is in mother U.S.A./get at it legal or illegal hustla get paid.(MAN THAT'S HOT!!!!)Song;Change:What ah rush/yeah ah/wen u got that A.K. loaded visualizing in your mind in the end who will be folded/wen the A.K. knockin' starts your Demons are at full throttle/and you fear is fed to madness from those before death/how they holla.(DAMN!!!! HOT!!!) WOA MAN I CAN'T TAKE NO MORE. Web sites and several mail accounts are being prepared for Actt-Badd at this very moment but
at the current you can contact us on Yahoo.com(manifest674@yahoo) other sites will be posted shortly also call us at 214-245-8053. also Actt-Badd vows that he has never snitch or any gay backgrounds and he has nothing against gays his big sis is gay for each they own believes God handles the rest and he does'nt pass judgement in that area only in the streets,church,and government.

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