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United States - North Carolina

Alan Haynes "i don't just believe (i know)"
i don't just believe (i know)
  • Performed By: Alan Haynes
  • Album: New Roads
  • Album UPC: 634479124907
  • Album ID: alanhaynes
  • Label: Alan Haynes
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00062253
  • CD Baby Track ID: 1166618
  • ISRC: ushm90511426
  • Released: 01/01/05

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"New Roads" is country folk, rockabilly, bluegrass, and country folk, with intricate, full vocal and instrumental arrangements including keyboards, bass, percussion, multiple finger pick guitar parts, mandolin, and banjo!


Coming Soon, A New Album with 15 newly released, mastered, studio-engineered songs !
"Alan Ross Haynes: Out of Hand" is in process of being mastered and released here on CD Baby, as well as I-tunes, Amazon.com, and many others!
Alan Ross Haynes

"New Roads" is the result of a year spent in production, with highly developed vocal and instrumental arrangements. There are consistent, often subtle, spiritual overtones. It is a potpourri of acoustic sounds and styles, including folk rock, country folk, rockabilly, bluegrass, often with New Thought Christian messages.It is upbeat, positive, and full of affirmation as he encourages us to explore our own new roads. He offers hope and declares faith as we face our fears and deepest feelings.
Alan’s voice has been often compared to Chris Smithers, Chuck Pyle, and Rick Nelson. His style is often compared to John Prine, with a James Taylor finger picking flair.
Please Note: Many of the songs on "New Roads" can also be heard "live" (as well as with additional studio production songs) on Alan's later release, "Spiritual Journeys" (available as Cds and/or downloads).

Instrumentation includes guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, various percussion, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica. It judiciously incorporates two, three, and four- part harmonies. Alan plays a 1972 Martin D-28 guitar on these recordings. This twelve-song studio production was mastered by two-time Grammy nominee Fred Bogert of Briarpatch Productions in Hendersonville, Tn. Fred has produced, played on, and/or engineered over three thousand recordings.

Read more and see pictures: http://alanrosshaynes.com

Buy the CD here or click on the links down and to your left to download individual songs!

“New Roads” Credits:

Alan Haynes: lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Sue Kroupa Riley: keyboards, lead backup vocalist, guide and inspiration
Bill Alves: bass on all except “Faith In You” (Jeff Cinotti) and “When I Wasn’t Looking” (Alan Haynes). Sound Engineer, vocal coach, guide through the wilderness of recording.
Gary Denton: Drums on all except “Faith In You” (Kevin Lindsay)
Mike Riley: mandolin
John Gary: banjo
Kevin Lindsay: djembe
Janet Whedon: various percussion
Mary Elliot: background vocals
Karen Erickson: background vocals
Vicki Alderman: background vocals
Keir Walton: background vocals on “Faith In You”
Teri Gary: Graphics and counselor
Mastered by Fred Bogert of Briar Patch Productions and Chrome Records, Hendersonville, Tn., producer of 3 Grammy-nominated CDs.

"Faith In You" from this CD was published in the national Unity songbook, "Spirit Is Joy."

Some listener comments:
"I took your CD to Chicago this past weekend and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it..... a lot of powerful material in there."- David Roth, Recording Artist

NEW ROADS - Alan Haynes -
"Alan's debut CD is filled with heart, from the heart of Americana. Alan's voice goes to your soul and he becomes your best friend halfway into the first cut.
Listening to the opening strains of "Three Shadows", you may think you accidentally put in a Bob Dylan CD. Alan has a very acoustic grass roots sound that makes you feel you are in the room with him. "Tiny Little Seed" is a fun bouncy affirmation of faith. There are topics of family, friends, lovers, God, faith, personal transformation and a touching eulogy birthday song to his mother. This CD and songbook are a great combination for an acoustic - based music team. Companion songbook of lead lines, words and chords." - Richard Mekdeci, Recording Artist,
Publisher of "Sound Connections"

Ever reach for a CD in a moment when you're feeling sort of lost? I found Alan Haynes' first cd in just such a moment, and felt, as many friends have told me they felt, too, that he was singing me "hope." His songs offer wise reflection and gentle assurance for the traveler. His music is sure and sincere, and the lyrics are good company on the Path--not "religious," but powerfully spiritual. We listen to so many CD's "one song at a time," and may tend to favor one or two in an entire collection. But every song on Alan's CD is integral to the soul's journey, and we listen to it in entirety, over and over. Every one is a "keeper," and every one takes us on "New Roads" that we know we will long to travel again and again. -- The Reverend Leddy Hammock, Unity Church of Clearwater

"I took your CD on the road with me. I enjoyed listening many times. The whole CD has such a positive feel and message.We really need that on this planet now. I am so glad you are sharing your heart with all of us. " - Singer songwriter Kathryn Stafford

KW in Nashville
March 26, 2008
"Your songs have great atmosphere....that's the best I can say it!
It's real folk music. Good stuff."

Alan Ross Haynes: Biography
Alan Ross Haynes was born long, long ago on a faraway planet to extraterrestrial bipeds who played a spectrum of sounds on an ancient instrument that caused discs to make music while rotating in a circular motion.
Some highlights:
. Alan's song "Disaster on Wheels" was featured on the all-time favorite NPR show, "Car Talk".
. His song "Back In Vietnam" was chosen and was released in the compilation “Next Stop Is Vietnam” on the Bear Family Records label. Other artists on the release include Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Seeger, Country Joe and the Fish, and many others.
. "Faith In You", a high energy New Thought Christian song is heard on the compilation album and found in the song book "Spirit Is Joy, New Songs for New Thought Worship", published by the Association of Unity Churches. His songs "In Advance" and "Prayer First" (Co-written and recorded with the multi-talented Sue K. Riley)are recommended in new Thought resource texts.
. Numerous songs written and performed appear in compilations on the Roadshow Records label
. His music has been featured on broadcast radio shows from New York to Massachusetts to Oklahoma to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and Belarus. He has been featured on innumerable internet radio stations.
Alan writes, performs, and records Country Folk, Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Folk Rock, and New Thought Christian music. He recorded 3 full- length, mastered, professional CDs; 4 singles; and over 100 demos. He is a composer, performer, recording artist, studio musician, and guitar/ vocal teacher. He performs on guitar, vocals, harmonica, and bass, and is adding banjo and keyboards to his repertoire.
Alan began playing the trumpet at age 10, the guitar at age 11; added baritone and tuba, and started singing in church choirs as a young teenager. He took private lessons and performed in state competitions. He began taking music conducting classes and music theory classes in junior high and high school , where he also sang in the concert choir and a madrigal group. Alan wrote his first song at the age of 15, a blues song about excessive tv viewing. A folk rock spiritual followed. He’s been writing ever since, including a nationally nominated journalism essay in high school; an internationally published botany/pathology treatise on parasitic vines; and numerous published songs.
He formed a folk group at Leto High School that performed in central Florida and on local television programs. He performed with his brother Charlie and in folk rock groups as well as solo in Florida for decades. He performed from 2000-2006 with the Clearwater Unity Band in FL; in NY 2006-2009 with folk rock and rockabilly groups; and since in NC, where he also leads the music at Unity of Lake Norman in Cornelius, NC.
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