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Alan John Whitfield


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Alan Whitfield "Driving Song"
Driving Song
  • Performed By: Alan Whitfield
  • Album: Broken Guitar
  • Album UPC: 889211009459
  • Album ID: alanwhitfield5
  • Label: Canadian American
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00036566
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0000751128
  • ISRC: usv291429522
  • Released: 09/15/14

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Great collection of songs featuring a cross section of musical influences and moods. Fantastic synth / guitar work and moving lyrics to round off another wonderfully crafted album by this British Songwriter.


Alan Whitfield
British Songwriter & Composer
A Profile

It was a few years ago when I began to write songs on the advice of my college tutor.
What a break that was. A journey that was going to be a wonderful experience.

Since that time I have had 22 songs released in US on a New York label B Atlas records.
Having achieved sales I decided to write songs for others to record. This lead to some of my songs being published in UK by Sleeping Giant Music based in London. It became a priority to position my future song writing for a variety of musical outlets. More at that time I signed a publishing contract for my song “Say No” with Hiway 60 Music a Nashville music publisher.

With the onset of the internet I sent my songs to Australia for radio play having seen a request in the music press. My song “Summer Sun” got on the play list and reached No 1 in the ILR World Independent charts and stayed there for 10 weeks.
NBT Records Berkeley Springs have also included two of my songs on their Ride the Train CD volume 4 and volume 6. Also my song “Train Nation” has been included on the Ride the Train volume 21 released in 2007.
In 2007 I completed 12 songs for my CD “Time” which I sent to Sibeerecords UK for review. I am delighted to say that these songs were released in 2008. This release is
Receiving regular sales.
2008 I released the CD “Sundown” which has received good airplay and is still enjoying some digital download sales.
2009 I released another CD “OH NO” consisting of 12 new tracks.
2010 I released the CD “Back Home” which also consisits of 12 new tracks.
10 of these songs have also been released on SiBeerecords.
I have enjoyed radio play throughout the World and continue to receive good reviews.
The track Back Home has been particularly well received.

2011 “Writing’s On The Wall” CD was released consisting of 12 new tracks.

2012 Gotham Records UK have included the Track “Writing’s On The Wall” on their Midem CD. Also 2 Tracks on their SXSW 2012 CD “Gone Away” and “Down The Line”.
Gotham are also going to LA SYNC 2012 and I have the track “How Long Does It Take” Included.
My CD “Sail Away” was released the same Year.

Tomes- PR US Featured “Tell Me Baby” from the Sail Away CD at 2013 SXSW.
Tomes-PR US Featured “You Lied Again” on their VOL 2 CD 2013.

2013 “Shadow Of Me” was released comprising of 12 tracks.

2014 The CD “Lost” has been released and has received alot of radio airplay.
Also the tracks Buy It and Don’t Know Where I’m Going from this album were remixed by Canadian American Records and released on their Sizzlin’ Summer Radio Singles CD.

Just released on Canadian American Records is my new album "Broken Guitar".
This consists of 12 new tracks.

I am driven by such great musicians as John Lennon and Paul McCartney and also Mark Knophler who was the inspiration for my song “Hell’s Corridor” with his haunting guitar riffs. He also comes from the North East of England not far from my home Town.

My music can be reviewed /purchased on www.cdbaby.com/artist/alanwhitfield
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