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Alan Thomas "Induction"
  • Performed By: Alan Thomas
  • Album: Quirk!
  • Album UPC: 885767455870
  • Album ID: alanthomas2
  • Label: Alan Thomas
  • CD Baby Account: CDB03488582
  • CD Baby Track ID: 9396225
  • ISRC: uscgj1224354
  • Released: 04/01/12
  • Key: G
  • Mode: Minor

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A range of styles from classical to blues, but with just a little QuirK! The music of Alan Thomas is always a little surprising.


After years of creating music and sound effects for TV, film, stage, and other venues, this is my first solo album project. Like my commercial compositions, it offers a diversity of mood, rhythm, and musical genres. In this project I add the additional variety of intriguing lyrics, thanks to wife and life's partner, Jen. There is something for everyone in this compilation, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Composition, Arrangement, and Engineering: Alan Thomas at Designer Music, Red Oak TX
Synthetic Instruments: Alan Thomas
Lyrics: Jennifer Thomas
Guitar: Chris Claridy (Obfuscation, Road Kill Blues, The City)
Bass: J.C. Carter (Strut, Road Kill Blues)
Vocals: Joe Jonas (Road Kill Blues), Marissa Mueller (Point of View), Jennifer Thomas (Obfuscation), Al Thomas (The City, Obfuscation).

The album begins with a reflection on the night. Rubato rhythms and shifting modalities combine to create melodies that are both beautiful and haunting.

Obfuscation is communication that willfully hides the intended meaning so that it is confusing, ambiguous, and hard to interpret. This piece uses obfuscation to mock obfuscation.

Lexographer and prosateur in dialog engaged,
Pompously pontificating on quotes of mage and sage.
Vociferously validating dialectic dissertations,
Resolutely advocating for cosmic correlations.

Artfully articulating prosaic protestations,
Vehemently gesticulating at baffled congregations.
Exuberantly extrapolating, reveling in dissention,
Each obtusely unaware of the other's incomprehension.

The City

Dark and sophisticated, The City is a snapshot of life on a typical city street.

Planned and planted trees and grass,
Gleaming steel and tinted glass
Polished marble and modern art
Surround the cities' concrete heart

Friends and foes and strangers meet,
On bristling, bustling downtown streets.
Busy people dressed to please,
Homeless folk that no one sees.

Understanding life's all too fast,
Building a future that's bound in the past.
The City's modern potpourri,
The best and worst of humanity.


High energy and complex meters bring this instrumental piece to life. Always surprising, always exciting, Induction is an emotional rollercoaster.


Feeling good? This jazz composition will make you want to get out there and strut!

Point of View

Slightly off-kilter, this pretty little waltz has a surprise ending, so we’re not printing the lyrics on this one.

Roadkill Blues

I was driving with Jen through Arkansas, and we noticed how well-kept the freeway was, no potholes, no trash, and no road kill. Writing spontaneous poetry helps pass the time on these road trips, and this blues song begins with our quirky haiku illustrating the perils of assumption.

I saw no road kill
On my trip to Arkansas
I guess it's all true.
There wern't nuthin dead
But the people looked well fed
Yes indeed they do.

I left some water
Outside my trailer door.
Came back next evening
The water wasn't there no more.
Them ghosts been drinkin' it
That's proof enough for sure.


To round out the collection, we end with Daiurn, an upbeat variation of the Nocturne melody arranged for modern orchestra. Powerful and energetic, it will leave you ready to face the world!
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