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Al Campos "Lay With Me"
Lay With Me
  • Performed By: Al Campos
  • Album: SoulHarmonic
  • Album UPC: 885767911475
  • Album ID: alcampos2
  • Label: positiveSOUL productions
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00099824
  • CD Baby Track ID: 8825812
  • ISRC: ushm81187022
  • Released: 10/01/11

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Recorded between 1997-2000 • Digitally remastered in September 2011 •
This CD was never released, until NOW!
positiveSOUL productions proudly present 7 tracks, never before heard entitled, "SoulHarmonic"


SoulHarmonic was originally recorded between 1997-2000 but it never was actually released until now, in 2011.
In September 2011, It was decided that these songs should be digitally remastered and then put out for the public to have the opportunity to hear.

Al Campos & positiveSOUL productions took another listen to this album, "SoulHarmonic" and fell in love with the songs all over again.
"Although these songs are older compositions for me, I'm quite surprised how well they hold up, nearly 9 years later," says Al Campos.

There are a few different producers working on this album, and some interesting guests as well.
For example, "10,000 Miles" was written in Los Angeles by Damone Arnold & Al Campos. Damone did a great job producing the track and had some very interesting background vocal harmonies for Al to sing beneath his lead.
On "Sweet talking lady," Al worked together with a drummer/producer in Denmark who was an original member of the Danish funk band, Zapp Zapp. It also features on backing vocals a very talented young lady, Angel Morris.
"Kissing your love goodbye," is one of the very few songs where Al used a rapper on a track.
But probably the most special collaboration on this album is on the song, "Alone Symphony." Al recalls this story, "One night I was sitting at home watching TV when I turned to my wife and told her, 'I feel like writing a symphony.' So I jumped off the couch and headed upstairs to my small studio. I just started with a piano, searching around for something, chords, melody, anything at all to get me started. Then I found a little theme or some chords that I liked. It took me 24 straight hours on the song but the idea and arrangements, strings, french horns, trombones, trumpets, flutes, everything you'd hear in a symphony orchestra was recorded. But now what? What would I do with this piece of music? I really loved it but it wasn't until I met an opera singer who was visiting Copenhagen with his Danish girlfriend or wife, who happened to be a girlfriend to my wife, that's when I got this idea to put an opera singer on the song. At first, Donal Byrne was very reluctant because as he explained, he had ambitions of becoming an important solo tenor singer and perhaps this would not be a smart move for his career to be involved. Well, certainly I could understand his concerns and so I just dropped the idea, that is until the next day when he called me up again and wanted to come listen to the song one more time. Well, after listening, Donal decided that he'd like to sing on the song. I wrote some lyrics immediately on the spot and began recording his voice."

So we do hope you buy the CD or maybe just some individual songs and most of all, we hope you love the music.

Thanks for listening,
Al Campos
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