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United States - New Mexico

Al Hurricane "Rosita Alvirez"
Rosita Alvirez
  • Performed By: Al Hurricane
  • Album: Corridos Canta
  • Album UPC: 888174284392
  • Album ID: alhurricane4
  • Label: Hurricane Records
  • CD Baby Account: CDB02727409
  • CD Baby Track ID: 1362495336
  • ISRC: ushm91310950
  • Released: 10/29/96

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A traditional rendition of famous Corridos with a unique style of guitar playing to add an individual twist that you won't hear any where else.


Albert N. Sanchez has been making music for almost as long as his nickname, Al Hurricane, has stuck with him. And that's since something like his seventh birthday. Watching the tiny tike rush into her kitchen time and again for a drink of water and rush back out to his friends, knocking over anything and everything in his path, his mother gave the youngster the name Hurricane.
When he started his first combo in high school, he adopted the name Al Hurricane, for professional purposes, and so it has been ever since in the world of both business and entertainment. As a matter of fact, the term "hurricane" also applies very well to Al's lightning and dexterous way of playing the saxophone, guitar, trumpet, piano, and organ, on each of which he qualifies as an expert.
As a bandleader and singer, Al Hurricane has become a fixture in the best clubs, arenas and theaters of the west and southwest. The engagements include the famed Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.
Although Al's main interest is in making music, he enjoys indulging in sports, traveling, dancing and writing songs. Most of the tunes in this LP, in fact, were written by Al himself, along with his brother Morrie. The song, "Mi Saxophone," from which the album takes its title, is the story of a school boy whose proudest possession is his saxophone, and is the work of Al and brother Morrie. And now, enough with the preliminaries. We suggest you descend to your storm cellar, batten down the hatches, turn on your CD player and get set for the human "Hurricane" known as Al.
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