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Alien Gun "The Vanishing Point"
The Vanishing Point
  • Performed By: Alien Gun
  • Album: Dreaming At 1420 Mhz
  • Album UPC: 885767022744
  • Album ID: aliengun1
  • Label: Alien Gun
  • CD Baby Account: CDB03438962
  • CD Baby Track ID: 9472150
  • ISRC: uscgj1275030
  • Released: 04/20/12
  • Key: Bb
  • Mode: Minor

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Acid / Psychedelic / Space / Electronic / Post Progressive Rock... What do you think?


Dreaming at 1420 MHz is Alien Gun first record. It’s not a concept album nor in its lyrics or in its music, but it is when you listen to it from top to bottom given the story that it tells you.
The record starts with an intro that talks about the end of the world. A Russian woman (that will be in the intertracks of the album) is the voice of a ship’s central computer, which will initiate it’s systems, will tell the humans that they must go into the transportation capsules and will induce them to sleep through cryogenics in a interstellar journey in search of a new home.
"The Vanishing Point", a fast and dynamic rock song that could be described as space-rockabilly, talks about a situation of planetarium chaos originated from space where nobody, not even the most powerful people, could find salvation.
"God Thinks Using my Head" speaks of the deception of someone that feels like a toy used by the system, where vanity and consumerism rots the soul of human being, causing it to lose control.
"Wood & Silk", power ballad that after its soft and gentle start, when music strengthen its power, shows a desperate scream of someone that, after looking without finding, had faded and it’s no longer here with us.
"The Golden Age" is a melodic rock song with different musical passages, talks about someone that travelled from far away looking for a smile, something like happiness or a warm welcome, but didn’t find a thing.
"Curse" is the price for trading something perfect for ambitions. This takes place in a heavy rock atmosphere, with riffs that crosses hard rhythms and wild conversations between guitar and keyboards.
"Grey Lemons", starts by explaining how hard it is for a couple to grow. Its second and central part is a storm. Here is where the rhythm and musical wideness of the band is developed, going through different passages where metric is the key. In its third part, the storm has passed and the couple has made it, so they realize it’s time to move on, it’s an invitation to take the challenge of moving forward together.
Finally, after a mysterious code, we hear the conclusion of the record "You Really Made The Trip".
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