The World Won't Stop

Al Millan and The Robots

The World Won't Stop
Performed By Al Millan and The Robots
Album UPC 884501776882
CD Baby Track ID 9756308
Label Deep Drop Music
Released 2012-10-01
BPM 104
Rated 0
ISRC ushm81296749
Year 2012
Spotify Plays 27
Writer Al Millan
Pub Co Deep Drop Music
Composer Al Millan
ClearanceFacebook Sync License,Traditional Sync,YouTube Sync ServiceOne Stop
Rights Controlled Master and Publishing Grant
Rights One-Stop: Master + 100% Pub Grant
Original/Cover/Public Domain original
Country United States - California - SF


This is Upbeat Groove Rock & RBnJ. Eclectricity live and loose by The inimitable Al Millan and The Robots, a five piece band of keys, guitar and sax with a jazz flavor and strong vocals. The songs are original and diverse in style.


Time and A River by Al Millan and The Robots

Thanks for checking out Al and The Robots
There are thousands of great and outrageously talented musicians all over the world playing in clubs, garages, parks and basements for parties, fairs, weddings, wakes, and just for the hell of it - because we just have to. This is a collection of recordings created by a band of infamous Robots from California.

These songs of Time and A River were dreamed found lost recalled created captured played loved danced to and brought to life by Al and The Robots, featuring the stellar blues oriented keyboards of Captain Kirk Handley and the soulful jazz infused saxophone of the late great Professor Trent Kramazs. It's all anchored by the steady inventive bass of Gary Steinmann and the swinging rock n dance solid drums of Mark Shilts grooving with Al's guitar as he sings the songs with heart and soul.

Cruise, boogie or make crazy love with Time and A River as soon as you can and for as long as you can.
Truth is time waits for no one.

"We go downtown and drift around and find a place to watch the sun go down and feel the world turn around.
Honey, don’t you love the sound of Time and a River..."

Down in Avalon
Try Imagination
The World Won't Stop
I'm Waiting
Send Me an Angel
The Wind
One and One (Albert Einstein's Blues)
Wild About Your Love

Down in Avalon
(Groove mood groove! Sometimes we just need to be looking for something else. )

You’ve had enough and you gotta break away right now.
It’s late at night and you’re gonna get a flight somewhere.
And you don’t have a clue!
Where are goin to go? What are you to do? Who are you going to see?
Who do you want to meet? What are you going to wear?
And how will you do your hair?
Who cares, who cares, who cares?
Cuz you’re down in Avalon.
You can almost feel he dawn.
When you finally come around, well you know
It comes around to Avalon…

Don’t be cruel baby I gotta break away.
I know it’s late but I’m gonna have to hit the dusty highway.
And you don’t have a clue!
Where are goin to go? What are you going to do?
Who are you going to see? Who do you want to meet? You know it’s down to you.
Hey, how will you do your hair?
Who cares, who cares, who cares?
Cuz you’re way down in Avalon
You can almost feel the dawn.
When you finally come around, well you know
It comes around to Avalon.
Down in Avalon…
Hey, somethin’s gonna get you
You know it’s gonna get you
Down in Avalon...

Try Imagination
(An upbeat tune we hammered out at the mythical Drone in Redwood City CA. Try It.)

I was out there on my own.
I was cold and felt alone.
Searching for the answers to all my prayers
One night in fitful sleep,
I drifted off where dreams go deep.
And in that darkest night
Baby I swear I saw the light.

I’ m gonna have to use my imagination
If I’m gonna make it happen in this world.
And if I get a little bit of luck
And your precious love
I know I’m gonna make it happen in this world.
Try Imagination….

Find it in yourself. Take it off the shelf.
What you are starts with the things that you do.
Your dreams are up to you.
Maybe we should try imagination…..

Maybe we should dream,
Maybe we should dream deep.
Go into the night.
Honey I just can’t sleep.
Something here inside
Says I’m gonna have to try
And use imagination.

You know, It doesn’t hurt to have an education
If you wanna use your imagination
A little bit of self determination will see you through.
And you know you’ve got to get back on your feet
And then imaginate….
Try imagination…

The World Won't Stop
(Discovered while hopelessly lost during a freewheeling jam captured on cassette in a garage long ago. The solos and riffs belong to The Robots )

The world won’t stop.
It keeps on turning around…
One thing I know about the world:
It goes round and around and around and around…

It’s like one those records they used sell
At one of those record stores....

There’s a moon in the sky
And the stars, man they’re swinging!
The world won't stop!

I’m Waiting
(A late night favorite that we would play like a jukebox and stretch out in all directions with our die hard fans and all the late night lovers looking for love in all the wrong places.)

I’m waiting on you
I’m wearin my cool shoes
I’m hoping that you’ll come by
I’m wearing my best tie.

Street corner, parking lot
I’m giving all I’ve got
Twenty dollars and this silver chain
I’m standing in the rain.

I’m waiting , I m waiting,
I’m waiting on you.
I’m standing here, I’m waiting
Babe I’m waiting on you,
I’m gonna stand by you
I’ll be waiting for you
After all that we’ve been through
Baby I’ll be waitin, Baby I’ll be waitin on you≥

I’ve been standing outside of the Club 88
I’m a little bit crazy baby and it’s getting late
But I’ll stand here ‘til the sky turns blue
I’m standing by you.

I’m waiting , I m waiting, I’m waiting,
I'm waiting, I'm waiting on you.
I’m gonna stand by you....
I’ll be waiting for you.
After all that we’ve been through
I’ll be waitin on you.

All my friends have gone home,
I’m waitin on you, standing in the rain;
Hey the band is breaking down, it must be closing time.
I don’t care what people say, I’ll wait forever.

Send Me An Angel (5:08)
(Inspired by my daughter Molly
. Dedicated to the memory of Trent)

I went walking late in the night

And a friend of mine was talking…
He was out of his mind.
And he said, if he could only
"Believe in something… Anything at all."

I agree… Maybe you're right.
It gets tough just holding on. Could you get me a drink?
And you'd better make it strong

Cuz I'm crashing…I'm fading away…

Send Me an Angel, Anna Lee
Cuz Honey it's a wild, wild, wild, wild world.

Out in the jungle…Baby it's dark,

And a light breaks down from heaven…I can see in the dark

And I know if I could only
conceive of something…

Anything at all.”

Send Me an Angel, Anna Lee...

Send me an angel…

Cuz Honey, it's wild
, You know it's wild, it's a wild world…

Honey it's a wild, wild, wild, wild world


Back Up Vocals: Sharon Garner, Kirk Handley, Trent Kramasz

The Wind
(Written when my daughter was a little little girl and the Wind blew our home apart.
We built our home again on a new foundation.)

Well I can see before you speak
You’ve been a long, long time.
Wandering through the desert wondering if you’ve lost your mind
Good hearts and souls are blown away
Like flowers in the sand.
It’s another little mystery I just don’t understand.

Let it blow
The wind,
Let it blow your blues away
Watch them go
Watch them blow your blues away.

My one love she’s like no one else, she moves just like a cat.
She believes everything she sees and she leaps just like that
Her heart’s been broke so many places, scattered in the breeze.
Well it’s broken. Lord it’s broken, but it blows right back to me.

Let it blow
The wind,
Let it blow your blues away
Watch them go...In the wind.
Watch it blow your blues away.

The wind, it has the song I need to make it through the day
At night I catch the slightest breeze it carries me away
And I get I get everything I need to make another start
And when all I need is what I get I’m thankful cross my heart.

Let it blow…
The wind.
Let it blow your blues away….

One and One
(Originally inspired by a Mose Allison sensibility, rockingly re-imagined at gigs everywhere. First played this with Johnny Star. We always play it on Albert Einstein's birthday.)

Some people say it ain’t no good the way tolerance is on the loose.
Other people in the neighborhood say communicating ain’t no use.
Brown is black and I’m on my back lookin for a hit parade.
Still when the shit comes down you gotta move along
And get ready for another day.

Lord, they told bout the streets of heaven, told they were paved with gold.
The only heaven that I ever knew was about 22 years old.
Oh Babe it’s gonna be all right, things are gonna work out fine.
You see, brother Albert’s relative and feeling blue,
Cuz one and one have got to be true.

Oh Children Don’t follow me. i have stumbled here on my own.
Just go to where you want to be, and remember you are not alone.

Wild About Your Love
(A pop love song with a smooth groove and a bounce.)

Oh Baby I’m wild about your love,
I’m crazy as a loon.
If I had a space shuttle I would just fly you to the moon.
But I’ve got this crazy world I love to call my own
Oh pretty little lady, I don’t want to make it here alone.

No one else can make me
Do the things you make me do.
No one else can make me feel
Jus the way you do.

Oh, late at night
I’ve got everything inside
I’ve got everything I need inside
With you. Ain’t nobody but you.

Remember the Night
(I lived in Loma Mar up the road from Pescadero and over the hill from La Honda.
The moon was full, the windows were steamy. Back-up vocals by Los Pescaderos)

Well, I remember the night that we first set sight on each other.
It was fun it was new it was something that we could do together.
Hey and I wasn’t gonna be worrying about you
And you weren’t gonna be worrying about me.

And we listened to the sound of the waves down around a little fishing town.
While we fumbled in the night not sure if it was right
Or even what we had found.
Just that I wasn’t gonna be worrying about you
And you weren‘t gonna be worrying about me.

Do you remember the night?
I remember the night….

Try to understand
Passion makes the man….

Well the star the soon exploded
And the light that drifted over was the Universe.
Soon secrets were revealed from lips that once were sealed
And there lingered a curse.
You see, I wasn’t gonna be worrying about you
And you weren’t gonna be worrying about me.

Do you remember the night?
I remember the night.
Do you remember the night?
I remember the night.

(Arranged kicked and beaten by the Robots, we learned how to play while we worked on learning how to play this song. It's a "Band" thing.)

Well I was thinkin bout movin it over
I’ve got it all locked up on the streets.
Thinkin I could never get happy again
But then I got back up on my feet.
And I was thinkin that some one would save me
But there’s no use waitin around.
I got too many things on the burner
And there’s too many things burning down.

LifeLine…it’s breakin out night and day
LifeLine….no matter what people say.
I remember the night that you gave your love to me
Right then I knew that your love would set me free
And now I know it’s always gonna be
You and me on that LifeLine.

The Robots are:
Al Millan - Vocals, Guitars
Gary Steinmann - Bass, Vocals
Kirk Handley - Keyboards, Vocals
Trent Kramasz - Saxophones, Vocals, Percussion
Mark Shilts - Drums, Congas, Vocals
Bobby “Flamingo” Gates - Congas
on Wild About Your Love, Down in Avalon
Gordy Hall - Videographer, Archivist, Friend
Sharon Garner sings on Send Me An Angel

Dedicated to legacies of Trent Kramasz and Gordy Hall

All songs arranged by Al and The Robots

All Songs Lyrics & Music by Al Millan
Published by Deep Drop Music ASCAP
Except “Wild About Your Love” & “Send Me an Angel”
Ellie Mae Music ASCAP

All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcast prohibited.
Made in the USA

Produced by Al Millan

Down in Avalon, The World Won’t Stop, Wild About Your Love,
Remember the Night, Einstein’s Blues, The Wind -
Recorded at Doug Carlson Studio San Francisco
Engineer Chris Hedgecock

Send Me an Angel, LifeLine, I’m Waiting -
Recorded at Peter Temple Studio, Albion, CA
Engineer Peter Temple

Try Imagination -
Recorded at Drone Studio, Redwood City, CA
Engineer Laura Fitler

CD Mastered by Peter Temple in Albion, CA

Collage Cover Art John Hammer Maxwell
Feature film On-Set Dresser & Collage Artist now residing in Marin County
Graphic design by Alicia Deguchi
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