Net War

A Telemetry

Net War
Performed By A Telemetry
Album UPC 634479269936
CD Baby Track ID 1696720
Label CQ Records
Released 2006-01-01
BPM 117
Rated 0
ISRC uscgh0685902
Year 2006
Spotify Plays 0
Writer Mike Pietrini
Pub Co Mike Pietrini
Composer Mike Pietrini
ClearanceFacebook Sync License,Traditional Sync,YouTube Sync ServiceOne Stop
Rights Controlled Master and Publishing Grant
Rights One-Stop: Master + 100% Pub Grant
Original/Cover/Public Domain original
Country United States - Mass. - Boston


A Telemetry's music is made up of an edgy.... but melodic sound, with interesting lyrics/chord & riff sequences and lots of guitar layers. Also check out "Mike Pietrini solo" at cdbaby.... in album links...thanks


“A Telemetry II” is a studio project created by producer Mike Pietrini. The resulting album consists of 16 songs written/produced/mixed & mastered by Mike Pietrini. All vocals, guitars, & keyboards were performed by Mike Pietrini. Also lending their talents to the album, are two long time studio professionals: Mike Bistany on Drums & Bob Catalano on Bass.

A Man Possessed
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock

[Garage Band Reviewer Picks Awards!]
Best Lyrics in Progressive Rock, week of 29May2006
Best Melody in Progressive Rock, week of 29May2006

I dig the rhythm. The vocals are interesting and reminds me a little of tool. Very well recorded. I like the chorus and the higher vocals good stuff. Great work. Good luck.
- JasonHutchings from Unspecified on 29May2006

[Great song...]
Love this song...great guitars, vocals, drums, ...very Styx/Rush sounding...
Love the break, man this is a good song!
- faithside from Unspecified on 29May2006

[guitar into]
love the mood of the song. strong drums. like the vocals.
- liveonroads from Kannapolis, North Carolina on 28May2006

[Potential galore!]
Good strong guitar riff intro before drums enter. The effected vocal works well before we hear them clean during the pre chorus and chorus. The song is well written and there are some 60's influences there. The dropping back to half tempo in the bridge is a nice touch and there's some good use of keyboard textures in this section. It builds nicely before going back to the chorus section. The lead vocalist has a really unique voice. There are elements of Pavlov's Dog, Geddy Lee from Rush and even a little Trevor Horn. The song is well crafted and played. Lots of potential!
- SeanTimms from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia on 26May2006

Net War
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock

i like the lyrics alot and the guitar is great, the song is nice .. its good. keep up the good work.
- solitaryGurl from Egypt on 19Apr2006

[Cool tune]
While not a powerful vocalist (until he starts to hit the higher register) he is spot on and has a solid command of melody. I've heard too many singers with stronger voices just sort of meander along, but this fellow really shoots for strong melody. I particually like the spacey lyrics. There's no one area I can point to and say good/bad. It was a solid effort all the way through. Well performed and recorded. Much of the time you hear tracks on here and it's 'Oh, geez.' When you get a good one like this it's a pleasure.
- Roger_The_Lemur from Media, Pennsylvania on 18Apr2006

[good sound quality]
I like the acoustic guitar in there. Im not sure if this is really prog rock. But its good rock. Nice harmonies on the vocals.
- Solidusmusic from Hartland, Michigan on 18Apr2006

Hour Glass
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock

[Good Main Stream Song]
Carefully crafted song
All elements; beat, structure, sound and performance were nicely done. The chorus was memorable and the whole song flowed well.
The recording is great also, well mixed and each instrument was well defined.
This tune has real potential if marketed to the right audience.
- edfroggatt from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on 10Jun2006

[Thats a change]
Nice song! Different vocals. Mixes it up enough to be original. Great lyrics and guitars. Real good production. Love to hear more.
- Nooginbar from Elma, Washington on 10Jun2006

great lyrics! good clean recording! i can't say anything bad. harmony is really good in the verses luv it.. thanks
- Cardia from Unspecified on 5Jun2006

[Melody makes it!]
On first listen there is nothing special to the opening chords except that the suspension holds just a hint of sarcasm. The song is very well constructed. The melody and lyrics are what makes this song for me. The words are colorful and the melody is...well...melodic! The singer's voice is a bit unusual, but in a good memorable way. I also like the guitar leads, reminiscent of Steve Hackett or maybe Robert Fripp. Nice!
- persephonesdrm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 5Jun2006

[Standard song/ great lead]
This song sounded like a pretty standard rock song, but it was a solid mix, it was all even and balanced out, especially the guitar and the vocals. the stand out element of the song was the lead guitar, it carried the song and the various melodies against the vocals kept the song fresh and i think it pretty much made the song.
- 8184 from Valley Village, California on 4Jun2006

[CSNY and Yes had a baby]
I'm flashing back to a time of acid trips and a revolution in music. You have captured the essence of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young and stylized it in a Yes arrangement with a Rush edge. It is kind of fun to listen to. I am not sure how it will play to the public, but I liked it. The vocals fit the style well. The lyrics are good! The guitar fills are a nice touch. I can tell you worked hard with this song. Keep up the good work!
- Nyos from Greensboro, North Carolina on 4Jun2006

Flank Nobility
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Power Pop

good quality of recording. accomplished songwriting. felt the chorus could have been a bit stronger to make it stand out a bit more. overall very good solid song
- Jakata from United Kingdom on 21May2006

[Are you paying attention?]
Acoustic beginning lures one into a false sense of serenity as the vocals unfold. This is a hard hitting activists stance sung in a very good melody.
The performance is exactly as it should be!
Good job
- pinkcloudtracy from Northern, California on 20May2006

Are We Free
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Pop Rock

[Nice is the word]
Nice mood... good production. Guitars are solid and the band is tight. The bass lines are very nice as well.
- subtleanderson from Dekalb, Illinois on 1Jun2006

Well, I have to say that the song has a certain appeal, I feel something original and peculiar in the melody, refrain, or I-don't-know-what, but anyway something that would bring me back to listen again to this track, in search of... "the hidden treasure". The instrumental beginning, with guitars and "open" chords is great in my opinion, and very promitting.
Please DO NOT change the synth inserts, they are great!
- Marco_ from Unspecified on 1Jun2006

Brief Innocence
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Power Pop

[Jangly guitars]
I especially like the guitar sound on this track. The singer's voice fits nicely with the style of music, and the drumming is very good. This is definitely a very pleasant pop song with a big hook in the chorus. Production is good too. The bridge at 2:30 is a nice transition with harmony vocals. I like the fact that the song is not too long or drawn-out, and it leaves the listener wanting to hear it again.
- Hackett007 from Libertyville, Illinois on 9Jun2006

[Decent track]
I liked the layering of guitars here. The melody and chord progression were good too and the chorus had a good hook. Nice stuff.
- John_Lemmon from United Kingdom on 9Jun2006

[good hook]
Nice easy flowing music with the perfect vocal mix. I dig the hook! I am learning a lot about the right way to write lyrics here. Consistent and tight, very well done.
- pinkcloudtracy from Northern, California on 9Jun2006

[good songwriting]
Definitely a cut above...

First, Good use of guitars and harmonies.

Second, this is a well-written song. Engaging chord changes, interesting lyrics and nice melody.

- pichanges from Unspecified on 8Jun2006

[Good voice!]
The lead singer does this song. An original voice. Thats kind of rare on garageband.
- PetterOdeen from Sweden on 8Jun2006

I can definitely hear Pink Floyd in this song. It has a catchy riff which is always a good start. I like the chorus it's different. The middle eight goes with it very well.
- robertharrisongs from United Kingdom on 8Jun2006
Appraise Your Disguise
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock

[Garage Band Reviewer Picks Awards!]
Best Male Vocals in Progressive Rock, week of 17Apr2006
Best Bass in Progressive Rock, week of 17Apr2006
Best Production in Progressive Rock, week of 17Apr2006
Best Melody in Progressive Rock, week of 17Apr2006
Best Mood in Progressive Rock, week of 17Apr2006

Immediately I'm attracted to this song. Really catchy, AND clever introduction. The vocals suit the track perfectly. Very Rush sounding, but actually better in my opinion as i've never been a rush fan.

Really like the keyboard parts too. Very proggy and just right for it.

Vocal harmonies are also perfect.

Loving the little guitar fill in the chord-riff part.

The production is also very very good. Sounds very professional, and this is definately something I'd buy.

It's really got a commercial appeal to it to which is hard to achieve in the progressive rock genre. You show good restraint in this sense.

All in all, i think i just want to sit back and enjoy the track now. It's really well written, perfect musicianship to back it up. Production is lovely, and i'll be listening to this again for sure.

- SnakeTemple from Unspecified on 19Apr2006

[Feels good to me!]
Nice recording and mix. Melody got in my head right off. Nice vocals and lyric that pairs well with the tune.
- demagoguerock from Beaumont, Texas on 17Apr2006

[Nicely done]
It has a good feel to it. Something you might hear on the radio driving down the coast. All good! Nicely put together.
- Moyra from Alamogordo, New Mexico on 16Apr2006

[Reminds me of Sunny Day Real Estate]
Sounds like a cross between Sunny Day Real Estate's cd The Rising Tide and Coldplay. Sounds good, I really like his voice.
- Thicker from Birmingham, Alabama on 15Apr2006

[nice job]
i really liked this one. you should definately think about making the vocals a bit louder though. nice job with the acoustic and bass.
- paulnickelchok from Canada on 15Apr2006

[Pure Prairy League meets John Mellencamp]
Cool vibe...and production is tite. Very competent playing...the vocal production is reminiscent of classic rock influences and new wave at the same time..and is nice and tasty
- exit4music from Nyc / Ct, Connecticut on 14Apr2006

[Way to start!]
This is a really cool rhythm! An unconventional time signature, but it's almost unnoticable.

This reminds me a bit of IQ. The singer has a similar voice to theirs. Also the sort of happy mood and sound is also very much like theirs.

Great tension on the c-part. Suits the track perfectly.

Excellent players, each and every one, great sound, and a catchy tune.
- ShirDeutch from Tel Aviv, Israel on 14Apr2006

[Happy bass ^^]
Heh, like the bass-riff. Joyful little thing. Vocals are nice as they are but would have liked a little more melody. Instruments are well performed. So all in all a nice little tune. Nothing to complain about.
- unGray from -, Finland on 14Apr2006

[Al Stewart?]
I got a very 60's vibe from this and that's a real good thing in my book. Nice riff that repeats through the verses, works very well with the vocals and vocal melody. The singer has a very good voice for this type of thing, very Al Stewart or Donovan influenced. Not sure it's progressive which is the category I chose to review, but none the less I liked it. I could see this getting radio play, good pop tune that could attract broad appeal.
- PerryMerritt from Chicago, Illinois on 14Apr2006

[Review #2]
I know this will sound weird but when I listen to this band I thought of yes led zeppelin and Dave Mathews, but of course it is its own original song that is play and sung beautifully.
I can't see how anyone would not enjoy listening to these songs
- Whipped from Seattle, Washington on 13Apr2006

[good job.]
nice interesting beat. pretty loose feeling. Sounds almost familiar. I instantly like this song. reminds me slightly of a lighter Rush tune. there seems to be a few little "sharp" parts in the vox but nothing that's ruining the tune. good job. BREEZY prog tune.
- jeff42 from Hazleton, Pennsylvania on 13Apr2006

Only the Giving
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Power Pop

[Garage Band Reviewer Picks Awards!]
Best Production in Power Pop, week of 8May2006

[80's POP]
Big 80's Pop feel here, almost on the edge of being New Wave. Comes off with a feeling of familiarity in a generic sort of way. You can hear shades o "Cheap Trick" in there, The era where they really flirted very hard with going full on Pop (Think; The Flame). The singer has a cool little 70's lilt to his voice, an almost too soft or gentle delivery for this kind of track. A good bed of Drums, bass, Keyboard, (really helping with the 80's feel). A slightly distorted guitar, chorused enough to give it a lighter feel, so that the block chords lay very sweetly over the musical bed, while giving it a sense of saying "I Am Rock". Nice solo, nothing flashy, but that would have been out of place here. A nice strong (if generic) hook and melody. Production and mix were very good. This should be on the radio any day now, as the 80's are making a comeback.
- KODAJYNX from Casselberry, Florida on 5May2006

[Good vocals]
Good synths in this song. The guitar tone is good. The vocals sound good, but they're a little too loud. Good bridge. Sounds a little like the band Pavement and Death Cab For Cutie's song "Crooked Teeth."
- Thicker from Birmingham, Alabama on 30Apr2006

[happy chorus]
Nice guitars in the intro. The keyboard sounds like cell phones to me. Ahhh!, a song about hydrogeology!
Good vocals, nice pop tone and unique.
The song is nice and chunky in the verses and happy city in the choruses. I like this tune a lot really.
- brampton from Brampton, Ontario, Canada on 29Apr2006

[Here is the new Tom Petty. Welcome to the world!!!]
I've been waiting for a generation for the new Tom Petty and here he is. Thank god. They don't write wonderful pop songs like this anymore -- great vocals, catchy arrangement, huge chorus -- but here some the man to save the day. Bravo!!!
- Nicollette from Hollywood, California on 29Apr2006

[great chorus]
I like how it starts out with that "infinite low" note as i call 'em. This song has a very strong chorus and verse. I'm not sure what to make of the bridge with the drop tuning guitar thats so crunchy, it seems to almost disconnect the two pieces BUT i still think its a very fine song and thats a rather small criticism and could be just a matter of taste. I do think a little verb on the vocal on the verses would blend it better into the music. There's some nice progressiveness going on here and thats nice to see. The harmonies are tight and I like that. A very fine tune and a superb production job. I'm not sure what that sound is doing the counter melody type thing on the in-betweens (maybe a keyboard?) but its really cool and works well to give added interest. Good song guys.
- LJSilver from St. Louis, Missouri on 25Apr2006

[well put together tune!]
the song has a radio ready production - lyrically it ok (in my opinion) however the chorus is "very hooky" - i like the tone of the guitar - vocals are strong in front of the mix - instruments are well played - overall structure is tight a well put together tune!
- meyersongs from Roxbury, Connecticut on 24Apr2006
Spirit Ride GB
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Power Pop

[excellent production]
Excellent production and arrangement. The instrumentation is seamless. Very cool song: interesting chord changes and melody, catchy words.

Great performance overall.
- pichanges from Unspecified on 12Jun2006

[like it]
Very good guitar sound. And together with the clean guitar it sounds great. very well mixed. The vocals remind me of rush.
- haub from Frankfurt Am Main, Germany on 12Jun2006 ___

Over the Moon
Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Pop Rock

[Good groove]
Good work on this song. I enjoyed the guitar licks throughout the song. You could perhaps get to the vocals a bit quicker, but I enjoyed the intro. The mix was tight and the guitar work was solid. I felt that the cymbals/hats were panned a bit too far off to the side. Good work.
- Playing_Around from Unspecified on 19May2006

[not bad]
intro is too long. Not a bad little song though. Like the lyrics. Like the singer's voice in particular
- tjward from Unspecified on 19May2006

[Nice Intro Riff !!]
Nice little catchy riff for the intro, I feel it.

The vocalists voice reminds me of someone but I can't quite put my finger on it.

I like the changeup for the verses and the prechorus has a nice melody to it.

I like the overall feel of the song. Nice little solo caught me off guard.

Not bad, Good Job.
- rezmary2 from Rotterdam, New York on 18May2006

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