Limited by Time

A Telemetry

Limited by Time
Performed By A Telemetry
Album UPC 634479153457
CD Baby Track ID 1267117
Label CQ Records
Released 2005-01-01
BPM 109
Rated 0
ISRC ushm80515705
Year 2005
Spotify Plays 18
Writer Mike Pietrini
Pub Co Mike Pietrini
Composer Mike Pietrini
ClearanceFacebook Sync License,Traditional Sync,YouTube Sync ServiceOne Stop
Rights Controlled Master and Publishing Grant
Rights One-Stop: Master + 100% Pub Grant
Original/Cover/Public Domain original
Country United States - Mass. - Boston


A Telemetry's music is made up of an edgy.... but melodic sound, with interesting lyrics/chord & riff sequences and lots of guitar layers. Also check out "Mike Pietrini solo" at cdbaby.... in album links...thanks


Layers of sound, edgy guitar riffs, and straightforward lyrics characterize A Telemetry, the debut project by Mike Pietrini.
A veteran of more than 15 years on the Boston music scene, Pietrini  wrote and arranged all songs on the 16-track CD, played guitars and keyboards and contributed vocals. Joining Pietrini are veteran studio musicians Bob Catalano on bass and Mike Bistany on drums.
A Telemetry's sound pays homage to the intricacies of 70s classic rock, but presents it in an edgy, contemporary manner, along with thoughtful lyrics that speak to the complexities of everyday life. The CD's tracks exhibit a variety of styles from the catchy pop-like chorus of Old Man to the colorful guitar versatility of Smiles on a Mask, to the dramatic epic structure of Recycling.

Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock
Reviews for: "End the Answer"

[The Answer was good]
I thought this piece was well developed with nice modulations in and out of verses, chorus and the bridge. Unlike some "progressive rock" I have heard and even played, this song has a definite path.

The vocals remind me of Uriah Heep, I would like to see them a bit more up front with a touch of either medium room or slap back.

The guitar work is nice with good tone. It does not have the ice-pick through the forehead or a bunch of bees in a coffee can sound.

I like the bass and drums working together, you need this to make the effect tight. The only thing I would change would be to go with a brighter tone so the articulation of the notes could be felt and heard. (I am partial to the Ricky Bass sound)

I also liked the good ole Moog sound synth during the verses.

Good job guys!
- summbass from Tulsa, Oklahoma on 12Aug2005

[Cool use of synths]
I like the heavy feel, predictable though. REALLY like the vocals, unique. I personally need key change, tempo change or time change, would love it! Excellent use of synth. Really enjoyable song, thanks for the music.
- stopperanc from Brighton, Colorado on 15Aug2005

its sounds like Ive heard this song before.. I like the little moog like parts in the verse
- RingoStarFish from Carencro, Louisiana on 15Aug2005

Great melody and voice, over a perfectly harmonized song.
Music sound is compact, there is a good conection between guitar, bass and drums.
Guitar chord in slower parts sounds great.
- villarpm from Spain on 14Aug2005

[Not bad]
Like the vibe. The voice fits the music very well. Geddy Lee meets Jon Andersen. The singer is very good when it comes to delivering the words.

Why are you stopping up at 0:30 and 1:47. Better to keep it flowing right into the verse. Like the verse. Nice melody. The chorus is ok too, but as good as the verse. It's a little obviuos, but has got a nice hook.

The band is playing all right and the production also works well. Good job.
- Alkymisten from Norway on 13Aug2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock
Reviews for: "Smiles on a Mask"

[well done!]
The opening guitar work reminds me a bit of Jimmy Page's work on Led Zeppelin I, II, and III. This tune was surprisingly fresh and carried a great spirit throughout.

After weeks of reviewing this genre and finding heaps of stuff that simply did not qualify as progressive rock, it is refreshing to hear a succinctly based progressive rock song that not only managed to exhibit the idiomatic characteristic of progressive rock, it kicked ass.

The thing about this tune that really appealed to me is that it managed to be both commercial and progressive at the same time without what I think would be selling itself out or compromising itself. The song was well written but more than that- it held that indeterminate, intangible spirit that one simply cannot define that pushes it from the average to something of distinction.

Never having heard your music before, allow me to congratulate you on a job well done. I am so educated in music it really almost invalidates my opinions. In essence, music school has messed my head up and made me a picky and opinionated SOB. It's a tough, tough thing to impress me, even harder to excite me and you managed to do both. I like music that is off the beaten path and quirky, while still managing to create some sort of contemporary appeal, especially when it is done in less than tangible means. You have done this and I shall certainly be placing you in my hallowed place of honour reserved for only a select few: My iPod.
- Jaedynconley from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 12Jun2005

Good song, good musicians, this voice is excellent, I can not say anything to help you to improve this song. About produccion maybe it could be better balanced.
Guitar solo is well done, but maybe a little bit higher.
- villarpm from Spain on 8Aug2005

[A nice change.]
Gets the point across without scaring everyone out of the room. The lead has an interesting voice. The rest of the song ties into the chorus very well. Guitar in the back makes the leads voice interesting.
- devilofchoice61 from Prague, Oklahoma on 7Aug2005

[great tune]
awsome production, extreamly impressive. for what ever reason tit reminds me of jane's addiction. well rounded musicians. great job. would be interested in a live show. drums are accurate, great guitar tone. well rounded vocals. great job.
- evildiscokid from Mount Vernon, Ohio on 7Aug2005

[Good Song]
Good song the recording is realy good very catchy song and very mainstream so rock on
- niko_leroux from Canada on 4Aug2005

Nice beginning. I like the arrangement. Vocal clarity is great and I like the vocalists voice, pretty unique. Overalll production is good. I was expecting a little bit better of guitar work during the breakdown section. A really smokin solo would have been nice before going back into the chorus. Catchy tune though, and unique enough for me to want to listen to again. Nice work.
- artvandalay123 from Unspecified on 4Aug2005

[simply exquisite.]
Beautiful arpeggio intro.
Reminds me of a more mature Byrds.
Great song, man.
I am impressed.
That effect before the voice comes, how you call that?
I have heard that in old british prog rock records but I have never knew what it is.
The song is awesome, very well written, recorded and produced.
Is kind of a blend with English Folk and Alternative Rock (a very progressive thinking).
The chord structure is
The vocals are great also, very good intonation adn timbre.
Perfectly performed and recorded,
One of the best tracks I have recently heard in

- iconoclasta14 from San Juan, Puerto Rico on 2Aug2005

[Heavy and Melodic]
Really like the straight ahead beat, carries the song well. Vocals are well done and in key. Love the build up to the heavy guitars. Job well done...
- buccheri from Baltimore, Maryland on 1Aug2005

[True Musicianship]
Layers of tasteful guitars open tune up. Acoustic and electric blend together perfectly. Drums jump in briskly as does bass, hitting notes that give the song a kind of meloncholy feel. Vocals are very unique and powerful. The range is far beyond the average, and there is some real emotion in them. Background vocals seem to float in with a cool backwords effect. "Smiles on a mask . . . who can you really know?" A great line. Not only can he sing, but he can also write great lyrics too. Dynamics are good, guitar part gets more agressive than main vocal line, but not so loud and boisterous that it seems cliched and owerpowers the other part.
Guitar solo simple but tasty. Overall sound of song has an early to mid-80's alternative rock feel. When true musicianship was still needed to get radio play for a song. Great job. Keep it up.
- Skepticus from San Antonio, Texas on 29Jul2005

[Great tune!]
Nice mix! I like the acoustic guitars a lot. Very nice jobs with the vocals at 0:45. Good vocal range and harmonies. Keep them up! I loved the panning of the instruments. It gives the song a great balance. Nice hook at 1:33. Overall, great song. The only thing I would try is more harmonies because you are great at it.
- jpkabche from Orono, Maine on 24Jul2005

The musicianship is great. The changes and songwriting match it. I really like that break where the melody and guitar sticks out. The vocals are genuinely unique. They seem to be part of the band and song rather than trying to stick out. Gooc work.
- Wponsofpleasure from Los Angeles, California on 24Jul2005

[beatifully crafted an witty trippiness]
A very dimensional and active intro that doesn't just lie there. NO! It moves into a fantastic pushing and pulling effect with the vocals counter-rhythm. I am immediately aware that you guys are serious songwriters and arrangement craftsmen. This deserves lots more attention!
- johncz from San Diego, California on 22Jul2005

All I could think was "wow" when the guitars started at the beginning. It sounds like there is layered guitars - electric and acoustic...very nicely mixed. I like the vocals and the sound of the bass.

The reverse effect is used very well in this song. I was expecting more complex lyrics but it's a great tune!
- rscottkosinski from Delray Beach, Florida on 21Jul2005

[Would make a good single]
This reminds me a lot of more commercial prog stuff like Spock's Beard, and maybe one of the shorter songs they'd do. Good chorus.
- Subterranea from United Kingdom on 19Jul2005

[Nice song.]
The lyrics to this song are really good and the vocalist has a good range. The mixing on this song is great. You can hear all the instruments great. I love the rhythm of this song, it has this great flow to it.
- honkinonbobo from Allentown, Pennsylvania on 18Jul2005

Nice fluid transitions are the highlight in this arrangement. The band flows seamlessly between styles. Beautiful guitar work compliment this song, which are really nicely recorded. Nice spacing in the mix.

Vocal is very pleasant Nice lyrics are executed with passion with a little drama. Its a really well done performance from top to bottom. Maybe a little short. I remember Prog Rock stuff would have "movements" with in the song itself, like classical music. I don't remember a guitar solo involved. Might be nice 3:45 for an entire progressive rock song is kind of short. I would have like to hear some of those hidden chops of your guitarist. It's not like he doesn't have any. It would bring your song up to what 4:45 with the added chorus return? Not so bad is it?

No criticisms from me... I really liked your song. Well execute, nicely mixed, who could ask for anything more?
- birdlandcc from Detroit (Electronica), Michigan on 18Jul2005

[Great Vocal!]
The vocal work really holds this one together. I like the acoustic intro... a very Steve Howe/Yes feel to it and all the remaining rhythm work moves along well. This is a song that's very easy on the ears and has, I would think, wide appeal.
- Veturbo1 from South Bend, Indiana on 17Jul2005

[Something different here...]
I have to start out by mentioning the guitar parts being this is my instrument of choice. The parts definately have there own signature and are well played,the acoustic and the electric ones. They also had a comfortable sound. The lead vocals were par excellent doing what it takes to get a listeners attention. A
70ish sound with a modern twist leaves this song on an edge of it's own.The production was good with no irratating blips. The songs hook did not overly penetrate my memory after listening twice, although this may not be the goal here. I also have to include the performance of the drummer as I felt it was very good,reminding me of U-2's Sunday bloody sunday. A piece to be proud of indeed. Cheers
- kazam1961 from Windsor, Ont, Canada on 23Jun2005

[Aaaaaah Yes]
A nice recording finally, with a clearly defined bassist. Man you guys are retro ain't ya. Nice recording. Nice vocalist. Sounds like someone I've heard before. Not bad guys.
- yeshu2k from Los Angeles, California on 21Jun2005

Cool and fresh song.Im glad to hear there some kind of alternative pop/rock music.

Generally sounds OK.Not bad vocals, and melodies of riffing guitar.
- BlueHand from Dowspuda, Poland on 21Jun2005

[the intro was really good, song was good]
th guitar intro was really nice, it had a great sound. the vocals were alright for me, it didnt really sound like you were hitting a note for alot of the part until the chorus, then it got quite a bit better. this was a pretty good song, though im not really sure how progressive it is it had more of an alt rock sound to me, but it was good over all.
- z0180 from Rochester, New York on 20Jun2005

a very good arrangment. varied song. supi production i like this song. especially the guitar is wonderful. a great praise for this song and band
- rieber from Germany on 20Jun2005

[good song!]
What a production! Awesome good!
Song structure is very good too and i love the chorus and hook.
Please tell me where you recorded this song and who produced compliments.
Good band!!!
- Platt from The Hague, Netherlands on 19Jun2005

[nice pop neoprog rock.]
nice reverse verb/delay effect on the vocals, but might be a tad overdone - the first time through is cool. I heard that effect on Peter Gabriel's UP album and really liked it there :) Nice lyrics, the vocals are a touch pitchy in places, but the tone of the vocal is pleasant. The harmony is nicely mixed in, guitars are nice and crunchy when they come in. The acoustic guitar is well played, but the solo could do without the backward effect in my humble opinion. Overusing the effect kinda cheapens it so the less it would be in here the better. Strictly speaking this is closer to a pop-rock song than a prog rock song, but the lyrics thematically hit the same ground so ... Nice job guys!!
- amigoboomer from Maple Valley, Washington on 17Jun2005

[good production]
clean guitar sounds great. the recording is really good. the reverse vocal effect is pretty cool. I would say maybe try for slightly deeper on the vocals
- Braintoggle33 from Gardner, Massachusetts on 15Jun2005

Cool pluck guitar intro. I like the vocal effect used cool stuff. Sounds really original and that is something I can't say of most on here.
- Uncle_Daddy from Brushton, New York on 14Jun2005

THat sounded fuckin awesome .You rock! Id like to hear more of this kind of stuff all of the time.Keep up the good work.
- KayGee from Espanola, Ontario, Canada on 14Jun2005

Running Guitars that have a Zepp feel to them.
I've always liked that approach.
Then it takes a U2 approach.
Great vocals too!
Good Job!
- BlyndCurve from Lodi, California on 14Jun2005

[Really professional arrangement....]
Really professional arrangement, great vocalist that captures emotion. The vocals intertwine with the rhythm and our straight on the money. Professional transistions that flow like wine. Very impressive muscianship all the way around the nutshell here. Eminates originality, a true gift.
- americanrust from Stanchfield, Minnesota on 13Jun2005

[Yes & Floyd intro]
Very interesting intro, its kind of yes with some floyd, the voice has some fragments of Peter Gabriels range, in the vocals department i can heard a very clear diction it makes the lyrics pretty understandable, the rhythmic base fits correctly with the theme of the song. I like the riffage of the rhythmic guitar in the chorus sections of the song. I also liked the lydian guided solo interlude. A very good composition with a very solid structure. Probably not too much progressive but the riffage of the chorus makes the diference.
- jussef from Puebla, Mexico on 13Jun2005

[Nice job]
Wow - great production
LOVED the effects on the guitars
Cool lyrics, decent original-sounding vocals
Too bad the song cuts off in the middle of the solo.
- JohnnyFeedback from Unspecified on 13Jun2005

[Good use of effects]
I like that effect that goes with the vocal's. Is there a way to bring that up a little bit without losing vocal integrity. It sounds really good and clear when its used on the guitar lead.
- jbvocal from San Diego, California on 12Jun2005

The acoustic guitar reminds me of Led Zeppelin.(That can't be bad!)
Interesting vocal production, with the swirling backward sounding effect. Nice production all in all, but I couldn't hear the bass?
- LittleWorld from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on 12Jun2005

Woah. A nicely produced song which features clean guitars and a smooth drum beat. The vocals fit nicely with the music and generally creates a happy mood.
- awkwardsilence1 from Townsville, Qld, Australia on 11Jun2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Rock
Reviews for: "Misplaced Anger"

Singer reminds me of King Missle. Very good songwriting. It's kinda heavy, quirky & fun.
- Jacobcounty from Knoxville, Iowa on 26Aug2005

I love how clean this tune is, great beat. lyrics work. Production gets ++++. Nice job.
- TPIMBER from Friendswood, Texas on 25Aug2005

[Great sound man]
This is something a little different. great singer. very
professional recording. this is
not a borring song many changes.
- jmar1983 from Jacksonville, Florida on 25Aug2005


A Telemetry
Genre: Modern Rock
Reviews for: "Reach Down"

[Cool sound]
The intro is catchy and I like the way the guitar sets the mood right off the bat. The guy's voice is different and I like that. It's not the typical sound of this genre. The transitions are good and the keyboard on the chorus fits really well. You guys actually have a sound like a very little known band named "Lost Dogs" I really liked them so naturally I like you guys as well. You've got a good sound so keep it up!
- aaronthegreat23 from Rochester, New York on 17Aug2005

Nice full sound on the bass and guitar at the intro.A familiar vocal sound with exact annunciation.This has a Tom petty feel to the chorus and a Cat Stevens? 'Year of the cat" tone to the singers voice.I like the guitar qualities and chord changes.A combination of folk music and some modern rock.As i listen to the chorus again ,it gets more catchy.Not sure the bridge change was the one for this tune,but it was ok.Decent little solo on guitar. Nice keyboard /organ notes accompanying the chorus.A laid back tune.Nice job.
- Rackjaw from Pompano Beach, Florida on 17Aug2005

[Good Job]
Very good nice guitar and singing. drums are nice also.
- espLloyd from Australia on 17Aug2005

[Kinda like this one!]
Something about this song is appealing - could be the Phil Collins
type voice in parts - I hear many vocal influences in there!
Harmonies well placed and solid.
Guitar is simplistic.
Oh during the Chorus did he just say
Reach Down? The delivery of that one line sounds alot like Breakdown (Petty)!
- Bonzilla from Atlanta, Georgia on 16Aug2005

synths are very cool. they really open up the chorus. the singer sounds restrained but spot on elsewhere.
very dramatic and warm. Has a unique but sometimes plain approach on the guitar. doesn't need much to be radio friendly song.
- damnhiseyes from Fayetteville, Arkansas on 15Aug2005

[very differend sound]
Very eerie sounding, I liked the production. I liked the message the keyboard set it off.
- COX_PRODUCTION from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania on 14Aug2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Rock
Reviews for: "Dragged Through Sand"

[Good Stuff]
I like it. Reminds me of a mellow Black Sabbath. Probably because of the vocals mostly. Production is good. Vocal timbre is good. All parts can be heard really well. I liked the chorus, especially the backup vocals. All of the instruments were tight. Definitely liked the guitar tone and the overall feel of the song. Nice Job!
- jetzaleski from Orlando, Florida on 24Aug2005

[guitars and vocals]
I like how the guitar and the vocals sound like they go with each other. I like how the bass part is more than just playing straight part. I like how this song has a darker sound. The two guitar parts go together so well, I have no descrepencies about any part of this song. Awesome solo it is very technical.
- rock5 from Unspecified on 22Aug2005

[hey now!]
Great vocals! This is a very good song. High marks for originality though somewhat reminiscent of Steve Kilbey. The song instantly grabs and holds your attention. I'd like to hear more....
- TheKarmicHut from El Paso, Texas on 21Aug2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Power Pop
Reviews for: "Who Would Have Thought"

very mello and soothing tune. good vocals, lyrics are interesting and introspective. love the "bigger" parts of the song..the song really takes off into the chorus/hook which is pretty catchy and memorable. good recording and mix.
- dodgingAugust from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 5Nov2005

Very interesting intro, with the soft flute instrument. Leading into powerful vocals with such stabbing lyrics, very imaginative.

As the song progresses, it turns into a hard-rock tone then down back to the soft set.

This song has very nice ups and very nice leads, and the vocals make this's clear to see that.

Very nice job.
- tatuutat89 from North Grosvenord, Connecticut on 4Nov2005

This is a really good song. Well produced and it sounds really good. It has taken a bit of searching to find a well produced song on this site. Good job you guys.
- Dxband from Seattle, Washington on 4Nov2005

[Irish meets metal!]
Very nice production from the off. Quite Irish sounding - very ambient. I like the dreamy feel to this song, although the lyrics are quite dark. I wasn't expecting those guitars to come in!! Nice contrast and dynamic. It's interesting that the feel of this song is so different lyrically compared to musically - I'm not sure they quite fit together properly but the general performance is very good/tight/polished.
- Figure6 from London, United Kingdom on 3Nov2005

[Who would have thought....]
I really like the delayed keyboard/guitar fadeins at the end of the verse lines. Kind of prog-rocky lyrics a bit. I like the change to and from the heavy parts. I really like the change around the 2:30 mark. Good keyboard/guitar work. I can't tell if those are all effected guitars or keyboards. I like what happens around the 3:00 mark, good power behind it. Pretty good song.
- tonyplaysbass from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 31Oct2005

[Late 60's vibe....]
60's feel to this - quite psychadelic. Like the sound of the vocalist. Buffalo Tom? Good Arrangement. The Byrds?
- TimfromtheQ from Unspecified on 30Oct2005

[No fair, the production is too good!]
I'm waiting for Ozzy to bust out, cause the intro sounds exactly like the Ol' English kinda tunes Black Sabbath would put on thier albums!! Bet you never heard that one before. You know, I'm listening a bit more and maybe someone told you that be4.

I like both the soft and hard parts (that sounded a little froo froo). The drummer is doing a great job helping carrying this song. Great use of the strings. It makes a big difference. and you've done a great job with all the studio sheen. The break at 3:01 is yet another great turn. 4 outta 5.
- ezp from on 29Oct2005

Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock
Reviews for: "Recycling"

[Well crafted]
Mature - this is my initial impression of this well crafted pop/prog song. Steering into territory forged by bands of similar ilk such as Rush and perhaps Spock's Beard it tends to favour melody over balls out technicality and is delivered with a good standard of musicianship. The structure is very sound and it has some memorable hooks.

The song opens with a nice acoustic guitar line which is executed in a similar fashion to a classical "Rasgueado". Nice harmony and chord structure. The verse at 0.23 is also interesting from this perspective - again nice chord structure to compliment the unusual vocal style. In truth it takes a little getting used to but when this unsual Roger Waters-esque delivery eases itself on the ear it is original and enjoyable.

The bridge builds nicely - some grit is added to the guitar and the vocal melody becomes a little more urgent - good compositional awareness. The chorus (1.05) is strong and memorable - the vocal harmonies are pleasing and the song opens up nicely sonically - moving to the ride cymbal etc. Nice work - ear catching and memorable - job done.

The midsection (2.49) is nicely written but I feel sometimes during this section the vocals are stretching the limits between deliberate "dylanisms" and being just a little too out. The "eternity" phrase at 3.09 illustrates this - its a little too much for me - I appreciate the intent and I applaud the will to try something different but Im not 100% convinced by some of the phrases in this section. Similarly the delivery of "Promise" is pushing it a bit - overall though the vocals are refreshing and I like the overall feel and style presented here. Good work.

The guitar solo at 3.20 is very nice. Reminds me very much of an Alex Lifeson solo from Didacts and Narpets - strong melodic content and decent tone to boot. Perhaps some criticism can be levelled at the vibrato which sounds a little nervous to me but this is nit picking in truth. Nice work.

Overall this is a strong, well constructed pop/prog tune with some memorable hooks and strong musicianship. Enjoyable and pleasing.

Good work!
- GrahamK from Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom on 20Aug2005

[Good Arrangement]
But vox are a bit pitchy/ you've got a decent voice/ maybe you just couldn't hear yourself very well during the recording process/ overall liked the tune
- ce_yates from Memphis, Tennessee on 22Aug2005

good chilling music, nice melodies and lyrics, it reminds me of those cool bands from early 90's like a mix of oasis with radiohead

keep it up!
- personaband from Orlando, Florida on 21Aug2005

Nice, spanishy sounding guitars in the intro. Great build up to the first chorus, everything slowly comes together in to almost an explosion before subtley falling back so the vocals come through.

The singer has an unusual voice, distinctive and memorable. The lyrics fit well and do much justice to the style of the song.

A very emotive song generally and makes you listen and really feel what the track is about.

The production is very good and sounds very professional, all the instruments have been mixed well creating a good solid sound overall.
- xftruthseeker from London, United Kingdom on 21Aug2005

[Awesome prog rock mello jam!]
I absolutely love the vocals, a bit hot but really well done and original! Personally I would like to hear a variance of what your doing, just to keep the momentum of the song moving forward. Maybe some stops and unison fills. Great mood! It's starting to build interest around 1:37. Key change or a bridge somewhere, that would be nice to hear. Very cool song, just could use a few additional parts, dont change what you have. Thanks for the music!
- stopperanc from Brighton, Colorado on 20Aug2005

This could be the soundtrack for my next sunrise viewing. Soft and melodic, brightening in intensity near the end. The vocal harmonies are well chosen and blend well with the background texturing. The drums provide the right emphasis at the right points, never over-bearing. I like that swept 12 string riff, and the solo is very tasteful as well.
- lifepurerock from Kelowna, B.C., Canada on 20Aug2005

[Guitars are awesome]
Nice Intro. The voice is good, but there's something 'on the edge'. Almost kind of creepy. Like it would be played on a Johnny Depp movie.... Maybe it's just this song.

The lyrics are pretty good... 'Recycling the soul'--never heard that before.
Very original.

The guitar is awesome. The band pulls it together. But, LOOOOOVE the guitar.
- whyIneedaguitar from The Sticks, Louisiana on 20Aug2005

Nice melodic voice with a very special tone and personality.
Excellent way to play with harmony, by musicians side, including a high level production, you´ve got a good track.
- villarpm from Spain on 19Aug2005

[Smooth Operator]
Liked the melodic guitars and harmonizing vocals. The voxs had a nice tone. There was a solid production on this track. The song had a Beatles type mood. The transitions were very smooth. Song was kind of hypnotizing. Made me want to chill out and relax, psychodelic hypnotic trance.
- DixieNormas from Colorado Springs, Colorado on 19Aug2005

[Cool chords]
Beautiful guitar intro and vocals. I like the chord sequence. It reminds me, oddly of a great duran duran song. They have great chord sequences -- so no offense! There is good drama in this song, but perhaps it is held back a tiny bit. I could tolerate just a tiny bit more dynamic. Enjoyable second vocal on the "recylcling"
- Phideaux from Los Angeles, California on 18Aug2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Pop Rock
Reviews for: "I as I can See"

[here ya go]
I like the choose of guitar effects fits the song really well good guitar work really like the lead. drums are good tight and in the pocket, not over playing.the sound is pretty good quality, I really like the vocal and harmony's very strong.
- rockme1974c from Hanover Park, Illinois on 17Aug2005

[nice raido song]
The intro is totally radio and sweet. I think the whole style of this song is very 90s. Really nice song with cool effects to throw you off. Great chorus its very catchy.
- BobMarlon from Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada on 16Aug2005

[nice melodies]
love the intro- cool feeling song- i love this vocalist - the song is very interesting- takes on alot of changes that give each section its own identity- there is a nice strong structure to this song that helps keep your attention- the performances musicly are very nice- nice parts played well-tones are raw and pure and modestly play a pretty melody- over all i really have nothing negative to say
- branbent from North Richland H, Texas on 16Aug2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Pop Rock
Reviews for: "Strong Hold"

[Turns me around]
The verses are being kept on a very minimalistic level, by playing only bass, drums, guitar and lead vocal.

At first it kind of bored me, but I soon realized in the song's bridge that the band was just leaving the door half open to the chorus:

Very nice job on the chorus, adding strings and voices gives more space to the song - Good work on the structure boys.

Though my opinion on the guitar solo is kind of disappointing: Why not wrap that nice guitar solo in those strings and stuff (the culminating point of the song - escorted by the catchy chorus just before the song ends?)

Apart from that, good work - catchy chorus.

Good luck :-)

All the best,

Rolland Niilsen
- CoverTheDog from Copenhagen, Denmark on 9Oct2005

[2112 Forever]
You may want to ask your doctor about Rush disorder. It gets in your ears, and next thing you know--you're singing to hobbits about wizards and feelings. The guitar solo is just bitchin'. Soar eagle soar.
- drrobjob from Unspecified on 9Oct2005

[Blasts right in...]
Very nice blend of acoustic and electric guitars. Vocals tie the song together nicely.
Very nice hook that comes into the song rather quickly. Gets people's attention before they want to change the song, and keeps them there, wanting more.
Sounds almost like a mid-evil type mood during the verse. Not really a bad thing, just different. Nice guitar solo. Pretty cool.
- MetallicBlueAx from Royal Oak, Michigan on 9Oct2005

Guitar has that all the leaves are brown intro feel. A little bit of echo on the vocal and that Jesus Jones sound. Nice chorus the song does lift in that part.The guitar break is cool nicely back into the chorus. Sounds like a good competant pop song.Maybe number 9 or 10 on your cd list as I feel you guys could probably come up with a right here right now song pretty quick and do better!
- Ammp from New Zealand on 8Oct2005

[Pleasant pop anger]
The song pops right away at the intro - nice set up. Anger and Pain - vocals and lyrics up front and clear in that kind of sung/spoken passion. Kind of reminds of the rockier side of Graham Nash.

Good harmonies and interesting use of digital delay.

Nice brief lead guitar.

Song structure was a typical verse chorus verse chorus with a strong end at the last chorus - felt kind of typical. I was listening for where the song was going to take me and then it ended.
For me the song didn't really match what I was hearing in the lyrics about "life turning you around and the strong hold..." I didn't get a sense of passion and why it mattered to the singer. Just a pleasant pop tune.
- perdita from Oakland, California on 8Oct2005

[dirty guitar]
i've got a soft spot for these kind of songs where the drummer plays with the rythm, like he/she doe's in the intro (vers).it gives a kind of life to the song i think. the vox is a bit up and down (volume)and i think it could help the tune to correct it. great guitar sound just that kind of dirty sound i'm looking for in some of my own recordings (where did you find it?)the mix is bright and clear i like it. after the third listen i realise that i'm singing along in the chorus. so i think you got a catchy tune here. love jens
- jensbrandt from Ystad, Skåne, Sweden on 8Oct2005

[Life Stronghold]
Great intro. Crazy sounding vocals - very interesting. Nice release into the chorus - I like the guitar part a lot. Mix isn't bad - good job. The bridge is very nice sounding and the lead break is pretty cool - maybe a different tone on the guitar.
- MotionSonic from San Antonio, Texas on 7Oct2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock
Reviews for: "Old Man"

[Great song]
Wow! This one's great... From time to time sounds "Tool"-like. I like the prog patterns, fabulously arranged. Vocals are great, guitars sound so mellow and beautiful. I definately like this one. The guitar intro-riff is great.

- animavanja from Yugoslavia on 14Sep2005

very odd beat at the that v much.nice slow build up in to a good riff.wish the the guitar sound was a bit more distorted in the riff after the intro.would defo get the crowd goin at a gig.very Dream T.always gd.vocals remind me of james from D>T.bass v tight with music.
- jamierecoil from Hastings, United Kingdom on 14Sep2005

[I feel like I'm listening to a guitar-based Spocks Beard]
The vocal harmonies are solid and not overdone, and you cleverly avoided the current prog-rock trap of drowning your odd-timed guitar riffs in distortion that's far too heavy for the song; good call! The stark contrast that comes from when the choruses kick-in is really creative, and keeps the song from being pigeon-holed too easily as well.

There's not a whole lot I can suggest for this song, except maybe treat the vocals during the first part of each verse a little. They sound a little too clean, maybe wet them down.
- cnugget0 from Unspecified on 13Sep2005

[It works]

I can see people liking this just because it's weird.

The production is good and somehow you have gotten those heavy guitars to fit the mellow music.

Vocals are good..
- Jody_Nicks from Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada on 11Sep2005

[keep up the good work, guys]
The final Mix Sounds Great. The guitar is tight and the off beat is great. Nice song guys. Keep it up.
- hornet_mail from Portugal on 11Sep2005

Very nice sound, greatly recorded.
very interesting voice, to be discovered...
makes me think about Jethro Tull...
would need a heavier set of drums maybe...
A lot of good things here..
- evolutive from Lyon, France on 10Sep2005

[I like this]
A very unique song writing style at first I thought you sounded like King Crimson but than you change into somthing completely different. Very good mixing. I love the tone and playing style of the Bass. Vocals are set perfect in the mix. Excellent job on the drum mix! The snare sounds perfect. Good song.
- camdie from Somewhere, On Earth on 3Sep2005

Great voice over an excellent melodic riffage, the chorus feels just right, this song is powerfull but still delicate and very melodic, i like the mixture between distortion, power and hard progressions with clean guitars and lovable chorus. The lead voice is very well harmonized in the chorus line, the lyrics fit in the songs theme, this chorus sounds kind of glorious, the rhythmic base is performing very well, solid drums and solid bass lines. The overall song has a very well developed structure with a theme and well arranged choruses and soundscapes. Overall very good work.
- jussef from Puebla, Mexico on 3Sep2005

[I know you are telemetry]
I have no doubt about what band is sounding, I´ve listen other traks of you, and I am gonna repeat same things, I said.
Great voice personality, melodic performance, well haromonized and produced. In this tracks specially I like chorus, and pre-chours with this interesting guitar and bass combined scales.
"Old Man" is specially my favorite song of Telemetry.
I had listen before.
- villarpm from Spain on 23Aug2005

[Nice Song]
I like the intro with the guitars. I think the vocals could be much stronger. Musicianship is ok.
- ImmaculateMess from Chatsworth, California on 23Aug2005

cool stuff. I like the drums choice of beat when the vocals come in. It's a very off time feel. Which is good for prog. the song flows interestingly enough. Vocals are a little weird, but not bad. I dig it!
- loganlaw from Austin, Texas on 8Aug2005

[Interesting chorus]
I really liked the chorus. The buildup to it is just different enough to not be predictable. Good backup vocals as well. On the negative the guitar sounded slightly off time with the drums. Not sure if that was a programming thing, but something that stuck out between verses.
- cthroatgtr from Encino, California on 7Aug2005

[40 sec.]
like the music, very long intro. Kinda reminds me of yes. harmonies sound good. The vocals kinda sound like richard patrick(filter)
- skinny1music from Wichita, Kansas on 15Jul2005

[nice time signature]
Cool groove...I like the time of it alot rather than just regular 4/4 you guys switched it up. The lyrics are creative and interesting. I also like the backup harmonies alot. They seem to add alot to an already catchy melody. All the instruments play nice together and are able to produce a sound that doesnt detract from the vocals at all...good job. Good production as well.
- Evolume from Farmington, Connecticut on 13Jul2005

[Very nice]
The song is interesting throughout, it doesn't get too boring in the middle or anything. The vocals are nice, and everything is solid and musical.
- FFNBass from Unspecified on 10Jul2005

[Excellent chorus!]
The instrumental intro is driven by the arpeggiated guitar chords. The production sounds good and a lot better than many other songs I've heard at Garageband. The unison staccato bass and guitar riff at 0:33 kicks off the verse and brings in the great vocals. The chorus follows the heavy bridge and the chorus melody line is absolutely brilliant! It reminds me a lot of Rush. This song is original enough to steal my interest all the way through! Great work.
- CAMPLOCO from Bergen, Hordaland, Norway on 10Jul2005

[very "progressive"]
this song is pretty much like nothing i've ever heard. i can't really tell if the singer is sarcastic or not but he's very weird. but the song has somehting catchy about it and makes you want to keep listening.
- aitkin from Ann Arbor, Michigan on 9Jul2005

[Nicely mixed influences]
I can hear two main influences here: Porcupine Tree and King Crimson. There are heavier elements though, which are nicely blended in the mix. I really like the 5/4 signature beat on the verse which reminded me of King Crimson, while the chorus was the one that sounded like Porcupine Tree (to my ears, at least). About the performance now, it's well played, although the vocals could have been better. They're good, really good... but I didn't quite like some of the glissandos. It is a good track, nonetheless, which show that this band has a lot of potential!
- swoki from Athens, Attiki, Greece on 7Jul2005

[Rush/King Crimson]
cool, I like the riff in 5/4 and the diminished riff during the chorus. Very reminiscent of Rush in the verses with the lyrics and the riffs. Chorus has a Genesis feel to it, and the arpeggio is really very cool. Vocals are a bit thin with too much high end but they're seemingly in pitch, and the song has a true progressive feel to it. That said I like the hook in the chorus - the whole song is quirky enough that it has a chance to do well just about anywhere :) Great work!!!
- amigoboomer from Maple Valley, Washington on 5Jul2005

[In the spirit of classic prog]
Pretty melodic beginning . . good proggy runs . . excellent words. Harmonies are right on. Riffs under them are odd and original. I was cocking my head. Cool folky part when you sing "old man" . .

Good prog run again . . I didn't know how much I missed it . . and the singer has talent here. I would be interested in hearing other songs from this band from hearing this one. Nice hook . . good words . . solid musicianship . . I really liked this one!
- BreezyVibe from Charlotte, North Carolina on 3Jul2005

OOh yes, immediately I'm impressed by that 5/4 timing, with a very Rush feel to it. It seems to come naturally to the musician so I suspect accomplishment.
And hey, I think I recognise that voice so I'm going to be careful not to misundertand the vocal intention! Actually the singing is great (perfection not sought-only instinct followed?)
These lyrics are a labour of love I can tell, so it's great that you can hear them Kind of the accepted prog rock style, but that sure beats a Madonna lyric.
The middle 8 glides in smoothly but goes leaving you wanting more.
The impending 4:45 I thought even for prog rock would be bit too long (that's the MTV generation for you), but the song is diverse enough to endure. The outro being the intro works well.
Tight arrangement, sweetly produced, professional switching between parts. There is a nice soft, sensitive feel to this song, even when it's punchy, which reflects the lyric of the chorus.
I can feel myself being forgiven.
- KChristie from Gosport, Hants, United Kingdom on 3Jul2005

[good job]
sounds familiar but cant place where maybe a tool mixed with 3 doors down
- YourSickDream from Topeka, Kansas on 28Jun2005

There are are the off beat element going on in the rhythm section that make this song pretty hip. the riffs are decent too.
- chrissevier from Unspecified on 27Jun2005

Catchy from the beginning..good Rush sound the lyrics..keep up the moves..good the chorus change..what I likE
- Ronsilent from Bay Minette, Alabama on 27Jun2005

[great vocals]
I liked the timing changes on this one. The vocals were really good. Is that a 12 string during the chorus part ? That is the quickest way to get high marks from me. I love that instrument, and when it is used well it really sounds great.
Good job on this one
- bigdog1950 from Mokena, Illinois on 24Jun2005

Cool instrumental introduction.Sounds like post-rock.Everything is produced well, I love these vocals, progressive construction, really good guitars and massive bass line.

Overall, arrangement, melodies, creativity and mood works fine for me.Its not superb song, but catchy prog rock composition.
- BlueHand from Dowspuda, Poland on 23Jun2005

[nice lyrics]
good intro to everything. i like when the other riff kicks in. vocals are a little weird but i like it. cool lyrics. good backups on the vocals
- Braintoggle33 from Gardner, Massachusetts on 22Jun2005

This tune is nice- I like the musicianship displayed here but I think the drums are lacking a bit of energy. There seems adequate at time, but the overall meter and tempo of this isn't easy to map out I'm sure. The overall sound of this is excellent and it is well produced. It's more than just good engineering, there seem to be some great decisions being made by the producer and you have managed to create a sound that is commercially acceptable without compromising the artistic nature of the piece resulting in a very accessible sound while being true to prog rock tenets.

The vocals when they began sounded a bit strange for a few moments, as if there was some sort of vocoder or pitch correction it, but it evened out quickly and turned into a very lush arrangement. This has all the making of a hit in the progressive rock genre and it is going to go far.

Very good work. I am sure I have heard work by this band before and they seem to consistently put out quality material and are truly doing some good stuff. I think you have managed to create a character for your self that emanates clearly in your music and created a sound for yourselves that is clearly identifiable.
- Jaedynconley from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 18Jun2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Progressive Rock
Reviews for: "Cut To Ribbons"

[punchy guitar]
Good solid sound. Vocals sound like lead singer from 'YES'. I like the chorus 'Your pride...' The song lifts here. It's a good chorus- good lyrical use of metaphors.
- artmedia from Coole, Co.Westmeath, Ireland on 2Oct2005

It's got a Rush vibe in the vocals and pretty much everything except the guitar, and lets face it your drummer is no Neil Peart. But all kidding aside, you guys sound good and your talent shows. The drums are in time and the style carries the song in a cradle. Good job
- permusniac from Morongo Valley, California on 1Oct2005

[70's prog with a modern feel]
starts out with a 70's prog feel then moves into a heavier metal feel. vocals seem to dominate the whole song. let the rest of the band come out. reminds me of blue oyster cult also. great musicianship.
- seelainme from Houston, Texas on 30Sep2005

this time signiture takes some getting used to, but once your there this is a groovy song, niceharmonising and the lead singer souds a little like brian from placebo. lyrics are great and guitar, drums and bass are tight. loving the riff.
- E_Phoenix from Guernsey Ci, Uk, United Kingdom on 26Sep2005

[many metaphores]
rythem and strumming pattern in the first half of the verses i think starts the song off well. the lyricist obviously put time into what he is trying to say he also has an "all" or "walt mink" quality. the song is good but i'd like to see them live. the problem is that many bands have good songs but much of the time performance is what sets one apart from the others.
- AfterLater from Minneapolis, Minnesota on 25Sep2005

[Gentle sounding prog rock folkish]
The singer sounds just like the singer from Placebo, kinda Rush like too. The guitar and bass during the intro and later parts in the song work well together. The song feels like a heavy prog folk song.
- eo from Unspecified on 23Sep2005

Gosh, you guys sure are heavily influenced by old Rush aren't you? Wow ... nice melody section about 1:00. Nice chorus .. "cut to ribbons". Are you guys a sequencer band? I can't tell. Guitar lines are tight and snug with the groove. The drums are a bit sparse / simple for this type of song, but I love the sound and clarity of them. The intro sortof reminds of Night Ranger (from the 80's .. remember them?). Production is very good. mixing is on the spot, but the drums are a teensy bit in the background. Nice song, interesting chordal movements too. Vocalist is solid and tuned. Can't help but hear that mid 70's power trio influence in your style .. y'know? That was a compliment by the way:)
- RavenSea from Yuma Proving Gro, Arizona on 22Sep2005

[Cut to Ribbons]
This sounds like one of my fave's "Atelemetry".

Yet another great selection that is well produced and recorded and features great musicianship and a great performance by the band.

I especially like the chord changes and the harmonic progression in the guitar parts. This displays great thinking outside the box. This band is excellent at pushing the envelope yet remaining accessible to popular music audiences.

Good solid rhythm drums and bass create a solid structure. The vocalist covers his material effortlessly. Also a great sense of harmony and I like the backup vocals.

Nice sound overall and reminds me a bit of Rush and bands of that genre.

Good break away in terms of mood and feel at 2:43. It really needed that contrast and it serves to bolster the overall effectiveness of the entire song.

Great work! Keep it up.
- Jaedynconley from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 21Sep2005

drums: i like the drums, u have a good drummer

guitars: the guitars were perfect for the song...the production of the song is good

vocals: i like the singers voice and they sound good for the song good job guys i will listen to you again
- luke_gentry from Arab, Alabama on 15Sep2005


Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Power Pop
Reviews for: "Just Between Us"

the second this song started, my head started rockin with the beat! haha. Very good production on the song. I think the lyrics could use a bit of work, but you vocalist is very capable! rad. You ave also done a good job on the harmonies. awesome!
- Icephoenix231 from Plano, Texas on 10Oct2005

[simplicity and hooks]
this song keeps it simple but adds enough hooks to keep it interesting. Band is tight enough and keep good time
- Thistle from Tomarata, None, New Zealand on 10Oct2005

[Just between good and great]
I almost thought I was hearing a heavy John Mellencamp song when this kicked off. The singer has his own style and approach. I couldn't compare him to anyone I know as he is his own man. The bridge paces very well into a strong chorus which contains some gentle harmonies. The guitar player has a nice melodic solo which adds to the pleasant mood of the piece. The drummer is very tight and has spectacular fills throughout the tune. No lag anywhere in this well-arranged song. A nicely produced work and the fade out at the end works very well.
- davidscottjack from Brighton, Michigan on 10Oct2005

Band: A Telemetry
Genre: Acoustic
Reviews for: "Break those Chains"

[nice intro]
intro has a lot going. sounds very good. the voice sounds like it's straight from the 80's. i like it. harmony is great. i like the overall sound of this song. sounds like tom petty. rockin' song. i like the solo and the melody. sounds like pink floyd or petty. very cool lyrics.
- john13feet from Arlington Heights, Illinois on 3Aug2005

[A very inspiring number]
I really like this song. Good melody, good music and good message. I like the lyrics in this song a lot. They are very meaningful. The bridge section in this song has a real cool sound to it also. Some of the high parts in the vocal part almost sound a bit funny at times though. Maybe try singing some parts down a little. I like to solo a lot to. Not trying to do to much, but its very tasteful. Very nice diddy.
- LegendaryCarp from Oshkosh, Wisconsin on 30Jul2005

Not quite my style, but I dug the inspirational message. This was a very clean recording. The band sounds very tight.
- G2K from Concord, California on 30Jul2005

[Uplifiting Rock Anthem]
great song, with a great theme.
I like the back up vocals, it really adds a great deal. The rock drums were also a surprise for the accoustic section, but hey they really add a lot.
- robertoholmes from Portsmouth, Virginia on 28Jul2005

i liked the intro, good lead guitar. i really liked the build ups. great production, very clean. the lyrics were okay but i was not a fan of the singing. a very full sounding song, the drums and rhythm guitar built a good base for the lead guitar. the song as a whole has great progression throughout.
- gaffney07us from Longmont, Colorado on 28Jul2005

[good production]
i thought the production on this sounded really good. keep at it. the lyrics and the melody could use some phrasing help, in my opinion, but i like the way the sounds mix together (levels) nice key change in the break, too.
- benjaminember from Bellingham, Washington on 27Jul2005

[intro=interesting=makes me wonder what style ..]
lyrics are strong-even spiritual. The singer has a style set alone. Music is well done. I could see the singer on a kid movie or a cartoon-100%/ It seems i have heard this style before and its super upbeat. O great lead dude. You defintely have great song structure.
- williamjoseph from Tulsa, Oklahoma on 27Jul2005

Quirky vocals on top of a full band arrangement - acoustic & electric guitars, synthesizer, bass & drums. The lyrics are pretty cliche - "it's time to break those chains, the ones that will hold you tight... just move towards the light". Overall very nice production and performances by the band. The lead vocalist has a unique sound in that he overarticulates every lyric and he ends up sounding like a cross between Jon Anderson of Yes and Jack Black. I can say these guys have an interesting overall sound to say the least. Prog rock meets acoustic pop.
- yuknat from Dover, Massachusetts on 26Jul2005

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