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Adrian B. Crosby


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United States - Florida

Adrian B. Crosby "Joni's Going To Join The Circus"
Joni's Going To Join The Circus
  • Performed By: Adrian B. Crosby
  • Album: The Prime Meridian
  • Album UPC: 611223960127
  • Album ID: primemeridian
  • Label: Cascades Recording Company
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00144177
  • CD Baby Track ID: 5131546
  • ISRC: usy280748478
  • Released: 01/01/96
  • Key: D
  • Mode: Major

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A collection of singer/songwriters from North Florida, this disc flows smoothly from acoustic to pop rock to jazz and blues. It's a delightful sampling of music from Tallahassee.


Under orders from the U.S. Survey General for Florida, Surveyor Benjamin Clements set out to identify the quarter-section of land to be developed as Tallahasse, the Capital of the Territory. On Nov. 19, 1824, Clements pounded a wooden post into the ground at a site near The Cascades, a beautiful aquatic landmark. He erected his transit in the midst of the North Florida wilderness, and established a baseline running due east and west from the marker.

Turning his transit ninety-degrees to the north, he marked a line intersecting the baseline at precisely the point of the wooden stake. That line is the prime meridian. It marks the point from which every survey in Florida begins. Every piece of property in Florida has a legal description which is singular and unique from every other parcel of land. That description is based on the property's location from the prime meridian, in the heart of Tallahassee.

The old wooden post is long-gone, replaced by a tiny crude concrete obelisk with bronze markers. Hidden behind state buildings and off the beaten path, it sits forgotten, its importance unnoticed, its significance to our everyday lives overlooked.

Florida offers the world a remarkable variety of music-- the jazz of Marcus Roberts and Nestor Torres, the pop of Jimmy Buffett and Gloria Estefan, the blues of Bill Wharton and The Allman Brothers, the rock and roll of Tom Petty and Lynyrd Skynyrd, the folk of Don Oja-Dunaway and Velma Frye, the country of the Bellamy Brothers, John Anderson and Mel Tillis. Great music resounds across the state. Yet, for too long, the music of most Tallahassee artists has been ignored.

This album represents a compendium of North Florida talent. These artists may be off the beaten path, but their importance is not to go unnoticed. Their significance is not to be overlooked. They measure up to any artists anywhere. This is The Prime Meridian.
-Del Suggs

Produced by Del Suggs, this compilation disc features many of Florida's best singer/songwriters. It has the dubious distinction of having two tracks featured on the popular NPR program "Car Talk": Del Suggs' "Old Blue Ford" and Dennis Dunn's "Crossing The Line."
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