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Abstrakt Collision "The Blackhole Jam"
The Blackhole Jam
  • Performed By: Abstrakt Collision
  • Album: In The Meantime Of tomorrow...
  • Album UPC: 634479006784
  • Album ID: collision
  • Label: Abstrakt Collision
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00043406
  • CD Baby Track ID: 808211
  • ISRC: aea740310034
  • Released: 01/01/03
  • Key: A
  • Mode: Major

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Experimental-jazz-fusion-rock-funk-whatever tickles ur fancy.


Abstrakt Collision know exactly what they are doing, and they do it well. Essentially a jazz fusion band, they successfully fuse or blend other musical genres such as Funk or Rock into their foundation of Jazz, but they try not to limit themselves to what's possible. This in effect throws them into a relatively new experimental or "unpredictable" style of musical 'genre' called Jazz Fusion or Experimental Jazz. It's diving into the unknown that excites these guys. Influences range from the rhythms and beats of Steve Coleman, Frank Zappa, the melodies of John Coltrane, Adam Rogers, Miles Davis, Nguyen Le, Mike Keneally and many more.
Abstrakt Collision have played at almost every imaginable gig in Dubai and even opened for Stanley Jordan at the Dubai International Jazz Festival and the Paris Reunion Band who amongst them had Curtis Fuller who worked with Coltrane on "Blue Train" at Jazz @ DMC. Abstrakt Collision is more exciting and more unpredictable LIVE, they definitely put on an unforgettable show, I truly recommend catching these boys in the act! Resident band members are, Assaad Lakkis, Pravin Mukhi, Andre Segone, Niduk Wijtelleke, Julien Mathonnet. They come from different corners of the globe with an assortment of cultural backgrounds, and use these attributes to their advantage. This band draws from almost every genre and blends it well with what they do best, experimenting. Mind you Assaad Lakkis aka: Abstrakt tends to jump into different musical waters, as the composer and band leader, he is always experimenting with different musicians and different music. Every gig is almost always different, one day they might show up with and MC and a scratcher doing a sort of hiphop-fusion thing and one night he might just show up with a trio doing some weird psychedelic world music thing. With Assaad it's always an adventure. Talent just oozes from every crevice, this is music you need to be listening to.

By Amit Singh & Micheal Clark
Khaleej Times Newspaper

"Unpredictable." That's how it goes with Abstrakt Collision. So be prepared for anything - innovative and energetic! Abstrakt Collision's concept jazz-fusion, the music, looks to Frank Zappa meeting John Coltrane and you really cannot pin point their sound, it's just so unique you have to experience it for yourself. "When the Id, Ego and Super Ego become friends, that's Abstrakt Collision." Sigmond Frued
By Antony Younes,
Founder of the Dubai Jazz Festivals and Chillout Productions

Jazz is back. After years of relative obscurity and playful derision- 'nice' my arse - the success of artists has pushed the genre back into the mainstream. Some people have preconceived notion of jazz as some sort of highbrow mood music played by pony tailed men in designer sweaters for people who have a favourite brand of water. Some people think of jazz as aimless noodling, musical nonsense. Some people are idiots.
Jazz represents the intellectual and the creative apex of American music: more cerebral than classical; more visceral than rock; more emotional than country; and more romantic than a bucketful of Celine Dion records. Dubai is emerging as an unexpected hotbed of jazz activity. January's pant-wettingly brilliant Jazz Festival exposed the level of talent in the region and now Abstrakt Collision, one of the stars of that stage, and featured in Time Out's April music issue, has committed itself to disc, "in the meantime of tomorrow..." Abstrakt Collision clearly believes a return to jazz doesn't mean a return to flat-top haircuts and dressing like a French onion seller; its contemporary Fusion style embraces the free-flowing experimentalism of the genre but without the need for 27-minute drum solos. Built around Assaad's wild and adventurous compositions, the Collision adds swatches of wah-wah guitars and floating keyboards. What's more with jazztic titles such as 'Damn That Jello!' and 'March Of The Purple Serpent'. They are clearly humorous and adventurous at what they do. A triumph!
By Marcus Webb
Time Out Magazine

Let's do a write up about the music of the subconscious, an experiment of AVANTGARDEJAZZFUSOPASTAHOMOSMOZARELLA music of non-music i.e: "on a dillusional night Picasso joined thoughts with Coltrane, they both had a drink from a crystal glass, dazed they were, baffled eyes, they dropped the glass!...Question?!
What's next? Should there be anything next? Why have anything next? Shall we dance?
Shall we ask? Who needs glasses?!
Ah screw it! Lets's just play...
Let's Abstrakt Collision.
The new album "in the meantime of tomorrow..." is out and at your local fish market.
It's an album that has something for everybody, it also has nothing for nobody.
You know it's that kind of album that you listen to once and think what the hell is going on and then you turn it off and the next thing you know you want to play it again cause it got your curiosity rollin' on and the next thing you know you grow into it kind of like the oversized pants you bought last week which you know you are only going to wear when you are 40, oversized and and got lots of money to spend on food!...Oh yeah and you paid for it....
by Assaad Lakkis 'Abstrakt'
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