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Nicknervous "A Ghost (feat. Elena Coats)"
A Ghost (feat. Elena Coats)
  • Performed By: Nicknervous
  • Album: A Ghost (feat. Elena Coats)
  • Album UPC: 889211148578
  • Album ID: nicknervous2
  • Label: Fadnessmadness Music
  • CD Baby Account: CDB04551366
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0000955740
  • ISRC: QM75B1400002
  • Released: 10/31/14

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We are a fun and eclectic Americana/Folk/Pop sister duo! Enjoy! :)


Caiti and Kelsi are two quirky, fun, and energetic sisters who grew up in a small town in Idaho, but have been greatly influenced their whole lives by the broad musically cultured background of their family.
They went their separate ways to travel and explore different parts of the world/country, but their mutual love for making music brought them right back to where it all began and they made the decision that they are "better together" and wouldn't have it any other way.
As they have both begun to explore their sound and exactly who they want to be as new artists, through much musical influence and writing style, they are discovering the Quirky/Americana/Folk/Pop sound that is NickNervous.
"The only hopes we have are that people connect with our music and get exactly the kind of vibe we're trying to give off. I can't imagine there being a greater feeling than evoking strong emotion in someone with something you've created for that very reason. We want people to feel fun, energy, weirdness, sorrow over the loss of relationships, or just excitement for the future. Those are the inspirations behind the the songs and we hope people relate to them."
"NickNervous and The Breakdown" was a band in the 80's that included Caiti and Kelsi's dad, Greg Fadness, and he alone has been quite a driving force in them creating and achieving their musical goals. They thought that it was only appropriate that they take their dad's old band name and re-create the meaning of it. They're first EP NickNervous & "The Art of Breaking Down" is hoped to represent everything they love about music well, and they sincerely hope that people just enjoy the crap out of it. :)
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