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Dan Johansen "Flying Moon Creature"
Flying Moon Creature
  • Performed By: Dan Johansen
  • Album: Cuintha
  • Album UPC: 887516261596
  • Album ID: danjohansen2
  • Label: Dark Era
  • CD Baby Account: CDB02463233
  • CD Baby Track ID: 10452701
  • ISRC: uscgh1389419
  • Released: 03/01/13

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A world painted and brought to life with beautiful classical instruments and colorful creativity.


1. Cuintha

Cuintha, the epic land containing many mysteries and blessings such as the Raining Cave, the Floating Island of Githrau, the majestic Flying Moon Creature, the free spirited and artistic city of Adventua and many more places that makes the peaceful land both unique and a fantastic place to experience.

Many mountains reach all the way up and above the Magic Cloud Sea and the plains are so vast it takes years to travel on foot, the Three Moons shine their reflection on the lakes and oceans across the world.

If only other worlds were as free of suffering and pain as Cuintha. Free of the chains of currency and the evils that follow it. It is a unified world of beauty and purity, of peace and tranquility.

2. Magic Cloud Sea

Above the city of Adventua... there are clouds with movements of waves like the sea. Moving fast giving the feeling that time goes on quickly, the colors of the clouds change with the seasons and if seen from above they capture the essence of another world.

3. Three Moons

Surrounding Cuintha there are 3 glowing moons, making a wide triangle which creates a magnificent sight. One is dark blue, one is dark red and one is dark yellow.

The flying moon creature lives on the red moon and in one of the ancient most known history books about Cuintha, the cover is made of 3 moons created in a perfect triangle with the moon creature as the logo in the middle.

4. Flying Moon Creature

It’s a mysterious creature that flies down to the planet multiple times a year and sucks up the polluted air and releases it into space rendering it harmless. It has 6 wings that it switches between when it gets tired and leaves a trail of color that stays in the sky for quite some time after passing by, not unlike the rainbow.

It has a magnificent shape and flies with intensity and beauty, it is considered a rare sight to catch a glimpse of the entire creature during its flight. If it drops a feather, whoever finds it can sell it for a staggering amount of money, but out of respect people never hunt for them, it's just considered luck and good fortune to find one.

5. Fortuna Plains

The vast plains reaching for miles and miles without end in sight. It is located south-east of the Capital world city of Adventua.
Millions of animal, plant and insect species have made these plains their home.

One of the memorable sights that can be seen here are the 4 winged birds that light up during night and make a living off of shining Qiu seeds located in caves surrounding the area. Hundreds of big four legged creatures run around wildly to capture the fresh air and head down to river beds when hunger captures up to them.

No danger can be found in this place, so it makes for an excellent journey of discovery.

6. Adventua

One of the largest cities you'll ever find, the structures of the buildings are very artistic, the people of the city are all creative and no one is forced into jobs against their will just to make a living. People here are free spirited artists and life-lovers that can be themselves.

7. Tirque

The ocean of Tirque lies south of Adventua and underneath the Magic Cloud Sea. It is an ocean that never sleeps... there are constant waves and life to be seen everywhere. Ships travel non-stop in order to visit the beautiful shores, cities or to set out on some sort of adventure to see the world or to tell tales of their time in Adventua.

Enjoy the breeze of Tirque and feel the sails flutter in the wind.

8. Lake of Viridia

In the middle of the Tirque Ocean, you can find a big island that has a large lake in the center. The lake has large old trees above it that act as a ceiling in the entire area... sunlight shines through the holes that the leaves leave open. In the water there are various strange fish that glow brightly green all year long. The light hitting the tree-ceiling make the entire area covered in a neon-green glow. The energy from the water is intense as the fish splash around and the birds fly over the lakes surface.

9. Floating Island Githrau

Githrau is a giant island floating above the clouds and moving around the world at a random pace and direction. It is also known as the island where time stands still. This name has become the most famous way to describe the place, because due to an unknown reason, anything related to technology stops working once it's on the island.

Many people travel to this mysterious place to experience a pure way of life, no superficial ways to pass time. Everything is natural and beautiful. Dinosaur-like lizards of many sizes live in caves all around the area and tree eating animals with peculiar forms reside on the open spaces.

There are millions of strange bugs living under the island with a unique reversed-gravity power that is the reason why the Island is held up in the sky, but researching them further has been prohibited due to the islands pure and peaceful state.

So if you want, and if you dare, visit the Island of Githrau and leave your own world behind, if just for a little while.

10. The Raining Cave

In the middle of the ocean of Tirque there is a big island with a fabulous tall mountain. If you follow the mountains foot you will come across an entry into a big dark cave.

The cave has been named ''The Raining Cave'' because inside there is constantly pouring rain from the rocky ceiling. The water pouring has an healing effect that cleanses any body of any disease. Due to the precious value of the cave, scientists aren't allowed to tear apart anything in order to understand the function. So the reason of the effect still remains a mystery. There can be seen many unique life forms roaming about inside the cave, mostly Lizards who live off of the water and require no food.

11. Desert of Souls

A vast warm desert that is considered holy ground for the people of Cuintha. People get permission to travel here once a year to speak to their deceased family members' souls. Many consider this their favorite time of year as they feel blessed that they can forever stay in touch with those they love. People can not see the souls of those they are not related to.

12. Glass Walls

A place to the far east of Adventua, a winter land where mountains are coated in glass looking ice that reflect ones image. And if you scream the sound will echo miles away. It’s a place where creative artists of many kinds venture to in order to achieve inspiration and to see the spectacular view.

13. Ghost Wolf Thirio

Beyond the Glass Walls, there is a gigantic ice field, a place where mist is always present and waves of heat can be felt, yet the snow never melts. If you travel through the field, you may be lucky enough to spot Thirio, the Ghost Wolf of Winter. It is said that whoever spots him, should run after him and hopefully he will travel through your body, and leave you with good luck for the rest of your life. Those who have experienced this say that the moment he travels through your body, you feel warm inside and you get some sort of epiphany or calling in life. Thirio is very large in size and his tail is twice his body length.

14. Endings and Beginnings

With every newborn and every new explorer that enters Cuintha, there are new experiences and adventures to be had. Some leave the land satisfied but curious about the unknown, some stay for the rest of their lives. Some have years ahead of them with wonders still to be uncovered in the land. Whether it's a new welcome or a fresh goodbye, one thing is certain, it will or has been be a wonderful experience.
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