• Writer: Joseph Andrew Abarca
  • Percentage: 33%
  • Admin: CD Baby Publishing
  • Songwriter ID: 115900
  • Pub Co: CD Baby Publishing
  • Writer: Timothy Michael Morrow II
  • Percentage: 33%
  • Admin: CD Baby Publishing
  • Songwriter ID: 115901
  • Pub Co: CD Baby Publishing
  • Writer: Jeramey Michael Abarca
  • Percentage: 34%
  • Admin: CD Baby Publishing
  • Songwriter ID: 115902
  • Pub Co: CD Baby Publishing


Jeramey Michael Abarca, Joseph Andrew Abarca, Timothy Michael Morrow II


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United States - Washington

The Approach "Weed Song"
Weed Song
  • Performed By: The Approach
  • Album: The Approach
  • Album UPC: 690474485115
  • Album ID: theapproach22
  • Label: The Approach
  • CD Baby Account: CDB04157872
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0001528554
  • ISRC: uscgj1585033
  • Released: 05/16/15

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The Approach continues to develop new sounds combining Hip hop, Rock, and Reggae into a branch of uplifting mood swing breaks and engaging lyrics.


The band was formed in 2012 with a vision of creating energetic groovy tones and sounds to spark interest in all genres. With founding members deriving from the metal scene Sam Morrow and Jeramey Abarca began creating music, while Jeramey's brother Joseph housed the daily jam sessions. Joseph was soon to follow in their footsteps to take over vocals after participating in the basement sessions. After three years of playing shows, touring, and recording their second album Kevin Dailly was soon added as the new drummer for the group, adding more dynamic and song writing stability. The Approach will continue to be inspired by local and touring acts everywhere and achieve to distribute the highest quality of unique sound and energy to everything deemed THE APPROACH.
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