• Writer Josiah Jordon Pletch
  • Songwriter ID: 52804
  • PRO: BMI
  • Pub Co: CD Baby Publishing
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  • Writer Ian Daniel Swaby
  • Songwriter ID: 52805
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Ian Daniel Swaby, Josiah Jordon Pletch


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United States - Indiana

Adamic "My Pet Torch"
My Pet Torch
  • Performed By: Adamic
  • Album: Irregular Pulses
  • Album UPC: 889211222391
  • Album ID: adamic2
  • Label: Adamic
  • CD Baby Account: CDB04325242
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0001056983
  • ISRC: ushm21563362
  • Released: 11/27/15

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A blend of alternative hard rock and nu-metal with thought-provoking lyrics.


In 2014 Adamic hit the scene with "5th and E" and commanded attention with songs like "Traveler" and "What's my Name". Now with a new single, two music videos, and countless shows under their belt, the band strikes again with "Irregular Pulses" their second full-length album.
From the explosive start of the first track "Culture Shock" it becomes evident that the band has brought their message and music to a new level. The hard rock duo delivers a one-two punch as the first song seamlessly rolls into the slow but powerful "You Can't Handle". From here on the journey is scenic.
The album as a whole takes on a heavier vibe than "5th and E". Songs like "Modernity", "Carve", and "Things That Fall" provide narratives looking both outwardly at society and inwardly at ourselves. However, even in the darkest moments Adamic seems to find resolution and even convey hope. Musically the band once again offers a variety of styles, from the thrashy "Culture Shock", to the alternative grunge sounds on "Embrace Release", to the southern groove of "My Pet Torch". The record provides just the right amount of high energy and chill moments to make every song memorable. They even explore the world of ballads with "Sound of Summer". Nevertheless, "Irregular Pulses" as a whole seems more unified in style than the previous release.
Once again this record is an independent work produced by the band, mixed and engineered by guitarist/bassist Josiah Pletch, with the artwork created and edited by vocalist/drummer Ian Swaby. It's very clear the songs, performances, and production have all been taken to a new level. Adamic has dug even deeper into their roots to connect the past to the nows and find answers from a higher place.
The message is simple; life isn't a steady rhythm. There are ups and downs, moments when you feel so alive, and moments when you feel like you're walking dead. Through it all there is a steady rhythm unmoved, and that is the living God. These are irregular pulses and upside down days, but they are producing an end.
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