Opus E

David Snider

Opus E
Performed By David Snider
Album UPC 888174413679
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Label David Snider Music
Released 2013-11-24
BPM 110
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ISRC usx9p1305199
Year 2013
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Writer David Snider
Songwriter ID 19163
Pub Co David Snider Music
Composer David Snider
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The Musical Masters
Polititians are one thing; Gurus are another. Sometimes you can trust them, sometimes you can’t. But the Musical Masters, expressing truth through their art, are truth-tellers. They inspire us with as much hope and courage as any world leader in any field. Their harmonies change our life. Their melodies enrich our very existence. And their genius for improvisation teaches us the most sacred lesson-to live beyond fear; to live life in the moment; to know that creativity is an on going flowing gift of God, without limits, the source of joy, the nourishment we need to fulfill the promise of everlasting love.
David Ritz

Echoes of the Masters
David Snider
1. Funk Suite (4:07)

2. Crusin’ (4:13)

3. Down the Street (4:10)

4. Nut Strut (3:49)

5. I Thought You Knew (5:42)

6. Light at the End of the Tunnel (6:44)

7. King Conga (Miguel Pomier) (4:11)

8. You Left Me In The Dust (4:24)

9. Echoes of the Masters (3:52)

10. Larry Young (Khalid Yasin) (6:16)

11. Keep In Touch (4:42)

12. Opus E (3:02)

13. Echoes of the Masters Sketches (1:20)

14. Prayer and Music (1:46)

David Snider
Multi-instrumentalist David Snider toured extensively with Sonny Sharrock and Gato Barbieri and appeared on four of Sharrock’s records. He has also played, toured and recorded with Pharoh Sanders, Maria Muldaur, Pat Benatar, Richard Belzer, Janis Ian, Phil Cody, Helen Schneider, Vicki-Sue Robinson, Corey Day, Dusty Springfield and Delmar Brown. David composes in both Jazz and Pop styles - songs as well as movie and video soundtracks - and owns a recording studio in Rockland County, New York. He studied with Jazz guitarist Larry Coryell.

1. Funk Suite
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitar, Synths • Alex Blake Bass
Alan Palanker Piano (solo) • Rick Sebastian Drums
Rick Kriska Tenor Sax (head) • Robbie Gonzales
Congas & Percussion • Erik Lawrence Alto Sax
Andrew Lipman Trombone • Todd Horton Trumpet

2. Crusin’
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitar, Keyboards • Erik Lawrence
Tenor Sax • Alex Blake Bass • Rick SebastianDrums
• Robbie Gonzales Congas & Percussion

3. Down the Street
by David Snider (ASCAP) and August Sabini (ASCAP), Published by David Snider Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums,
Percussion • Bob Magnuson Tenor Sax
Joe Shepley Trumpet • Erik Lawrence Alto Sax
Andrew Lipman Trombone

4. Nut Strut
by David Snider (ASCAP) and August Sabini (ASCAP), Published by David Snider Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums,
Percussion • Bob Magnuson Tenor Sax
Todd Horton Trumpet (head) • Joey Shepley
Trumpet • Erik Lawrence
Alto Sax • Andrew Lipman Trombone

5. I Thought You Knew
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboards
Erik Lawrence Alto Sax &Flute •Rick Sebastian Drums
Robbie Gonzales Congas & Percussion

6. Light at the End of the Tunnel
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitar, Synth • Alan Palanker Piano
Rick Sebastian Drums • David Keyes Bass
Rick Kriska Tenor Sax • Erik Lawrence Tenor Sax (on end section)

7. King Conga (Miguel Pomier)
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synths
Richie Morales Drums • Ned Mann Bass
Robbie Gonzales Congas & Percussion • Rick Kriska Tenor Sax (solo) • Erik Lawrence Alto & Tenor Saxes Andrew Lipman Trombone • Todd Horton Trumpet Steve Lampert Trumpet

8. You Left Me In the Dust
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
Erik Lawrence Tenor Sax • Jim West Piano
Ned Mann Acoustic Bass • Rick Sebastian Drums David Snider Guitar • Heather Haskel Violin
Orchestral Arrangement by Tommy Goodman

9. Echoes of the Masters
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitar, Piano, Synths • Rick Kriska
Tenor Sax • Richie Morales Drums • Ned Mann

10. Larry Young (Khalid Yasin)
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Organ, Guitars, Piano • Richie Morales Drums • Ned Mann Bass • Rick Kriska Tenor Sax Robbie Gonzales Congas & Percussion

11. Keep in Touch
by David Snider (ASCAP) and Chuck Stever (ASCAP),
Published by David Snider Music (ASCAP) & New Native
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums &

12. Opus E
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
David Snider Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums &

13. Echoes of the Masters Sketch
by David Snider (ASCAP), Published by David Snider
Music (ASCAP)
Arranged and Performed by Jim West Piano & Synths
David Snider Drums

14. Indian Prayers and Flute Music
by Harvey Delorme Music (ASCAP)
Flute and Prayers by Harvey Delorme
David Snider Synthesizers

All Rights Reserved and Protected ©2000

Produced by David Snider
Executive Producers: Alejandro Behrgad & Frank Raso
Recorded and Engineered at Snider Sound Studio
by David Snider

Mastered by the Master Larry Alexander
Photos of David Snider by Sal Cordaro Photography
Graphic Design: Robert Milo for the Werkshop Media
Design, Christopher Negron and Page Simon
Cover Art: Ed Kirkland
Sammy Snider and Tricia Baird for the love and support they have given me,
Frank Raso for believing in me so much that I had to believe in myself,
David Ritz for his amazing words, friendship & support
Geoff Gray for his continuous encouragement and talent all these years,
My Family and Extended Families:
Marty, Joanne, John & Mike Snider; Jill Snider, Tucker & Max Sprouer; Bill & Debbie Ellsworth, David Horinka, Rick & Jesse Snider;
Norman & Lee Snider; Bob, Marge, Dee, Susan, Mat, Mark, Frank & Doug Snider;
This Album Is Dedicated To Lost Loved Ones
Jean, Rick, Norman, Nana and Mischa Snider, Jason Matison, Sonny Sharrock, Miguel Pomier, Lenny Post, lance Carter, Garret Miller, Booby Davis,
Jim Beaner and Cay Raso.
I owe the most thanks to all my teachers, partners and mates through the years who gave their knowledge so selflessly. I love you all
Teachers:Eric Snider, Danny Toan, Larry Coryell, John Pousette-Dart, Michael Davidson, Chuck Loeb, Joe Delia, Larry Alexander, Jack Kraft, Steve Lampert, Rusty(August)Sabini and John (the classical guitar teacher in Boston).

Bandmates:Abe Speller, Sonny Sharrock, Melvin Gibbs, Pherron Aklaf, Charles Baldwin, Lance Carter, Alex Blake, Delmar Brown, Jose Fine, Ricky Sebastian, Norman Hedman, Erik Lawrence, Derek Baynes, Billy Dotts, Ron Cartel, Gato Barbieri, Miguel Pomier, Eddy Martinez, Lucio Hopper, Richy Morales, Danny Toan, Mathew Hill, Jonny Hill, Brian Post, Steve Lampert, Joe Preti, Rusty (August) Sabini, Leon (Buddy) Boddy, Jim Finnan, John Ballesteros,Stevan Swann, Sherman See, Bob Martin, Peter Yellen, Joe Delia, Danny Camera, Dennis Budrick, Chuck Stever, Yale Greenman, Eddy Wannamaker, Larry Sanders, Kenny Harbus, Mark Davenport, Geoff Williams and Tommy Kiggins, Gary Solomon, Raetta, Andy Spalaris, Otto Waldorf & Daniel Genton.

Partners:Charlie DelRegno, Stevan Swann, Chuck Stever, Michael Davidson and Abe Speller, David Ritz and Geoff Gray

Sonny Sharrock, Delmar Brown, The Right Brothers, Gato Barbieri, Maria Muldaur, Pat Benatar, Richard Belzer, Janis Ian, Phil Cody, Helen Schneider, Vicki-Sue Robinson, Rhythm Riot, Tommy’s Magazine, United Sound Connection, Tulalo, Creation Station, The Golden Grain, Merge and Homemade Bread & Danny Toan Band.

Echoes of the Masters
There have been so many Musical Masters that have shaped my musical life, too many to mention on a small album cover. So I have narrowed them down to my main Masters and Disciples, most of which went on to become Masters themselves. To me, these Masters are Gods of music that the highest power of this universe blessed this Earth with. Their influences on music and mankind will be felt until the end of time. This album is the music I’ve always wanted to put out and I feel it’s appropriate to humbly offer this music to my Gods, for they were directly responsible for it’s creation.
Jimi Hendrix - The most amazing electric guitar player ever
The true inventor of Progressive Rock whose musical genius has no equal. He influenced the most open minded Masters like Miles Davis. His songwriting, musical concepts, performances and ground breaking recording techniques were so far ahead of his time that his music is still more profound than any music put out since. He was as much a virtuoso Rhythm player as a Lead Player. Jimi combined R&B, Rock, Jazz, American Indian, Eastern Indian and all types of Blues into celestial style of playing that simply put, was not of this world. He continues to be my biggest influence so many years after his passing. He was a shooting star that we may never see the likes of again.
Miles Davis - The most influential musician of the 20th Century
Miles changed the face of Jazz more than anyone. He had the courage and vision to mix different styles and to create new and inventive forms of music that crossed many boundaries and generations with the complete abandon only present in true geniuses. I was profoundly influenced by all of his disciples and partnerships:
Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley,
Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, John McLaughlin, Airto Morrera and Benny Maupin to name a few.
Nat King Cole - The world’s smoothest singer/piano player
I grew up with Nat’s music and my appreciation of his genius continues to grow each year. His piano playing was so soulful and fluid that it influenced masters like Oscar Peterson. His playing accompanied his singing with a perfectly synchronized and unobtrusive style that was incomparable. His voice was so silky-smooth and soulfully sweet that you could listen to it endlessly. His interpretations of songs were remarkable and distinctively his, yet he always remained true and accurate to the melody of a song. He also left this planet with an incredibly large catalog of his work. His early trio work and beautiful large orchestrations are pure works of genius that would impress the likes of Mozart and Bach.
James Brown - The man who invented Funk and Funky Music
James took the core of R&B to the new place of the groove that you could listen and dance to forever. His grooves also inspiried extended jazz solos and James was the first artist to have an “Out” solo on a regular Pop groove (Macio’s “Super Bad” solo) I loved how James would play organ solos in a different key than the song was in (“Ain’t it Funky Now”). It’s no coincidence that his music is sampled and used by hundreds of Rap Artists; because his grooves were the best. James’ genius was passed on to all the demi-god offsprings who carried on what he began:
Sly and the Family Stone, George Clinton’s P-Funk and Parliment families, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, The Ohio Players and Prince (The Artist) to name a few.
Stevie Wonder - The worlds most incredible singer/songwriter
Stevie’s songwriting skills combine every style of music that I’ve ever heard. Every one of his albums have been a source of inspiration and have provided advanced music study for musicians I’ve known. when I saw him in concert, his mere presence brought me to tears. He’s the most incredible singer and multi instumentalist I’ve ever seen. The world may still not be fully aware of how prolific his compositions are. It may take him being gone for 200 years for the world to realize his greatness, much like Bach, Bethoven and Mozart. God blessed earth with Stevie Wonder.
John McLaughlin - The worlds most inventive Jazz Guitarist
Although many great jazz guitarists preceded John, he took the instrument to new height that can only be achieved through incredible amounts of practice and devotion. Any guitarist who has seen him will tell you it’s almost impossible to play what he plays. Not only because of the lightning speed, but the unconventional choice of scales, modes and passages make his speed even more amazing. His playing is like a mixture of John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Ali Akbar Khan. Studying his compositions opened up new worlds for me (and many other musicians). His fire and intensity are a continual inspiration.
John Coltrane - The father of modal jazz saxophone
Coltrane was the most profound, spiritual, fiery, sensitve and smooth tenor saxophonist who ever lived. He achieved a God-Like status among musicians. His album of ballads is probably the easiest music in the world to listen to, no matter what mood you’re in. The study of his compositions is a life long task for many musicians because of their beauty, complexity, balance and continuity. Coltrane’s music is like a meditation and study in selflessness.

Thanks to all these Artists who have inspired me
The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, The Rolling Stones, Sly & The Family Stone, Weather Report, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Dave Sanborn, Parliament, Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins, Prince (The Artist), Kool and the Gang, The Ohio Players, Earth Wind & Fire, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Traffic, Stevie Winwood, The Band, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Sam and Dave, The Spinners, The Stylistics, The O’Jays, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, all the Motown and Philadelphia artists, Ali Akbar Khan, Ice Cube, Third Eye Blind and my newest heroes Scott Henderson, Gary Willis & Tribal Tech

Larry Young (Khalid Yasin), McCoy Tyner, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Nat King Cole, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Eddy Palmieri, Jimmy Smith, Joe Sample, Stevie Winwood, Stevie Wonder, Joey DeFrancesco, Keith Emerson, Nicky Hopkins, Dr. John, Joe Zawinul, Jan Hammer, Bernie Worell, Richard Tee and Glen Gould
Alex Blake, Jaco Patorious, Stanley Clark, Willy Weeks, Ron Carter, Bootsy Collins, Rocco, Louis Johnston, Gary Willis, Harvey Brooks, Nathan Watts, Jack Bruce, Dave Holland, Charlie Hayden, Luico Hopper and Jose Fine.

Drums and Percussion:
Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Jack DeJohnette, Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cobham, Harvey Mason, John Bonham, Clive Bunker, Keith Moon, Roy Haynes, Eric Gravite, Ricky Sebastian, Abe Speller, Richy Morales, Cindy Black, Airto Morrera, Don Alias and Sheila Escavito.

Horns and Woodwinds:
John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter, Eddie Harris, Michael Brecker, Macio Parker, Dave Sanborn, Joe Henderson, Bennie Maupin, Sonny Fortune, Pharoh Saunders, Branford Marsalis, Junior Walker, Gato Barbieri, Dave Liebman, Steve Goodman, Stanley Turrentine, Miles Davis, Woody Shaw, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gilespie, Eddie Henderson, Louis Armstrong, Thad Jones, Fred Wesley, Bill Watrous and Pepper Adams.

Special Thanks To:
Harvey Delorme for new and better visions and dreams for myself and the universe. The Thruway Men’s Group & R.W. Brown, Johnny O., Dennis V. and Mike H.

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