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Sir Madam "Gotcha Wantcha"
Gotcha Wantcha
  • Performed By: Sir Madam
  • Album: Crooked Teeth
  • Album UPC: 888174485478
  • Album ID: sirmadam
  • Label: Sir Madam
  • CD Baby Account: CDB04223323
  • CD Baby Track ID: TR0000126106
  • ISRC: QMEU31302929
  • Released: 01/02/14

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Crooked Teeth marks the debut release of Sir Madam...a two-piece garage rock duo featuring sweet-sassy vocals with raw fuzzed out guitar by Kishori Holiday, backed by solid-tasty break beat drumming by Andrew Garza.


Crooked Teeth is the 2014 debut album release of Sir Madam. Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, this garage rock duo features the sweet-sassy vocals and fuzz rock guitar riffs of *Madam* Kishori Holiday and the & tasty-muscle break-beat drumming of *Sir* Andrew Garza.

Sir Madam's music sounds like a love affair... The illegitimate child of The Pretenders and Polly Jean Harvey meets The Misfits and early Metallica with rhythmic beats of Jane's Addiction and Beastie Boys and a little bit of California sunshine. Although this two-piece can't escape comparisons to other leading heroic duos like The White Stripes and The Black Keys... Sir Madam is quite different and unique in their own way. It's obvious that Jack White owns the blues-drenched-garage sound and as for The Black Keys, they own the raw-blues with a funky garage-pop-twist. When you hear Sir Madam's surprisingly full sound, it's obvious this duo is not going for "blues" or any comparison to their mentioned heroes, rather, Sir Madam is carving their own clever path in their own musical space. One that encompasses and blends avant-gard, punk-rock-metal, with pop and groove inspirations ...all of this... while keeping it real in "the garage".

What people have to say...
One of the reason's that you should support Rock n Roll in 2014 is Sir Madam. Everything that makes music real is in this two-piece band from Southern California! Kishori Holiday delivers a masterpiece Vocally...Garza is a magician that propels this band to a must see in 2014! This band reaffirms why Rock N Roll is alive and well! (Greg Napier-WMMT-FM)

Crooked Teeth is an honest, raw, impulsive and off the cuff album. Recorded and mixed in just three days in Silverlake, California and produced by Scott Holiday of the Rival Sons (the current rock 'n roll band from Long Beach, California whose star is rapidly rising). We've got crooked teeth, but only one!
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  • Colson Gower
    August 29, 2017, 2:55 pm

    23 instrumental seconds at intro, vocal breakdown at 2:05, outro 2:54-3:32

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