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Alexandra Lajoux "Every Mountaintop"
Every Mountaintop
  • Performed By: Alexandra Lajoux
  • Album: My Country
  • Album UPC: 822371094828
  • Album ID: lajoux2
  • Label: American Classic Recordings
  • CD Baby Account: CDB00082589
  • CD Baby Track ID: 1738025
  • ISRC: uscgj0613215
  • Released: 01/01/06

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Passionate vocals, honest words, and virtuoso instrumentals combine to deliver stories of love, recovery, family, and faith. Classic country music updated for our times.


My Country is your country. It's a place where we speak and listen from the heart about the things that really matter: our passions, our families, our communities, our Faith. My songs, written as a real American woman living in freedom, explore many dimensions. The "better half" of this album though are the gifted instrumentalists and backing vocalists who joined me. (Please see AlexisMusicStudio.com for credits.) Here are themes and instrumental highlights.
1. Borderline – Squaredance of returning to a mate who is on the borderline of his own mind. Strangely laid back vocals on top of a wonderfully maddening fiddle.
2. Heart on My Sleeve - Loving again after heartbreaks. Cello and a recited poem-within-a-poem help tell the story.
3. My Man - Fragile confessions on lots of Spanish guitar, plus move soundtrack piano and violin.
4. Just Not Now - Letting go of love. Art song voice on gorgeous acoustic guitar.
5. One Shoe - Recovering from alcoholism. Mezzo singing on top of stirring string quartet. Surprise happy ending in a Cinderella story of recovery.
6. Every Mountaintop - Encouragement to break free from drug or other addictions. Inspiring keys and drumbeats—plus backing vocals by a famed gospel singer.
7. Daddy's Crown - Blessing from an absentee father unfairly banished from his home. Otherworldly electronic instrumentation (a departure from album acoustics).
8. Mi Teddy – Pure vocals and intricate acoustic guitar set you up for a tug of heartstrings when the child sings. Celebrating the miracle of adoption.
9. Who’s Walkin’ Who – Walking a dog in a changing neighborhood. Fun Carribean beat.
10. Magdalena: Coming Back – Pure “Baez” voice with an unusual premise: Forces pulling Jesus and Mary Magdalene apart yet all the more together.
11. Good Guys – Western ballad about a man and a woman who lose all by doing the right thing, but who gain it back again as the Lord blesses them. Amazing guitar.
12. Get Up and Go – Rousing song from the world of urban missions. Clapping!
13. We Thank You – A tribute from all of us to the brave men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces, past, present, and future, beginning with a guitar and ending with gospel vocals and symphony.
14. Secret bonus track with keys by a modern-day Jerry Lee Lewis.

I hope my lyrics can stand alone as poems, so this CD includes a 16-page lyric booklet. Please read and listen... With the help of all past teachers and my current one Jeff Severson, I sing my heart out here, every song inspiring a different voice within me (country, folk, classical, it’s all here).

Please listen!

Love, Alexandra

Reviewer: Bill McDonald – President of the Military Writers Society of America - August 12, 2006

Great Song Writing and Singing Performance - Destined to become a Classic CD!

There is something very spiritual or mystical in the angel like voice of country singer Alexandra Lajoux. Her CD “My Country: ‘We Thank You’ and Other Songs from the Heart of Alexandra Lajoux” is a musical experience – one that brings great pleasure for the listener. She explores all the emotions of the heart and the mind with one of the finest collections of well written lyrics. She is a musical poet. When her music and the words are blended together there is something very magical that happens.

It is hard to describe what kind of music genre this is. It seems to be country but it crosses into gospel, folk, and even bluegrass. She does not limit her expression of feelings by any defined genre and explores her inner soul through her music. One of the wonderful features of this CD is that it comes with a pull out cover. It has many pages and contains all the words to her songs. That makes listening to them even more enjoyable as you can follow the lyrics along.

She has talent as a song writer and a singer and her work is truly inspirational. Her tribute song “We Thank You” reaches out to our service men and women and is one of her highlights of this multi-track CD. The music is easy to listen to and even though it pulls all kinds of emotions it is relaxing as well. This CD is a truly gift to all of those who are lucky enough to listen to it. It is a must buy for your record collection!

And now, some very poetic words from Lowell F. Christy, Jr.

"My Country"

Country music is playing on the radio. Listen, and soon you will hear the golden thread winding through this special American music. It's about space. It's about dreams. It's about life.

Listen some more, and you will find something to hold on to - smell of that familiar earth, assurance of a family bond, bumps and grinds of living fully, needed embrace of God's love. What it means to be an American is spun on the wheel of song and threaded through the eye of experience.

New American ballads and epic songs are rolled into one word, "majestic." Writing under America's endless horizons Alexandra Lajoux draws from our red sunsets. Walking in Arlington Cemetery, her words weave deep sorrow and hope like radiant white crosses. Singing down the Blue Ridge Mountains, her voice paints with shades of blue. Alexandra sings about our flag and our lives - red, white, and blue. Not a shallow greeting card type of patriotism, but the profound and enduring love of country.

"My Country" is music that speaks to, from, and about Americans - all colors, races and creeds - just as our sacred documents testifies to the principle of, by, and for the People. For those who know that "life is short, ride it hard" you need the map of the heart engraved by the songs of "My Country".

"Get Up and Go" is better than Red Bull in energizing you. "One Shoe On" is more bitter sweet than whisky with its shot of self confidence. By the time your ears hear the epic proportions of "We Thank You" you will be exhausted, yet like the "Can Do" American attitude, inner energy is found and will fill you with pride and love, again.

New Country music is playing on the radio. Listen even if you may not come from the hills of Tennessee, the peach forests of Georgia, the mountains of North Carolina, or sweet Alabama. This album is for all of us who love country music-whether or not we know the Rebel's yell.

Like the beacon atop the Statue of Liberty, this album is a testament to hopes beyond pain, good times again, and dreams of a better world - all from the heart.

Lowell Christy for release of album May 31, 2006
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